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How To Open An Orphanage
I understand where you are coming from I have the sudden desire to open an orphanage in my home town. I am wondering the same myself.

Catholic Is Marrying A Quaker
I say if they really are in lvoe & if God guided them together then religious titles are useless, however both individuals need to be right with God & themselves.We cannot judge a marriage due to religious backgrounds.God is higher then religion.

Mary Mother Of Jesus
We donot know what age she died, though I would advise as the bibel says NOT to go past scripture,what was written, anyone adding their thoughts after the scrolls were written are not acceptable.All we need to know is Mary was Jesus' mother here on Earth.She will be reunited with her son at the ressurection.

Ten Commandments Gone Now
the 10 commandments is a guide for us to go by, Jesus said the greatest is to Love God & the 2nd is to love others, however as long as we have a guide to follow, but the laws got passed away, yes, because jesus died for us.

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