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Can I Marry My Ex-Son-In-Law
so how does that work out with children if any involved ? if the ex husband marries the ex mother in law ? does nan become step mum and mum become step sister ? shouldnt be allowed

Christian To Marry A Catholic
Honestly... we are all God's children. We can be Catholics or Christians. As long as we all believe in God, what's the problem? Sure there may be some differences between each, but that doesent mean we have to be divided for that issue. I'm a Catholic man married to a Christian. We have no problems and why? Because we believe in Jesus Christ. Sure i believe strongly in the Virgin Mary and the Pope and she doesent but were not going to argue because of that. We both beleive in God and we should not be able to not love each other because of minor differences. God wants us to be able to love one another. There may be some of you that dont agree with me but its your opinions. I love my wife and i will never let her go because of a small difference.

Am I A True Prophet
Anyone who asks on a blog if he is a prophet not only is not one but needs to seek help. True warriors of God don't need to ask. YOu want an example of a TRUE warrior of God?

By the time i was 21 I had suffered severe depression, anxiety, and more. I was taken off medication because what I had was inside. i saw true evil, demons, many believe i was possesed. but here i am. i fought out of all this myself without help now i work in my film career to be famous soon NOT for fame but for power to change the world. i don't care about recognition or what others think. i will do it simple because it's the right think to do

Who is TD Jakes?
I have listened to T.D. Jakes preach on VCD & audio cassettes His masseges are motivational, challenging & revealing the domant champion in us.He also points on holiness & LOVE for fellow beings.

I Want Some Penpal Friends
My name is martin Luther.My age is 33. I am married with one daughter. My hobbies are bible reading,doing social service.I am doing as a manager in a christian high school.I am living in andhra pradesh ,india. Thanking you very much,
k.martin luther.

I Can't Forgive Myself
Bible Says, Whats Impossible for man is Possible with God. It's probably a good thing that you can't forgive yourself or else you wouldn't need God. He is more than able. We aren't. Just rely On his forgiveness and Love. Not Your own. GBU Martin

Can I Marry A Non-Christian
Ellie, WHAT MUST YOU DO? Pray first and seek Gods answer not man's. Who knows you might be like esther. God might be putting you in a place (for such a time as this). You might be the changing force for this guy. If you want to be really bold, Convert him first then marry him. LOL. I bet if he sees the spirit of Jesus in You he can't help but fall even more in love with you. Pray and let God do his mighty work in your life. He gives good gifts you know. Your brother in christ Martin

When Does God Answer Prayers
How can you not tell that God has answered. He is always faithful. Always loving. Always with you. His word Says that We are to Prosper. In All Things! Praise God. He speaks and the world obeys. That still, small, Voice is saying Yes. Do we Say yes? And Amen. Martin

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