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He Is A Devout Catholic
cluny - here is a verse for you - Mark 7:9 - 9 And christ said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.
Mt 15:3 But Christ answered and said unto them, Why do ye also transgress the COMMANDMENT of God by your tradition?
since you like holding to TRADITIONS OF MEN - glory to the POPE, cluny.

He Is A Devout Catholic
cluny - when are YOU going to grasp that God NEVER SANCTIFIED, never RESTED, never BLESSED, & NEVER MADE THE 1ST DAY HOLY.
since you disobey the COMMANDMENT of GOD, you are obeying man.

WHAT IS IT THAT you do not understand COMMANDMENT OF GOD.

Suffer From Depression
chria9396 - really? chemical imbalance? why did ezekiel got depress? is it chemical imbalance? i NEVER TOOK antidepressants inspite a psychiatrist told me to do. look at all the children hooked on 'drugs'. before when bad painful memories trigger, it starts my depression & vicious cycle of hopelessness, no direction, low self confidence etc. i focus on myself more in a good way & not listen to these stupid pastors who are hypocrites.

He Is A Devout Catholic

cluny is inconsistent he keeps on 'Glory to christ' but DOES NOT keep His commandments.


YOU keep the commandments of men than God.

What Are Lords Commandments

the law defines SIN & brings a sinner to repent & faith in christ. the law will never earn salvation. the law is the EVIDENCE OF your faith. the Law is spiritual & the reason a believer obeys the law is because the SPIRIT is guiding them not the spirit abolished the law. flesh & spirit is against each other. why then did Paul say that for the wages of sin is death. Rm 7:7-9 knowledge of sin comes through the Law. Paul even said in Rms 6:15 what then? shall we sin, bec we are not under the law but under grace? GOD FORBID. many christians say the law is abolished but christ said he NEVER did until heaven & earth is done. is heaven & earth done? no

Turn The Other Cheek
to be a doormat. strike this cheek -

I agree with tim. many christians have become doormats or robots because if you do not 'OBEY' the word of God you are NOT a christian, not filled with the HOLY SPIRIT, not have faith. but when a pastor is rebuked & corrected, they bec. offended or if someone slaps a pastor, they will call the police & NOT turn the other cheek. I heard from a pastor that DO NOT speak bec christ DID NOT say anything when he was hanging on the cross. what this pastor have is NOT filled with the holyspirit or have faith, HE has the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR $$$ that protects him

What Are Lords Commandments
cluny - i choose what to pick what God commanded.

from the past YOU ARE the one choosing & picking that the 4th commandment is done away by justifying 1st day sunday but you cannot answer a simple question: Did God sanctify 1st day sunday? you will use acts 20:7 1 cor 16:2 but God never said 'sanctify the 1st day.'

as far as relieving myself, I am sure that if toilets were avaialble back then, they will not be using a shovel. duh...glory to the pope huh cluny

Suffer From Depression
cluny - chemical imbalance? really...My father is verbally abusive. we lived in an atmosphere of fear, shame, blame guilt. almost everyday we were abused even at the dinner or lunch table. love is conditional based on performance & approval. i developed trauma both emotional & psychological. is that chemical imbalance? then christianity will add more dung like 'you sinned' or you aren't a christian bec. you did not give 10% same guilt shame blame. many children came out of trauma or abuse & a quick fix are 'drugs' or prayer or christianity esp. give your money & god will heal your depression. you are a human dog cluny no compassion

Suffer From Depression
david - I also suffered from depression in the past & when I went for 'BIBLICAL' help & asked a pastor, I was 'given snake when asking for fish'. another thing is 'psychology' is NOT BIBLICAL bec. SELF is SIN. don't go to the church for advice especially pastors bec pastors ARE STUPID. they do not know the dung of LIFE. they beg money every sunday that's why they live in a bubble, don't know the struggles of people like you & me. you will be accused of committing SIN or not a christian bec you are struggling & you will have MORE problems than 'solutions'

What Are Lords Commandments
david - christians & pastors will say 'we are not under law' or 'law has been abolished' or 'law is a curse' or 'law is bondage' or 'law is for JEWS only' you will get conflicting & inconsistent answers. I asked the 7th day sabbath & cluny, strongaxe will say 'we are not under the law' or 'esteemeth one day over the other' or col 2:16 let no man judge you in holy days, sabbath days. but clearly it says that PAUL never abolished the Law commandments of God.

Are You Truly Saved
define 'obedience' to the scriptures? what are they? giving tithe or televangelist exploiting bible & poor, doing good works or is it salvation by works, obeying the word of God or being brainwashed by the religious leaders, worshipping on 1st day sunday celebrating easter or tradition of men & not the commandments of GOD including 7th day sabbath, preaching gospel but you will be called a cult if it is not accdg to other's doctrine, is it faith or blind obedience? i have seen it all

What Is Purgatory
purgatory is used to make money - 'as soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul out of purgatory springs'. indulgences can save you.

Denominational Church Missing
nicole - 1st of all you are twisting the truth. 7th day sabbath IS NOT 1st day SUNDAY. 7th day sabbath is what modern people call SATURDAY. God NEVER RESTED on the 1st day (or SUNDAY) after HE created the universe, earth, people. that is why the bible said 'God RESTED on the 7th day (called SATURDAY). know the difference bet. TRUTH & HATE. when the TRUTH that God RESTED 7th day, HIS HOLY DAY (not SUNDAY) it is NOT HATE it is the WORD OF GOD & HE IS TRUTH. RCC is good in twisting the truth saying 1st day SUNDAY is 7th day SABBATH. what a LIE.

Denominational Church Missing

Denominational Church Missing
what did Jesus teach that today's denominational 'christians' don't do? today's church do NOT teach SIN because WE ARE NOT UNDER THE LAW is their favorite verse. but when it comes to money or tithing IS SIN - not giving to the church & making the pastor RICH. SIN to have SELF CONFIDENCE.

Denominational Church Missing
melody - where does it say in the bible you can worship God ANY day? Acts 20:7? 1 cor 16:2 rev 1:10? did these verses sanctify, made the 1st day holy or any day holy? NOT

Denominational Church Missing
strongaxe - 7th day sabbath. you cannot answer if Christ changed HIS HOLY day to 1st day & your favorite verse is 'esteemeth one day over the other'. sabbath is NOT mentioned in romans 14:5. the next verse romans 14:6 -talks about fasting. yes you are a constantinian. you cannot even show a verse that christ on the day he resurrected saying 'we are changing the 7th day to 1st day in honor of my resurrection. NADA, NOTHING.

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