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What Are Lords Commandments
David where in scripture is the ten commandments referred to as the Law of Moses?

What Is A Doctrine
Nicole, the church is the body of Christ, as members, both individually, and collectively. The building is simply a place for the gathering. The original church of God was a gathering of the children of Israel in the wilderness.

What Is A Doctrine
Nicole the only true doctrine, is the doctrine revealed by the lord Jesus, the Christ, and as He said, the doctrine is not His, it is the doctrine of the One that sent Him. It is the Father that has determined it's meaning, faith is not only needed for our understanding of it's meaning, it is required. And "He that abides in the doctrine of Christ, has both the Father and the Son," and he will know the truth, and that truth will set him free.

Baptism A Public Testimony
"The historical evidence, including Biblical, is that baptisms were done in semi-privacy" Please state your historical evidence and the source of that "evidence". The only biblical evidence of water baptism is in an open water source, the river Jordan for example. There was nothing private about it. NO prayers were said in the presence of unbelievers. Scripture states "arise, and be baptized, and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord." Calling on the name of the Lord, is prayer. I personally believe the only baptism that truly matters, is the baptism of repentance. That baptism is accomplished through the washing of water by the word. Eph 5:26

Christian MeToo Backlash
"G. H. W. Bush. He helped save the world." How so Samuel?

Revoke The 14th Amendment
"I think it also depends on what and how we define a certain word first." If I attempt to define a Hebrew or Greek word I'm doomed to failure. I don't know either Hebrew or Greek, therefore I must depend on those who has studied the language. I know, by the faith of Jesus, Dr. Strong Spent half his life devoted to the task he was given, along with 100 of his colleagues. That's where I turn to find the definition of transliterated words, and through what I've embraced as the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the textual, in context, application. If one can prove me wrong, Biblically, by the father's grace, I'm humble enough to except an alternative view.

Revoke The 14th Amendment
"Kathr we agree don't concerning the Father" I have no idea how don't and agree was switched, it should of course read "Kathr we don't agree concerning the Father...." I know you realized this, I simply wanted to make it clear for those who don't.

Revoke The 14th Amendment
"Kathr we agree don't concerning the Father" I have no idea how 'don't' and 'agree' was switched in that post, it should of course read "Kathr we don't agree concerning the Father........" I know you realized this, I simply wanted to make it clear for those who don't:o)

Revoke The 14th Amendment
"Let's remember TRUMP does not know our laws and constitution. And he's betting on you who follow,him not to know either. That's why he LIES so much. He wants to rewrite everything based on his own personal opinions and bias. Is this democracy? Trump has delusions of thinking he is a dictator or GOD.---kathr4453 on 11/5/18" Kathr we agree don't concerning the Father and His Christ as the source of Faith. However, concerning this subject, I know that we are in complete agreement. Trump, like most so called white men, has a God complex. Be blessed, the time is short.

Does God Have Faith
"So yes Josef, I guess we will have to agree to disagree". My pleasure Kathr.

Does God Have Faith
"Josef, it maybe we don't agree on this." Obviously not.
"He has promised to thoroughly finish us" I agree. He has also promised to furnish us.(2Pe 1:3) All good and perfect gifts, are from above. "There is no magic to faith." I've never said there was. "Jesus authored an ear of corn, but doesn't have to become an ear of corn" I see that this dialog is over:o) Kathr, I simply thought we had come to another point of agreement. My bad:o)

Does God Have Faith
"Josef, my faith comes by hearing the Word of God." Ok Kathr. I simply thought that you were acknowledging Jesus as the author and finisher of Faith, the word our was added, just as the word cometh in the above reference. But by the aforementioned statement, you seem to be saying 'your' faith originated within yourself. If that is the case, then we will agree to disagree. I received your referenced verse, as "faith grows by understanding, and understanding by the word of God", as stated in the initial blog, if you can't receive that, dismiss it. I just wanted to clarify my position. As concerning Jesus, the author of faith must possess and exercise faith, or He can not be an example of it.

Does God Have Faith
"Glorified by OUR FAITH in Jesus Christ. By OUR FAITH in His finished works on the cross." Kathr, were do you think.... your.. faith, originated? And how did you come by that Faith?

Does God Have Faith
"Just because Jesus was our example of obedience of Faith" Good for you Kathr4453, you've acknowledge Jesus as our perfect example of faith.
"Submitting to do the will of God is a faith thing, not a works thing." Do you now acknowledge the faith of Jesus? This is what I have gotten from your statement here. Have I misunderstood you? Or did I misunderstand you during our last exchange concerning this subject? "Man is saved, justified, and made righteous by the faith of Jesus. Gal 3:22>Gal 2:16>Rom 3:22" Josef 9/22/15
"doesn't diminish the fact that Jesus is God" kathr4453 11/3/18
Jesus is God=God has faith.

How Old Is The Earth
""I'm more interested in the Rock of Ages than the age of rocks."
Apparently Johnny74 is interested. Why not honor the question he's asked by giving him an honest response, based on the knowledge you hold?

How Old Is The Earth
"Hope this is helpful." Trey how do you account for the ice age? Where do you place it? What time period? Explaining biblically the time period of the frozen mammoths found in Siberia would be helpful. Thanks

How Old Is The Earth
"Answer: A little over 6000 years. Next question.
That was a very dogmatic statement Trey, what is it based on? "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Scripture, as far as I know, does not address when that beginning was. If an answer was demanded of me, that answer would be, before time, as we know it, began.

Who Loves God
"Who's "A man after THE LORD'S HEART?
One whose heart is loyal to the LORD his God, as was the heart of David.

Can Women CoPastor
Bro. Music76, If a woman made you, a woman can teach you. If a woman gave birth to you, a woman can lead you. If a woman nurtured you, a woman can feed you. Authority is had, where authority is given or allowed. The woman, and "He called their name Adam in the day that He created them" and In Christ, there is neither male nor female. A Jew named Apollos, mighty in the scriptures "began to speak boldly in the synagogue: whom when Aquila and Priscilla had heard, they took him unto them, and expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly." Acts 18:26 I would consider Priscilla, (in this place), a co-pastor. A woman is an help meet, help suitable for man an any capacity.

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