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Correct Bible Interpretation

First we are to worship everyday. But the Sabbath was set aside as a special time of worship. That is why it was sanctified.

Leviticus 23:3 Six days shall work be done: but the seventh day is the sabbath of rest, an holy convocation, ye shall do no work therein: it is the sabbath of the LORD in all your dwellings.

Jesus meet in the Synagogue and taught on Sabbath. That is based on the Bible. We should follow Jesus.

So yes we are told to worship on Sabbath.

Now worshiping on Sunday is not a sin. But no where does the Bible teach to meet on Sunday. Not once is it commanded.

Trump Protect Religious Freedom
I have not read it. So I cannot tell.

God's Grace On Noah
There is no record in the Bible of keeping this view. As the apostles died or were murdered. There is not reference of keeping the number at 12. Now days in different churches they have different idea. Many have way more so called Apostles than 12. Only the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints keeps that 12 number. But then they put the words of their Apostles and prophets above the Bible. Which they consider damaged.

Alabama Abortion Law
amen Katyr.

The taking away of prenatal care for pregnant mothers by Republican government leaders shows they really don't care about babies. Born or unborn.

They are using Evangelical Christians to give themselves more power.

The more sad things. Is many evangelical leaders want to have the political power they get from helping some leaders. Instead of spreading love they add to the hate in this world. It reminds me of the words Jesus wept.

Baptism In The Epistles
Dear Kathr. I worked with a United Pentecostal special needs child. He loved Jesus. I expect to see him in Heaven. But his understanding was not a lot.

We are saved by Grace through faith. Not in understanding.

Those who love GOD and love others will be in heaven. Those who don't no matter their claims. Will not be there.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
When a Goverment makes laws that force people to keep a child they cannot afford and don't want. Isn't that coercion. Is that not forcing people to accept a religious view they disagree with?

So they are being forced to do what they are told. By others. Others who have taken away help for them when they are pregnant. Who will not help the newborns with insurance. So those who are leading this movement. Are they not the ones doing the forcing?

God's Grace On Noah
I would not say baptize in the fires of hell. For two reasons it is not a baptism. Second the fired are used to execute the wicked.

Canada Hate Bill For Speech
One of the big hypocritical things missed. Is that Texas has reduced health care for the poor. Taken away prenatal care by working to close Planned Parenthood which provided prenatal care.

So they want the Babies to be born. But then work so they well be born sick and die. Or make it where with no insurance they die.

So why is it called pro life when the work to let the babies die?

Was Hitler Left Or Right
Dictatorship or one person rule can name their government many things. It is still one person saying they have all the power and refusing to submit to the power of the Government and the rules of law.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
Empires built on hate and lies are really the same. Whether they claim they are right or left.

Their goal is one man or one group of man rule. In real Democratic socialism. No one man rule. But elected officials. Who actually serve the people.

The Democrats used to be very racist. But then they switches and the Republicans got their racist voters.

What is important. Is that Christians are to love and care for anyone. Enemies or not. No matter the skin color. But racism is found in some who name Jesus as their savior. That is very sad.

Canada Hate Bill For Speech
Great verses Haz. Now when will you work to love others as Jesus did? When will you love your enemies and people you oppose?

When will you be kind to all on this site and every where?

How Much Holiness Is Enough
I love this post from you.

This response is interesting:

"Holiness is the outworking of relationship with God through the right standing we have with Him through Jesus Christ."

---Linda6563 on 4/16/08


Christian To Be President
No. Since our current president is not one.

Canada Hate Bill For Speech
I agree Strong Ax

Jerry so you are good with promoting hate?

I remember Jesus said to love your enemies. So why do you spread hate. It is the haters who will come after the Christians in the last day. So why are you joining with the hateful?

Tech Giants Extreme Censorship
Good point Strong Ax.

When people spread love. No one censors them.

So Haz why do you want to spread hate.

Didn't Jesus say love your enemies. Or do you want to join the haters who opposed him spreading love and kindness?

Finish It Here May 2019
People on the far right. Do not like to read the book of James.

The Mueller Report Trump
So Jerry why do you want the President who dosen't follow the Bible and loves to give the Far right Christians political power to help them take over the country? Do you want to have the Sunday laws passed soon? Why support the people who call us a cult?

Finish It Here May 2019
CNN also gave a retraction from the early report. They went on air a number of times and had the Covington boys give their side of the story.

But many forget that part. Fox News reporters generally tell the truth. But the Commentators who pretend to be news people lie most of the time.

Comparing CNN to Alex Jones who has caused grief to the parents of murdered children for years is not the same. He never has admitted being wrong.

The Mueller Report Trump
So Haz instead of answering the true points of Strong Ax you attack on a different subject.

Trump supports far right wing people. Many on his side ignore what Jesus said to help and care for others.

He lied about the women he slept with outside of Marriage. But because he is far right that is okay.

I never supported the John Birch society then nor do I support Trump's version.

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