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Two Prophets Of Revelation

In Matthew 25, the sheep were not aware of their own worthiness. They were humble, and not proud. The goats thought themselves worthy, but were not. I similar inversion of expectations is in Wedding Feast parable, and Matthew 7:21-23, Jesus rejected many who boasted of their own works. Pharisees were proud of their own accomplishments, but had no love, and Jesus called them whitewashed tombs.

The Witch of Endor saw Samuel in heaven, and in parable of Rich Man and Lazarus, Abraham was in heaven - despite neither knowing Jesus nor Jesus having died yet.

Keeping Of Sunday
On Aug. 13, he said: Could you imagine if these people treated me fairly? The election would be over. Have they ever called off an election before? Just said, "Look, lets go, go on, four more years.", and later joked about serving a 3rd and 4th term.

After FDR was elected to a 4th term, Republicans, afraid of lifelong dictators, passed the 22nd Amendment. Now, one of their wants to become the very thing they worried about.

Trump swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, yet he constantly shows that he either has no clue how it works, or knows but doesn't care. He is constantly trying to rule by fiat. He sees himself as dictator, not president. We should all be greatly worried.

Two Prophets Of Revelation

Adam, Even, Noah, Job, etc. didn't know he would be born of a virgin, or from the tribe of Judah, or from David, as there was no Judah, David, or Isaiah to prophesy yet.

As I said, there are people who follow God's laws and looking forward to his promise, even if they don't actually know it yet.

Two Prophets Of Revelation

Islam uses similar reasoning to claim that Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, etc. were all Muslims.

Netflix The Family

You wrote: There was a mixed multitude of non-Jews at Mt. Sinai.

Really? Who, exactly? (and if you're quibbling that "Israel" and "Jews" are not the same, a distinction Jesus himself does not make, then merely replace my use of the words "Jews" with "Israel", and the issue remains).

Are you in Christ? Then you are a spiritual Jew.

Yes, but unlike the Jews, WE are not under the Law.

Keeping Of Sunday

You wrote: I never mentioned worship in this blog - either in the blog question or in my responses.

Not in this blog, but you do so in other blogs on this subject.

I would like for you to acknowledge that the KEEPING of the Sabbath is commanded by God and the KEEPING of Sunday is a man-made counterfeit. We can argue keeping vs. worship later.

1) What, exactly, does "keeping" mean?

Did God command you to condemn others about how they observe the Sabbath or not? I don't know any scripture that tells you to do so. Yet Paul SPECIFICALLY tells you NOT do. So why do you disobey him?

Two Prophets Of Revelation

Righteous people before Noah (e.g. Enoch) didn't know Jesus.
Righteous people before Moses (e.g. Abraham) didn't know Jesus.
Righteous people before Jesus didn't know Jesus.
Righteous gentiles didn't know Jesus.

Does that mean they're all rotting in hell because of it? No. They had God's law written on their hearts, and at the final judgment, they will recognize Jesus as the one they have been following all along, even though they didn't know him at the time. THESE are the sheep.

Keeping Of Sunday

Funny that you would mention "King of Israel".

In the past few days, Trump has called himself "The Chosen One", and favorably referenced someone else who said that Jews in Israel called him "King of Israel" and "The Second Coming of God" (something that Jews in Israel strongly denied).

Since one of the telltale signs of the Antichrist is that he would exalt himself, claiming to be God (and part of Satan's fall was claiming equality with God), I was fully expecting Evangelicals and other Christians to cry out in outrage over this, yet all I am hearing is crickets. That, plus his outrage that Denmark wouldn't sell him Greenland. When will people wake up and smell the insanity?

Two Prophets Of Revelation

God has had seveal different dispensations, each with different rules.

Before the Fall, innocence.
Before the Flood, men were vegetarians.
After Noah, meat was permitted.
With Abraham, the Abrahamic Promise.
With Jacob, the covenant with Israel.
Under Moses, the Law.
Under John the Baptist, the teaching of repentance.
Under Jesus, the Gospel of the Kingdom.
After Pentecost, Christianity.

Matthew 25:31-33 says the Son of Man will come in glory, separating the nations AS sheep and goats. Obviously they're not ACTUAL sheep and goat, but this is obviously a prophecy (and not merely a parable) by the way it's worded.

Keeping Of Sunday

God wrote "REMEMBER THE SABBATH TO KEEP IT HOLY" - but that is NOT what YOU are asking. YOU keep asking about WORSHIP.

He did *NOT* write "THOU SHALT WORSHIP ON THE SABBATH, AND ON THE SABBATH ALONE", which seems to be what you are altering his words into.

I keep asking you, as you ask here, what scriptures REQUIRE worship on the Sabbath, and what scriptures FORBID worship on other days. You NEVER answer this - for one good reason. You know very well there are no such scriptures.

The Bible does NOT say Jesus worshiped on the Sabbath. It said he TAUGHT on the Sabbath. The synagogue is a place of TEACHING. The Jewish word for it means "school". I never said "not keep".

Two Prophets Of Revelation

The religion we know as "Christianity" didn't start until after Pentecost, and the Jewish leaders at the time called it the "cult of the Nazarene".

Again, any Christians who know their bible would KNOW Matthew 25, and would not need to ask the question. They would ALREADY KNOW that what they do unto others they are doing to Jesus. Since it's a concept taught throughout scriptures (as you just said), Christians should KNOW this lesson, and know it well.

So why would they ask the question? Only if they DIDN'T KNOW. So WHY didn't they know?

Keeping Of Sunday

I had already given that answer several times, and so had several others, so I'm curious why you kept saying that nobody had answered it.

The question remains: WHY is this SO important to you? And WHY is is so important to ANYONE?

NO scripture COMMANDS worship on the Sabbath, and NO scripture FORBIDS worship on other days. Why do you get so upset when others go to church on Sunday (or Wednesday, or any other day for that matter)? This is something you have never properly explained. You keep avoiding this very obvious and very relevant question.

Two Prophets Of Revelation

When Jesus said "I was hungry and you fed me", etc. sheep ask "When did we do that?". Why would they ask this? Christians would ALREADY know the answer! I asked others how that's possible several times, but nobody ever gave a satisfactory answer.

Another possibility is that there are people who have God's law written on their hearts, and who follow it, despite never actually having heard of Jesus? When they meet Jesus at the final judgment, they will say "It was you all along!".

Also, since Christians say they are the only true way to be saved, wouldn't that make Christianity a cult by your own definition? EVERY religion is new at some point.

I read Martin's KotC years ago.

Keeping Of Sunday

You wrote: Here is the blog question again:
Can anyone show me the scripture that commands the keeping of Sunday in honor of Christ's resurrection?

And here is the answer again: No, nobody can show such a scripture, because there isn't one.

Asked asked and answered.

Two Prophets Of Revelation

The line between cults and heresies is fuzzy. The contains no definition of "cult".

The Arian heresy said Jesus was more than man, but less than God. This is what Jehovah's Witnesses teach. Some statements of Jesus put him on the same level as God, but some put him on a lower level, so saying the Bible teaches one and not the other is incorrect - it teaches BOTH.

The Bible is also somewhat ambiguous about universalism - some scriptures say we are only saved through faith in Jesus. Others suggest even some who don't know Jesus yet do his will anyway (e.g. Matthew 25 sheep) will have a higher place in heaven than believers who don't.

Catholics have a supreme leader (i.e. the Pope).

Keeping Of Sunday

You wrote: Genesis 2:2,3 ...

One thing conspicuous here by its absence is "Worship". It is about rest, NOT worship. "Sanctify" means "Make holy", and "holy" means "separate". The Sabbath is different form all other days, in that it is a day of rest, not work.

Mark 2:27 And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath:

Exactly. The Sabbath was God's gift of rest to man, so that man wouldn't slavishly toil day in, day out. It's not a day to slavishly follow a bunch of commands.

Acts 13:44

Again, note the total absence of Worship here. It is about preaching, NOT worship.

Netflix The Family

No, you don't understand me correctly. There IS a universal, absolute truth, but we see through a glass darkly, so we all percieve that truth differently.

God spoke the Ten Commandments TO THE JEWS. *WE* are not Jews. 10C were not given to *US*. If God had wanted to give them to the whole world, he would have done so. He did not.

Paul was an actual scholar of Jewish law, and personally called by Jesus. You and I are not. I trust HIS interpretations of what parts of the Law Christians are required to follow better than yours. I've told you two teachings of his on the Sabbath, but you always explain them away as they inconveniently conflict with your personal beliefs. You trust your own church over Paul.

Two Prophets Of Revelation

The line between difference of opinion and heresy is fairly vague, and different people put it in different places. Thus, what some people call denominations, other people call cults. There are some people who believe that only their interpretation of Christianity is correct, and call almost all Christian denominations heretics.

Keeping Of Sunday

People HAVE answered the blog question, many times. You just refuse to listen. Or did you disingenously ask the question, not to get an answer, but to prove to everyone else that there isn't one?

kathr4453 wrote: no one commands any keeping of Sunday either.
JS1234 wrote: There are no commands in the New Testament to keep any particular day.

Now that this question has been answered, the question remains: WHY are you SO OBSESSED with this? I have asked you that before, several times, but you have never answered it.

Refuted my points how? You have NEVER shown a scripture that COMMANDS worship on the Sabbath, and you have NEVER shown a scripture FORBIDDING worship on other days.

Two Prophets Of Revelation

Yes, God can do anything he wants. However, God mostly stays out of the picture, and lets us do our own thing. He doesn't will that anyone should perish, yet people still perish. There is much death and disease and suffering in the world. Wars constantly happen, resulting in the deaths of millions. There are three possibilities:

1) God wants that to happen (which means God is an evil sadist), or
2) God doesn't care one way or other (which makes him indifferent, not a loving parent), or
2) God doesn't want it to happen, but chooses not to intervene, because that would interfere with man's free will (until he finally gets sick of it all and does so, resulting in cataclysms like the Flood and Armageddon).

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