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Baptize Our Babies
Kathr: Rahab..Her lie protected them. But Lying is against the LAW isn't it.//

Rahab wasn't under the Law. She was a Gentile. The Law wasn't given to her at the time she lied

//So works here is not the works of the law//

Deuteronomy 10:18 He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing.

Deuteronomy 27:19 "Cursed is anyone who withholds justice from the foreigner, the fatherless or the widow."

James states the same:

James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world

Why Confess Your Sins
Kathr: My mother never learned to drive, and at 92 never will.//

God bless her and you for the many years granted to her.

Does she write down stories of her past?

I regretted didn't for my father died

//There is no law about driving she is under, except if she now wants to drive she'll have to get a license.//

That's the law.

The law will only punish those without licenses.

They are not free to drive.

Understand the Jewish people. They LOVED the Law because they were FREE in the Law.

Do you understand?

GK Chesterton explained better. School house at the cliff edge prevents children from playing in the yard.

But once a wall is in place. Children are FREE to play.

Rome And Churches Of The East
NurseRobert: Davis NEVER claimed to be president of the US, he claimed to be President of CSA.//

I named the States 2 Presidents claimed to be their Presidents. You CAN'T have 2.

Kids in Alabama do NOT CITE Jefferson Davis as the 16th President in their lesson.

I had to cite all the Presidents in School and I was living in Alabama.

Jefferson Davis was the Anti-President.

It wouldn't be any different if California broke from United States, renamed it 'Open Border Country' Named Brown their President.

Is he really the President?

NO! Trump is the President.

War again to take the land back.

There was NEVER spats among 3 Popes.

There was a spat with 1 POPE and 2 other Cardinals

Why Confess Your Sins
Kathr: you are under that law if you DON'T have a fish/hunting license FREE WILL also sends people to one to hell.

//and don't fish or hunt, so I too am not UNDER these laws...or even THAT LAW.//

Actually you are under the Law.

That's like someone without a driver license claims since he doesn't have a car he isn't under the law.

Now if you did have a license and CHOOSE not to drive you are not under the law. The law doesn't apply to you. You can drive if you wish, have a car or NOT drive.


Unless you are married you are free to have as many relations with your spouse as you wish.

Jesus' Law of no relations OUTSIDE marriage only applies to us, but not David (if he is married)

Rome And Churches Of The East
Jerry: his CUSTOM was, he went into the synagogue on the SABBATH day, and stood up for to read.//

A side note, but it was very interesting to me:

In Matthew Gospel, he always identify Jesus entering the synagogues as 'their' not including Him even though Jesus is Jewish.

Ex: Matthew 9:35

As for Paul and Acts, going to Church on the Sabbath didn't even enter the rules for Jews entering the Church.

Acts 15:19-20 It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God. Instead we should write to them, telling them to abstain from food polluted by idols, from sexual immorality, from the meat of strangled animals and from blood.

Baptize Our Babies
Kathr: Our faith is in the PROMISES OF GOD.//

James 2:14 What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has NO DEEDS? CAN such faith SAVE them?

//Rahab BELIEVED the report that God was going to destroy Jerico.//

You need to read the Joshua 1-6 again

Everyone in Jericho believe that:

Joshua 6:1 The people of Jericho were afraid because the Israelites were near. They closed the gates....

The ONLY reason Rahab and her family was SAVED was because of her ACT, ACTIONS, DEEDS as in James 2:17

'Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.'

In other words, the people of Jericho ONLY had faith.

Rahab had FAITH AND WORKS and was SAVED. Joshua 2:12

Should Churches Be Taxed
Steveng: Telling someone that they are a Tattle Tail is not showing love (as in the verb form) to try to explain or SHOW Melody how she sounds on CN!//

We told her directly. We asked her to stop.

She hits you with a bat and gets upset if you hit her back with a wet noodle.

Then tells you she is going to report you so you will be kicked off CN.

For the 'wet noodle weapon' offense.

Cluny, tried another tactic with her.

BTW, Where were you when she attacks me?

Click on her name, get some popcorn and read her messages to others.

James 2:1-9

Matthew 7:1

Rome And Churches Of The East
NurseRobert: Except that Davis NEVER claimed he was president of the United States, but of the southern states that withdrew from the US.//


Oh, so ONLY children TODAY living in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Virginia, and Tennessee have to cite Davis name next to Lincoln's name as the 16th Presidents.

NO ONE recites Davis' name because Davis was NEVER the President of even those States.

That's why we went to war

Lincoln was the TRUE President of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Virginia, and Tennessee NOT Davis.

Just because Davis claimed he was President didn't make him President.

What Is Sunday A Holy Day
Jerry: Your 8th day theory doesn't hold water. It does not last forever//

No, not now but in Heaven.

Since we go by time we celebrate the 8th day on the 1st day Sunday. Because FOR US Jesus actually Rose on a Sunday.

As those who are born on Feb 29th. They celebrate their birthdays on March 1st most of the time.

We celebrate Jesus' Resurrection the day after the Sabbath until we celebrate Him forever on the 8th day that never ends.

//The Bible does not say which day Jesus went to heaven.//

Luke 24:51, Acts 1:9. 40 days after His Resurrection. Acts 1:3 CC celebrates Ascension Thursday.

No time with Jesus.

He Rose on Sunday and went to Heaven on the same day.

We ONLY have time NOT Him.

Baptize Our Babies
Melody, A simple response to me: 'I don't know, but I DON'T believe you because I believe you will always be wrong.'--is good enough for me.

Your answer could have been about their Faith that Jesus could heal their friend.

As when a mother puts faith in a surgery operating on her baby.

They had Faith in Jesus to heal the man.

Jesus KNEW their trust in Him and rewarded their Faith by GRANTING them their request:

Healing the man they were carrying.

As when the man told Jesus if you will it you can heal me.

Matthew 8:1-3

Take it easy. These debates don't have to be hostile.

Baptize Our Babies
Melody: "And HE saw their faith (it wasn't only to them that brought down the man to HIM - but he(the man) was included//

Okay, we can debate this Passage.

You don't know that Jesus was including the man on the mat.

You are you GUESSING.

I am proving my point by using logic.

//- and looking into his inner heart - THE LORD had discerned and seen his belief in HIM and said to him: Man, thy sins are forgiven thee".//


So answer this one question:

Why didn't Jesus FORGAVE the 4 men's sins?

They had the Faith, but their sin were NOT forgiven.

So were they SINLESS?

Explain Luke 1:26-28
Melody: "Is this not the carpenter SON? - is not HIS mother called Mary? - and his brethren James, and Joseph, and Simon, and Judas?. And HIS sisters? - are they not all with us?//

You need to FIRST understand their language before you try to correct someone.

They didn't have a word for 'cousin'. Brothers and Sisters ALSO applied to cousins (first).

They also don't have a word for uncle or aunt.

Even Hispanics consider having the SAME grandparents denotes immediate family.

The Scripture ALSO names their father and mother which WASN'T Joseph or Mary the mother of Jesus.

Why Confess Your Sins
David: Its against our laws to hunt and fish, but...if you have a license, you are not under these Laws.//

I understand this statement completely.

The Game Warden will ONLY arrest people WITHOUT licenses.

It's isn't any different if someone drives a car without a driver's license.

The law states that anyone without a driver's license can not operate a car.

But if you have a driver's license you are NOT under that Law.

People under 21 can not drink Alcohol.

People over 21 are not under that law.

Now I am not applying this to David and Kathr's discussion. Because I just started reading these blogs.

I just understand his last statement.

Should Churches Be Taxed
Steveng: Melody said this:

"If you keep on distorting my words and by that offending me, I will report you."

Cluny responded to her by saying this:

"Tattle tale! Tattle tail!"

You said to him:

"that is the most ridiculous, immature and unchristian response I have ever read on these blogs."

Of course!

Cluny is trying to explain or SHOW Melody how she sounds on CN!

BTW, telling people they are going to hell, or worshipping idols VS calling someone a Tattle Tail is difficult for you to see WHO is REALLY the most ridiculous, immature and given an unchristian speaks volumes about you.

Melody, thinks she is a CN Dictator.

Baptize Our Babies
Steveng: Believing is a personal action//

Not according Jesus who SAVES US.

Luke 5:20 When Jesus saw THEIR FAITH, he said, "Friend, YOUR SINS are FORGIVEN

Jesus DIDN'T say their sins were forgiven. And it was THEIR FAITH not the man!

That man on the mat according to Jesus DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!

He didn't display any Faith in Jesus according to Jesus.

But he GOT the BENEFIT of OTHERS' Faith in Jesus!

So, how is THAT any different when parents baptizes their baby?

The parents brought their baby to Jesus and it was their Faith in Jesus NOT the baby.

But just like the man on the mat with the sins, the baby with the original sin got his or her sin forgiven by Jesus.

Rome And Churches Of The East
Monk: Sorry, Nicole, but the correct method for addressing a Cardinal is: "During a formal introduction,//

How can I introduce a Cardinal to myself when I address him? That's awkward.

I would address him as 'Hello Cardinal Michael Smith' NOT 'Hello Michael Cardinal Smith'

Or say 'Hello Cardinal Smith', Or if 'Hello your Eminence'

The argument isn't about introduction, but Forename or Title

//He should be directly addressed as Your Eminence or Cardinal (Last Name) or, on paper, as His Eminence, (First Name) Cardinal (Last Name), Archbishop of (Location).//

Jerry didn't present his name as you wrote.

That's my point. Not Cluny or Jerry's point.

So why are you pouncing on me?

What Is Sunday A Holy Day
Cluny: Some pagan calendars DID have a week of 8 days, or even 10 days.//

I am not denying that point.

But the Jewish people were using the 7 day week system as we do today.

And I also know the some Jewish people use a different amount of month system as well.

But, since the Christian Faith today is using the same number of days as the Jewish people in the Bible my statement still stands.

There isn't a 8 day in the week.

The Pagans also named the days of the week by their gods.

Saturday is their Saturn god as the planet.

Orthodox Jews do not refer the Sabbath day as Saturday.

We use the same names, but do not believe the names are gods.

BTW, I like your new signature notation

Biblical Technology Prophesis
Steveng: Prophesy is only symbolic to the people who don't understand.//

That doesn't make any sense.

Prophesy comes from a Prophet who gives God's warning or message. (usually a warning)

They are clear on what the people have to do if they don't want the wrath of God.

God kept telling the people He was taking the land away from the people or the people from the land.

They didn't heed so God went through with His Word which the people understood.

Read 1 Samuel concerning them wanting a King.

Samuel was clear what was going to happen to them with a King. The people didn't care until the storm occurred in chapter 16

Explain Luke 1:26-28
Cluny: Actually, it was their youngest step brother, Nicole.//

Actually? Actually?

Actually not, Cluny.

Prove to me that Joseph married AFTER he married Mary for you to CLAIM that actually Jesus had a younger brother or sister.

Give an actual citation.

Remember James and John had a different father.

That is an actual fact.

So, if they are His step brothers it means Mary married their father, which DIDN'T HAPPEN.

Rome And Churches Of The East
Wrong Cluny:

Cluny: The proper style for a cardinal is Forename, Cardinal, Surname.//

***Forename is your first name (not nickname). surname is your family name. - Quora

Cardinal, Father, Monsignor, Sister, Brother, Bishop, Deacon, Pope, and etc.

Some can go by their Title completely without their names. Your Holiness, His Excellency and etc.

Go to 'How to Address Priests and Religious: Titles and Signs of Respect' by Marian Therese Horvat, Ph.D. for more details.

Titles are NEVER used in between a person's name.

For Religious you can place the order's name(s) after the name.

Sister Marie Paul, OP (Order of Preachers)

I know many men named Cardinal as their first or middle name.

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