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Authority Of The Government
Melody said, "How irrational are your words (coming from your person) as you said"People misusing The Bible, brought division and confusion". . .

Look to your own soul first! You use Bible-like phrases simply to spread confusion.

I Need A Hearing Aid
Nicole Lacey said, Any Veterans reading this blog should check to see if you qualify for free hearing aids."

Got news for you, Nicole, I am NOT a veteran. I was told I was 1-A when I went in for my physical, but in boot camp, the Navy decided I was 4-F.

I Need A Hearing Aid
Nicole Lacey said, " Okay praying.

But are you mad because you are HOH, or because the cost of hearing aids?


The audiologist called me today and said that I don't need a hearing aid, the doctor was trying to sell me something I didn't need.

To answer your prayers, Nicole, I was upset for both reasons, mostly, though, because I didn't want to wear them.

Denominational Church Missing
kathr4453 said, "Here's the thing, it doesn't matter what anyone named the first day after the it "Bologna Day" , who cares. EVERY DAY is named after something pagan or whatever. We don't worship the name of the day...good grief!"

Kathr, did you know that in the Russian language, Sunday is called Resurrection? So how can the Russians be worshiping a pagan god? Especially as they were Christians before the KJV was published?

What Is Purgatory
kathr4453 said, "AND Then there are those who use their own words, not scripture, and use the Cross as a weapon to beat another black and blue with,..."

And then there are those who speak in biblical tones, and THUNDER what sounds like God's Word, but when looking it up, one finds that what they quoted is NOT the exact verse from the Bible. Those are to pitied and prayed for the most.

Denominational Church Missing
"You are correct to state that only a King James Bible with a black cover should be used is in error - it just goes to show you how far away some churches have been deterred from was is important."

dagnabbit! I thought that the scarlet colored cover was canonical as well!

Finish It Here January 2019
Nicole, I don't understand why you find the word "Roman" offensive. However, I am glad to not use that word.

On the other hand, please allow our foibles to show up on these blogs occasionally. If we say "Roman" accidentally, just give it a rest, and live and let live.


Apostles Write About Jesus
Melody said, " May THE LORD bind and correct your un-Christian false
testimony words - as HE knows that what I have shared is in accordance to GOD'S WORD!"

Okay, Melody. If you feel led to rebuke everybody, we can flow with that. However, we ask that you have the grace to accept the our words when we rebuke you! Even the greatest prophets had the humility to accept correction. Plus, once they had delivered their prophecies, that was the end of the rebuke. They didn't continue to harp on the subject again and again.

Penalty For Sin Is Death
Melody said, "End of discussion!"

Please! I for one have found it difficult to read these blogs as all you do is rebuke and rebuke, without showing book chapter and verse when you are busy rebuking.

Penalty For Sin Is Death
kathr4453 said, "All those IN CHRIST who have died to sin, and are the righteousness of CHRIST alone are FREED FROM SIN. No law teaches if you keep it sin dies. Not even Jesus taught this."

Okay, here is a question: Do you believe it is possible to sin AFTER you have been born again?

If so, then you will find that this idea is nowhere taught in the Bible.

Super Blood Wolf Moon
The Super Blood Wolf Moon has come and gone, and Jesus did not show up IN HIS FLESH!

Looks like someone needs to pay less attention to astrology and more attention to what the Bible really says

Is 666 The Mark Of The Beast
Steven, when did you stop taking your medication?

Super Blood Wolf Moon
Melody said, " Discern entirely what's behind the question and as THE LORD admonish us: "Wait before you give your opinion in respect to the question, but don't judge for words that the other person has not said it yet - as from that, GOD'S Wisdom and Sensitivity comes from!"

WHERE is that quote in Scripture? BCV please!

Believe In God's Healing
Mike said, "i have an experience with christianity. what does it offer? is it really healing? you ask either a pastor or a fellow believer about your pain, suffering & struggles & the 1st thing they will say 'YOU HAVE A SIN' you lack faith etc etc...."

The first thing I do is pray--right away! And I NEVER judge anyone and say "SIN!" This makes your statement false. But I do understand what you say, as I have fallen under that same condemnation myself.

Rome And Churches Of The East
Nicole said, "Titles are NEVER used in between a person's name."

Sorry, Nicole, but the correct method for addressing a Cardinal is: "During a formal introduction, a Cardinal should be introduced as His Eminence, (First Name) Cardinal (Last Name), Archbishop of (Location). He should be directly addressed as Your Eminence or Cardinal (Last Name) or, on paper, as His Eminence, (First Name) Cardinal (Last Name), Archbishop of (Location).

Rome And Churches Of The East
Nicole, your assumption has a fatal error: The only church that was UNDER Rome was the church of Rome itself. No other bishop even pretended to acknowledge a Roman SUPER-authority until at least 312 A.D.

Why Confess Your Sins
David asks " Why do people confess their sins, if they are not under the Law, when a sin, is the transgression of the Law?"

Because not all of the sins are breaking of the LAW, but all Christians are under God's law, which says to love thy neighbor.

Is The First Day Holy
Jerry6953 said, "nor will I until you've read "History of the Sabbath" by J.N. Andrews."

Jerry, I try to have an open mind, really I do. But why should I fill up my brain with all of this nonsense?

The Tradition of ALL of the Pre-Reformation Churches (all of which were functioning 1,800 years BEFORE the 7th Day groupies even thought up the whole "Sabbath" stuff.

But I downloaded the book you spoke of, and, God willing, I will read it all. However, I cannot reply to it because my comments are up to 125 words max.

Baptism A Public Testimony
StevenG said, "Repent and be baptized. Infants do not have any concept of repenting, ..."

Steven, you are not in the position to tell anyone how to baptize or be baptized. That is something that the Worldly Denominational "Church" of StevenG will never understand or properly teach, because you have no spiritual "covering." As such, anything you can come up with is seriously flawed.

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