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Should Churches Be Taxed

Those are not my words, they come directly from GOD'S ADMONITIONS (so they are ridiculous and immature?)- to WHOM you are really offending is GOD'S WORD - and you can deny where your beliefs are over and over again - but that won't change what HIS WORD says about those who believe as you do - or again are you denying the truth of your religion in opposition to THE ONLY TRUE GOD and what HE says: "You shall not have 'any other gods' - you shall not make idols/images and worship them" . . . not ready to accept the facts that come from THE LORD unto you? - for in that depends your eternal life: "Decide WHOM you are going to serve" - for divided - it doesn't work with THE ONLY TRUE GOD!

Baptize Our Babies

I won't debate anything with you, for set up you are on your own wrong 'logic' - that even you dare to contradict what THE LORD HIMSELF AS GOD shows in THE SCRIPTURES: Who are of a humble heart into repentance (and by that - HE grants forgiveness, salvation and eternal life as HE did to the man) and who aren't and relying in their own twisted religiosity that keeps them under enslavement for the now and forever if they'll keep on rejecting HIM AS THE ONLY WAY to acquire salvation!

Explain Luke 1:26-28
THE LORD JESUS four half brothers (from The Original Scriptures that haven't been adulterated by false doctrines)- being born after HIS Birth when Joseph and Mary consummated their marriage and they were: Joseph, James, Jude and Simon (these last three not to be confused with those who were disciples of THE LORD JESUS - bearing the same name - confirm from The Scriptures).

"After this went down to Capernaum, HE and HIS mother, and HIS brethren (brothers) and his disciples, and they continued there not many days". John 2:12

"But other of the apostles, saw I none, save James THE LORD'S brother". Galatians 1:19

Rome And Churches Of The East
"The blind leading the blind":

It's unconceivable that some people here claiming to be Christians, they keep on giving 'honor and reverence' to those that throughout times have been leading the souls into separation from THE LORD by their pagan and false doctrines and the adulteration of The Scriptures, in order to bring the souls to do exactly what THE LORD first and above all things and from the very beginning warns about it: "Those who worship idols, cannot enter GOD'S KINGDOM"- and those who do, they do to evil spirits" - no wonder they get so obstinate in rejecting THE TRUTH that only relies in GOD'S WORD inspired by THE LORD HIMSELF and through HIS HOLY SPIRIT!

Baptize Our Babies
Steven: You are right, salvation is a personal decision:

Again Nicole gave her own interpretation and even saying - (who is she to contradict THE LORD'S DIVINITY of what HE was spiritually seeing that day?) - that THE LORD didn't see a display of faith from the man that was brought down to HIM by others, just because HE didn't say it - since when THE LORD has to audible says what HE sees in any man's heart?

"And HE saw their faith (it wasn't only to them that brought down the man to HIM - but he(the man) was included - and looking into his inner heart - THE LORD had discerned and seen his belief in HIM and said to him: Man, thy sins are forgiven thee". -

Explain Luke 1:26-28
Nicole own delusionary words that keep on contradicting GOD'S WORD and even when proved by The Scriptures - she chooses not to recognize the seriousness of the spiritual situation that she is if THE LORD calls her to eternity without repenting of even putting herself above GOD'S SAYINGS: Matthew 13: 55,56 -

"Is this not the carpenter SON? - is not HIS mother called Mary? - and his brethren James, and Joseph, and Simon, and Judas?. And HIS sisters? - are they not all with us? Whence then has this MAN all things?".

Explain Luke 1:26-28

I's not what some believe - but what comes from GOD'S WORD AS TRUTH, on that put to shame those who dare to contradict IT!

Read Mark 3:31 thru 35: "There came then, this brethren and his mother, and standing without, sent unto HIM, calling HIM".

"And the multitude sat about HIM, and they said unto HIM: Behold thy mother and thy brethren without, seek for THEE".

"And HE answered them, saying:
Who is my mother, or my brethren?".

"And HE looked round about on them which sat about HIM, and said: Behold my mother, and my brethren".

"For whosoever shall do the will of GOD, the same is my brother and my sister and other".

Baptize Our Babies

Thanks Steven for standing up on what comes from GOD'S WORD! - the problem with Nicole that she is giving The Scriptures her own interpretation and she doesn't realize the spiritual seriousness of that - well: "To each it's own" and as such - THE LORD gives in accordance . . . this arises from her early upbringing - saying that if the baby was baptized by the mother - that will assure of salvation - totally wrong!!! - how many are lost now that went through that and because they have rejected THE TRUTH and many for choosing false religions that trample on THE ONLY WAY of salvation - THE LORD!

Baptism A Public Testimony
Cluny: That's your own opinion and not adhering it to my beliefs: Now, discern this: Why did THE LORD HIMSELF was baptized? - did HE - BEING GOD IN HUMAN FORM - needed the baptism? - careful about your own assumptions - FOR THE PERFECT JUDGE is listening!

Baptize Our Babies
There's nothing in The Scriptures about baby baptisms - it is Nicole's own distortion of The Scriptures and so: THE LORD is in charge of those who stand for THE TRUTH and those who doesn't and to each HIS REWARDS!

Believe In God's Healing
"The positive - against the negative" - not as hopeless as some think it is".

Steve (or anyone else) doesn't have to stop using a tooth brush or paste - for available are those products that are made with safe and non polluted ingredients - just look around and find them - nothing is perfect - but THE LORD have provided under this so polluted world in which we live - the options for the protection of our health and others - of course - discipline and research is needed - but worthy it is!

Super Blood Wolf Moon

I appreciate your message but the is this: That some others here are as well, not only giving their 'ego'the glory, but on top of that - they are constantly blaspheming GOD'S HOLINESS AND WORD with the uplifting their corrupt/idolatrous doctrines and why the true Christians keep quiet about it - didn't THE LORD say that we should be ready at all times to be Witnesses unto HIM and exposing the darkness as it is and that by sharing THE LIGHT OF THE GOSPEL to bind it and defeat it? - lets' strive for that!

I may not go along with Steve's own beliefs, but what I said it was right: Let him explain why his question is all about and then decide in our answer, right?

Baptism A Public Testimony

And the baptism by immersion (the significance of the soul obtaining salvation through repentance and acceptance of our LORD JESUS CHRIST into the spiritual heart and a testimony before others of that) - it doesn't have any value, if the person hasn't obtained the Born Again
experience - just water baptism won't save anyone as many false religions teach: The thief at the cross was not baptized, but repented and got saved by his belief in our LORD and received the promise of eternal life right there and then by HIM!

Believe In God's Healing
My empathy for the negative experiences you have gone through with those who claiming to be Christians and haven't acted as a true Christian should be - in GOD'S LOVE, MERCY AND COMPASSION - these are the main attributes that distinguish those who through our LORD MERCY AND GRACE has been born of HIS SPIRIT - HE has implanted them in their spiritual heart!

I'm praying for THE LORD LEADING, into you coming together into a true Christian Fellowship Ministry, that will be a blessing to your heart and of special spiritual and moral support and toward The Goal that our LORD has planned for your life for the now and forever: Keep relying in HIS WORD AND PROMISES as HE guides you through HIS SPIRIT and ANNOINTING - expect the victory!

Super Blood Wolf Moon

What's your concern about it? - probably in reference to the 'last days time' that we are living? - Please be welcome to share and may THE LORD'S BLESSINGS be upon us all, to be prepared for HIS CALLING upon us individually and be ready and blessed to be under HIS PRESENCE and Eternal Kingdom - for the truth is this: "This earthly life is so short - compared to The Eternal One" - and that assurance we all need in our hearts from THE LORD - THE ONLY WAY unto our redemption - now and forever: "Seek HIM, while the time permits". . . for tomorrow only THE LORD knows!

Super Blood Wolf Moon

Is not honorable for anyone to make assumptions of something before you have heard the entire perspective of the person, and you are acting immaturely by doing that about the subject above, in Christian sensitivity: Discern entirely what's behind the question and as THE LORD admonish us: "Wait before you give your opinion in respect to the question, but don't judge for words that the other person has not said it yet - as from that, GOD'S Wisdom and Sensitivity comes from!

We all as imperfect sinners that we are - we fail- but of course under GOD'S PLAN for our lives - may those mistakes we make - be a lesson for in the future do the right thing!

Should Churches Be Taxed

Call it what you call it: It is abominable for anyone to expect money from any soul in which spiritual ministry is given - but of course under your own open rebellion and blindness you keep on defending some things that THE LORD will never accept under HIS HOLINESS and because of that, these rituals will never bring any spiritual rewards to the souls - they are man-made and under GOD'S judgment to those who profit by deceiving those that are away from THE LORD'S SALVATION and under spiritual darkness!

If you keep on distorting my words and by that offending me, I will report you - so stop it!

Why Confess Your Sins

If you have accepted THE LORD as your Own Personal SAVIOR, then - right you are: "The old things have passed away, behold I make all things new"- says THE LORD" . . . so through The Born Again Experience - we have become a new Creature - and then as THE LORD said . . . when this most sublime transformation has occurred - and through HIM in us - we can fulfill what HE admonishes us in Revelation 22:14: "Blessed are they that do HIS COMMANDMENTS, that they might have right to The Tree of Life, and may enter into the gates into The City" . . only those who are HIS OWN can fulfill this and under GOD'S SPIRIT POWER indwelling within!

Believe In God's Healing
If we just apply a little wisdom, discipline and time to confirm the so harmful ingredients in the vaccines (*do the research by yourself and decide* - and be ready to say 'no' - it's you not your doctor who is in command of what's put in your body) - hard to believe it is, that many know it and still they succumb under 'their doctors orders' and a never ending of new and sometimes worse conditions until the end!

Should Churches Be Taxed
Oh yes! - share the Truth that comes from GOD'S WORD - and those against it to the attack ---- but as THE LORD said:

"Let the dead bury their dead (and especially spiritually speaking) - but go thou and preach The Kingdom of GOD". And THE LORD JESUS said: "No man having put his hand to the plough, an looking back, is fit for The Kingdom of GOD". Luke 9: 60,62

"Go your way, behold I send you forth as lambs among wolves". Luke 10:3

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