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How Can I Stop My Affair
Susan, you just need to quit the contact. I am wondering, too, whether your question is for real. Don't try to find excuses for your adultery.

How To Open An Orphanage
If it is such a burden to you it may be from God indeed. I recommend though, in addition to prayer and thorough Bible study, to seek to gain from the knowledge and experience of others who started an orphanage (or continue it); they may perhaps also be of help by sharing their own story on how God led them. It is wonderful that you are having such love to Christ and the orphans in your heart, dear Natasha! Jesus bless you!

Am I Too Old For Marriage
Nonsense, I know of a sister from a brethren church who got married (for the first time!!) at the age of 60, and you have not even reached your peak so to speak! What in the world is old about 33 please??? In my church there are two women married to men by far older than they are... and they are good loving mature Christian couples! (And these men married by far later than 33.) So don't loose courage, no reason at all!

My Fiance Was Caught
Since you are already engaged, this behaviour is clear evidence that your fiance is playing games with you. I agree to the moderator's comment: Brake the engagement immediately. And do not be persuaded later that it had been just harmless or so. If it starts like this, be assured there'd be much worse to come!

ChristiaNet Ceo On Hurricane Rita
My heart goes out for all Americans who have to leave behind their homes now, and those who have lost it already because of Katrina, esp. those who now have to be evacuated for the second time. Be assured that my prayers are with you, and I hope God will have mercy and let good come out of all the suffering, that many will seek Him and find help and salvation through Him.

I Destroyed My Rock Music
GREAT!!!! Praise to the Lord!!!!!!!!! I destroyed my rock music and giant movie collection, too, although it needed a few years of growing in Christ until I realized that this was overdue! Jesus has blessed me mightily in return and I trust will bless you mightily, too!! Let us strive to follow the pure Lamb of God whereever He leads!!

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