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I Need A Hearing Aid
Monk, I said to SEE if you qualify for free hearing aids.

//I was told I was 1-A when I went in for my physical,//

Which I believe means you are ready or in shape for combat?

//but in boot camp, the Navy decided I was 4-F.//

I don't know what 4-F means?

I guess it means you didn't finish boot camp?

But did you know they passed a law stating the VA had to provide care for Veterans who were discharged dishonorably?

My brother who retired after 23 years in Personel. He said the Government passed a law stating Veterans had to be seen even if in the Military for a few days.

You have to check.

But I believe what happened to you because it happened to my dad but in the opposite direction.

How God Saves People
Kathr: Nicodemus didn't understand the SPIRITUAL BIRTH. He did understand the one of the flesh re water.//

You are making up Scriptures. He thought he had to return into his mother's womb.

He thought Jesus literally meant 'born again' John 3:4

He didn't use the word 'Baptism'

Jesus used 2 words to be born again. WATER AND SPIRIT.

When you are baptized you use water.

John 3:23 And John also was baptizing in Aenon near to Salim, because there was much WATER there: and they came, and were baptized

//The no Scripture//

Acts 8:36 As they traveled along the road, they came to some WATER and the eunuch said, Look, here is water. What can stand in the way of my being BAPTIZED?

What Is A Doctrine
Melody: Nicole:

Enough of your arguing://

Listen little girl, I asked your age before and you refused to tell me.

But you DON'T tell me to stop doing anything.

If you can't answer me then ignore me or MOVE ON!

//The only and sound Doctrine is the one that comes from GOD'S WORD//

Again, you don't need DOCTRINES for subjects written in the Bible.

Words in the Bible calls for 'interpretation'. Do you understand?

Now you what to argue with me in what the word 'Doctrine' means.

//and by the Inspiration of GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT//

Well you are NOT listening to God's Holy Spirit. Because I know He isn't telling you to speak to people as you have been on CN.

What Is A Doctrine
Melody: "Who's allowed to determine what a doctrine means"? The doctrine that we should emphasize here, is the Only One Doctrine that THE LORD admonishes to follow//

There are more than one Doctrine.

I think you are mistaken about Doctrine.

Doctrines are truths that the Bible does not address.

EX: Is Jesus True Man and True God.

Or if Mary the mother of just Jesus, but not Jesus as God?

But you left out the 2nd part the question that goes with the 1st question.

So to clarify my question above. The questions is asking can Baptists determine what the CC's Doctrine means instead of the CC?

So the Gospels are not Doctrines.

Finish It Here February 2019
So Kathr, I guess you are acknowledging you made a mistake.

Don't worry and feel bad. We all make mistakes and will continue making mistakes.

Lord knows I have and will continue.

We just have to acknowledge them and say sorry.

Saying sorry is a very hard thing to do. But truth me after saying sorry many times you will get use to the word as I have.

God bless.

How God Saves People
Wow Kathr, you think just like Nicodemus.

John 3:4 How can someone be born when they are old? Nicodemus asked. Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mothers WOMB to be born!

John 3:5b unless they are born of WATER and the SPIRIT.

Now, Kathr do not CHANGE Jesus' words or ignore this chapter. Also DON'T try to make this chapter into WHAT you WANT to BELIEVE.

You receive the Holy Spirit when you are baptized.

Peter agrees with Jesus and states the SAME ORDER of receiving the Holy Spirit.

Water FIRST then Spirit.

Acts 2:38 Peter replied, REPENT and be BAPTIZED, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ FOR the FORGIVENESS of your SINS, and you WILL RECEIVE the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT.

What Is A Doctrine
StrongAxe: Miracles are no guarantee that someone is sent by God.//

Who said that? I DIDN'T.

These people are no longer on earth.

I said, after the Church DECLARES the person a 'Servant of God' you can requests favors from that person to ASK God for miracles.

The Church examines the miracle and HAS to declare the miracle is real. (That isn't easy)

If the Church finds out you took treatment for an illness that might cure the disease (Chemo) then it is thrown out.

Or that you asked 2 people to ask God it is thrown out.

The Church wouldn't know which person in Heaven God granted the miracle upon their behalf.

The person FIRST had to lived an EXEMPLARY life on EARTH PRIOR to death.

What Is A Doctrine
Jerry, please clarify your question. I don't understand

David: 1 Corinthians 14:34 GOOD ONE!

Kathr: So is this question killing you Nicole?//

When you read DON'T skip every other sentence.

Maybe you won't sound strange when you response to someone? MAYBE?

//If John died, and you knew he was in Heaven, //

Again DON'T SKIP sentences.

Just because I knew he was in Heaven doesn't mean the CC would make him a 'Servant of God'. Esp. if he dies a Protestant or asked for forgiveness a minute before death


//Since every believer is A SAINT,//

Who said that?

It's the Protestants PROCLAIMING everyone is in Heaven at their funerals.


What Is A Doctrine
John, you love cutting off the prayers to convey your wrong point.

That's like me saying:

John, please stop making me laugh. You are killing me.

Then someone only quotes the 2nd part of my statement addressing to you. "You are killing me."

It's true I said that, but am I claiming you ended my life?


The person ONLY showed what they wanted others to see to back up their talking points as you are doing.

//why do we need someone else to do for us when we have direct acces to the Lord Jesus Christ..Why isn't this enough??//

For the SAME REASON you all ask each other to pray for you.

What HAPPENED to your direct access?

How God Saves People
Let me understand your strange thinking.

Jesus who didn't sin allowed John to baptize Him in the Jordan.

But you all don't have to be baptized.

Jesus tells His Apostles to baptize everyone from in Nations, but to you all 'everyone' doesn't include you.

When the men heard Peter's speech after the descent of the Holy Spirit they asked Peter what should they do. Peter tells them to be baptized.

But you all don't think you all should be baptized.

The Eunuch who after he was instructed by Phillip (The Holy Spirit literally AND physically sent Phillip) asked Phillip to baptize him.

But you who WASN'T personally instructed directly by an Apostle of Jesus believe you DON'T HAVE to be baptized.


Finish It Here February 2019
Kathr: everything that has to do with this world and Adam 1 IS SIN.//

Wrong. The world is suffering because of Adam's sin.

//THis is why Jesus came in the flesh to die for sin,//

NO. Jesus came to die for man NOT sin.

//Satan brought it in this creation. Now exactly how....through a germ? NO. Was Adam 1 SIN before disobedience? NO.//

What? Germ? No one called sin a germ but you.

Again, satan didn't bring sin. He tempted Adam and Eve to commit a sin by disobey God. Disobedience was the sin.

Being tempted by satan ISN'T a sin.

If Adam and Eve didn't LISTEN to satan there wouldn't be any sin.

Remember satan COULDN'T get Jesus to disobey His Father.

Matthew 4:1-11

What Is A Doctrine
John, I don't know if you would end up in Heaven.

We can only pray to you to intercede to God for us when you have been declared a 'Servant of God'

After you are declared a Servant of God' then when someone prays to you the Church needs a sign from God by which HE grants a Miracle on your behalf. Thus telling the Church you are indeed in Heaven.

To be declared a 'Servant of God'. The Church has to review your life.

In other words if you lived with your girl friend for 40 years up to your death you can believe you will not be declared a 'Servant of God'.

BTW, that's isn't declaring you are in hell because you could have repented seconds before death.

She never declares any specific person in hell.

How God Saves People
Kathr: the verses in Peter are about Jesus baptism ...WITHOUT WATER. The one Jesus baptized with is with FIRE.//

The same word 'baptism' is the same word when Phillip baptizes the Eunuch in Acts 8:36-39a

//Noah never touched the water. And everything under the water during the flood DIED....//


Before Jesus.

Besides it states Noah was righteous BEFORE the flood. Genesis 6:9

//It's not the washing away of the sins of the flesh......can't you see it clearly states that.//

You are the one making excuses because you don't want to believe John 3:5

Jesus answered, Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of WATER and the SPIRIT (Fire).

What Is A Doctrine
David, Read all of ch. 11 It starts with Melchizedek and whom Jesus is the line of Melchizedek.

Before the 2nd Law could be established the 1st had to be fulfilled by Jesus.

Jesus-Judah, King bloodline also a Priest and Lamb at the same time.

He can start the NEW Priesthood (12 Apostles at the Last Supper.)

//Jesus was made perfect, (Hebrews 5:9). What made Jesus perfect,//

His perfection in Obedience to God which Adam wasn't Obedient.

V8 Although he was a Son, he learned obedience through what he suffered,

Remember Jesus asked God to remove the Cup Matt 26:39.

God didn't so Jesus drank the cup in obedience that made Him perfect. PERFECT Sacrifice to God for the Salvation for the world.

Authority Of The Government
Melody: "For what relationship is between GOD and the idols (that you promote) and THE LIGHT and the darkness"??? - hear it!!! //

You are fighting your own strawman.

I never promote idols.

If you accuse me of stealing your car and I tell you I didn't.

You tell me that stealing is against the 7th (8) Commandment.

God doesn't like people stealing. People are harmed from stealing.

I can go to Hell for not repenting of stealing your car.

After all that I tell you okay and I agree.


Do you HEAR me?



What Is A Doctrine
John: "Thou art the dispenser of all the goods which God grants to us miserable sinners,//

Read it again

'All the GOODS which God GRANTS to us!

'Dispenser' doesn't mean they are the original of the item.

The waiter that dispenses the food isn't the cook.

John 2:8..Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet."

He is speaking the the Servants. Because they gave the wine to the Master of the Banquet does that mean the Servants turned the water to wine?


//So when someone dies do they becomes gods?//

Nonsense. When those in prison asked people in the Trump's Administration to plead to Trump for a pradon. Does that make them presidents?


Explain Matthew 28:20
Christian means those who follow Christ.

Americans means those who are Citizens of America

Authority Of The Government
Melody: You don't like to hear THE TRUTH//

Your tongue isn't stamped by a notary. It's your opinion, not Truth.

We both agree that the Bible is Truth.

That's why I begged, pleaded and asked you several TIMES to address the Truth written in the Bible.

But you WON'T!

Which means you CAN'T FACE THE TRUTH nor HEAR the TRUTH not me.

//and your 'way of defense' it's more attacks against THE TRUTH://


Using the Bible as my defense is an attack?

How can you use both 'defense' and 'attack' in the same sentence?

Did you forget that you ATTACKED me claiming I am worshiping idols?

Who is attacking whom?

My defense is the BIBLE!

So now you are attacking the Bible.

How God Saves People
Steveng, I don't know how the Thief on the cross was Saved. Nor do we know how babies not baptized are Saved.

But, we know Jesus' 2nd Name is MERCY.

How does that PREVENT you from following Jesus' instructions?

You are suffering from Peter's syndrome.

John 21:15-22 ...Then He said to him, Follow Me!.....Jesus answered, If I want him to remain alive until I return, WHAT IS THAT TO YOU? YOU MUST FOLLOW ME.

Are you saying Jesus was mistaken in Matthew 28:19?

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, BAPTIZING them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

NOTE: VERB as in Action.

STOP making excuses.

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