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Canada Hate Bill For Speech
I agree Strong Ax

Jerry so you are good with promoting hate?

I remember Jesus said to love your enemies. So why do you spread hate. It is the haters who will come after the Christians in the last day. So why are you joining with the hateful?

Tech Giants Extreme Censorship
Good point Strong Ax.

When people spread love. No one censors them.

So Haz why do you want to spread hate.

Didn't Jesus say love your enemies. Or do you want to join the haters who opposed him spreading love and kindness?

Finish It Here May 2019
People on the far right. Do not like to read the book of James.

The Mueller Report Trump
So Jerry why do you want the President who dosen't follow the Bible and loves to give the Far right Christians political power to help them take over the country? Do you want to have the Sunday laws passed soon? Why support the people who call us a cult?

Finish It Here May 2019
CNN also gave a retraction from the early report. They went on air a number of times and had the Covington boys give their side of the story.

But many forget that part. Fox News reporters generally tell the truth. But the Commentators who pretend to be news people lie most of the time.

Comparing CNN to Alex Jones who has caused grief to the parents of murdered children for years is not the same. He never has admitted being wrong.

The Mueller Report Trump
So Haz instead of answering the true points of Strong Ax you attack on a different subject.

Trump supports far right wing people. Many on his side ignore what Jesus said to help and care for others.

He lied about the women he slept with outside of Marriage. But because he is far right that is okay.

I never supported the John Birch society then nor do I support Trump's version.

Suffer In Hell Forever
TRue Strong Ax.

GOD didn't kill Satan then. I have my understanding of why not. But that is not the point.

Why would GOD who loves everyone torture people for all eternity. When the Bible says the Wages of Sin is death? So you say it is eternal life in hell. The Bible says it is death. I will go with the Bible.

Look up the Theology named Conditionalism.

Look up Professor Edward Fudge and tell me what you think of him?

Might Have Autism
My doctrine is based on Sola Scriptura.

But some of my thoughts and ideas are not. I worked with Autistic children. My family jokes that I did a good job with them. Because I am similar to them in a number of ways.

Love GOD love others. Be nice.

Failed System Of Socialism
Dear Jerry you need to do some reading. Socialst systems have much lower costs then we do. Our cost is the highest in the world. Because Big Pharma makes billions of dollars and buys politicians with it. That is why a pill that costs them $5 to make is sold for $500. Where in Europe or Canada you can get it for $10.

Read the Bible. Read the book of James and tell me why you think we should pander to the rich?

Failed System Of Socialism
David. True you will never the truth on Obamacare from Fox.

But CNN says all the time how great the economy is. So you must never watch CNN.

But at the same time Fox never talks about the Farmers have to beg for money because of the Tariffs. Not the fact that my wife and I had our Social Security cut.

Fox commentators hide the truth. Their actual reporters do state the truth they are allowed to state.

So did you hear Trump changed sides on Vaccinations. Now he says they are needed.

Fire At The Notre Dame
Good points Strong Ax.

I believe it was an accident.

Suffer In Hell Forever
So Kathyr

You believe that GOD cannot destroy the angels. That he lacks the power to make them cease to exist? He created them. He can destroy them.

People and angels will not suffer in hell for all eternity. Paul said the wages of sin is death. Jesus in Revelation says the wicked die the second death.

Born once die twice. Born Twice die once.

Suffer In Hell Forever
First the penalty for sin is "Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

The Bible does not teach the wicked have eternal life. So therefore they cannot suffer for eternity.

Christian Conditionalism
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Look it up.

Revelation 20:14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

They die the Second death. Like the old saying. Born once die twice. Born Twice die once.
So the answer is no to the question.
Love GOD love others follow Jesus.

Failed System Of Socialism
The dependency is created by not paying a living wage. By putting high costs on health insurance and keeping people uneducated by taking funds away from schools.

Also putting poison into the air and water to save the rich money.

Socialism has not failed in may countries. Because it is not true socialism. It is a democracy that cares about the people. Not a dictatorship. Read some real history.

Fire At The Notre Dame
Jerry I see the News reporting facts. Not speculations like the Fox commentators.

It is sad that it happened. But as stated the Churches are run more by the Government.

You should read about the French revolution. A terrible time in history.

Western Eastern Religions
Kathyr Strong Ax Both good points.

I just watched a History series named the Gilded age. When business and the Robber barons ran the Government. At times workers were murdered to help keep the super rich wealthy.

The Government working for the good of all is not Socialism. It is the job to work for all. Not just the rich. Which is the way it is starting to happen again. Like in the Gilded age.

Trump likes the words of Scrooge. Let them die and decrease the surplus population.

Where I Was Saved
Jesus died for me on a hill on good Friday.

I was saved in a trailer at college when I got down on my knees and asked Jesus into my heart. 45 years ago.

How To Speak In Tongues
I have read the Bible, The Koran and the Book of Mormon. Along with Doctrine and Covenants.

Only the Bible leads to the truth. Only Jesus saves.

Stop Arresting Criminals
Strong Ax you are starting to sound like a Seventh day Adventist. Which I am happy to be one.

There are many moral laws in the Bible. The Ten are their basis. They are to be followed for love leads to doing right.

But we are no longer in the country of Israel and we are in the New Covenant. So yes there are laws to be kept. But not all of the Old Testament is part of the New Covenant.

GOD bless and keep you and yours.

Jesus Attend Your Church
I am glad they worked fast.

Monk. Jesus went to Church every Saturday. I think he would still do that now. But he could also show up on a Sunday.

But if he say one of those up front begging for a new Jet. The Sermon would be over very fast. Since Jesus would let them know. Caring for the poor does not mean stealing their money.

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