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Is Yoga OK For Christians
In the 70's, Transcendental Meditation was all the rage. You went to a pseudo California yogi for your mantra.
Yoga was not so big as it is to today. Real yogis think Americans are yoga quacks because the spiritual side of it is missing.
If you become a Yoga convert, adopting all the principles, you will open yourself up to other worlds (entitities, demons).
It's like going to the Church of Scientology and telling yourself you're only there to see T.Cruise.

Is Yoga OK For Christians
Hatha Yoga was definitely intended to be more than a stretching exercise. Is Yoga OK for Christians? If you have to ask, then something is not quite right, is it?
You didn't need to ask if swimming ballet was OK, did you?
Some California style Christians will tell you anything goes, open minded. A throwback to the flower child/hippie dippy days. I know some of those in their 50's, still sporting their long gray hair in ponytails, men and women. Hanging onto the movement.

Is Yoga OK For Christians
Yoga, a mystical seeking of direct experience of inner realities or truths. It is training in the process of working with senses, body, breath, and mind, that the inner can be experienced directly. Yoga deals with the Esoteric, rather than the Exoteric. Yoga "Exoteric followers have little understanding of the Esoteric seeker. Exoteric follower has simply not traveled far enough to feel the deep-seated Esoteric longing of the mystic and yogi to know the deeper teachings and direct experience.

Is Yoga OK For Christians
Yoga, similar to reading your horoscope in the newspaper everyday vs. becoming an astrology student, having your chart done, etc. It's all in the same house, how far do you want to take it?
Yoga stretching on the first floor of the house, and going deep within, meditation, etc. on the second floor. Third floor, a yogi.
You asked. How much do you want to stick your feet in the water?

Have You Seen An Angel
I have seen an angel It was enormious and stood at my bedroom door in the middle of the night. Even though I could only see the out lines of this angel I felt its warmth and beauty. The next morning my husband awake having a feeling there was something outside our door. I told him what happen. How amazing GOD and his angels are!! I cant wait to see this Angel again.

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