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Teenage Boys Not Remembering
Yes it's hard to break habits you've been taught from birth. It's hard to learn habits you haven't or live in an area where this is not said.

Saying yes Mrs or Mr so and so my grown children still say to those their senior. That's what they were taught from birth.

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
So we conclude John Rogers is not an imaginary person one has imaginary conversations with. Let's stay on subject here. No one is talking about rape etc either. YIKES the lengths people go to to avoid apologizing for making false accusations.

If John Rogers says it's a reminder of slavery, the law being voted down, then that's that. I'll take his word for it.

Are Democrats Traitors
Nicole thinks any Democrat who is black is on the plantation. Northern Blacks were never on a plantation. Do Northern Black Dems say this to Northern Black Republicans? Or is this just a southern BLACK thing? I don't put much into geographical issues. It's just local prejudice.

Just remember Nicole YOU TOOK A HANDOUT aka Socialism, for your college education from Republicans as an experiment. If it was because you were black or poor, it was still a handout. You got a leg up many of your black/poor neighbor's and family did not get. That's what makes you a hypocrite. Actually I find many republicans HYPOCRITS taking handouts and government handouts all the while screaming against socialism. It makes my blood boil.

Are Democrats Traitors
Haz27. I simply asked you to reread Nicole's post, showing YOU took her words and twisted in YOUR hate. I'm 70 and have lived all over this country and learned firsthand who and what and where many of these issues began, what is geographical and what is LEARNED hatred. My parents were extreme opposites politically and that the parent who was EXTREMELY racist was republican and had always been republican. Because I lived with two extremes, I was not brainwashed by either, but gave me the opportunity of growing up forming my own opinions.

You continually reject the FACT that the DIXIECRATS were actually Southern Republicans and totally different than Northern Democrats who moved over to the Republican Party.

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
I think the real issue here is Nicole in total SHOCK that a Democrat in her state IS NOT RACIST as his own words prove that point. I'll bet if it were up to Jeff Sessions or the likes that law would have passed. Just more PROOF Democrats are NOT RACIST and see the history of racism with the maam and sir thingy. But that critical thinking again may be way over Nicole's head.

One first needs to research WHY this is strictly a SOUTHERN thing where only in the SOUTH there was slavery. Why was it never said in the North? That should be a red flag right there.

And no one was talking about todays trafficking, your slave owning ancestors and child abuse. Slavery was abuse and i'm sure even slave children were abused.

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
It was several southern states wanted to make it a law in school to say yes ma'am yes sir. Louisiana, Alabama MS for starters. Not just Louisiana but all the southern states voted it down. REP John Rogers is on record as stating his reasons for voting it down, as I posted his quote.

Nicole's nasty snarky comment was out of line. I want an apology for calling me a liar making up conversations.

Nicole is acting like a bar hag again. Totally unacceptable for a supposed Christian.

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
John W. Rogers Jr. (born December 16, 1940) is an American politician from the state of Alabama. A member of the Democratic Party, Rogers serves in the Alabama House of Representatives, representing the 52nd district.

John Rogers is also anti abortion. He is still in office.
Member of the Alabama House of Representatives
from the 52nd district
Assumed office
Personal details
December 16, 1940 (age 79)
Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.
Political party
Rogers has a bachelor's degree from Tennessee State University, a master's degree from the University of Alabama, and an associate's degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Is Nicole REALLY from Alabama?

Are Democrats Traitors
haz27, Is Nicole saying Dems are racists, OR was she saying Black Dems makes slures at her for being a republican? Certainly white republicans don't have an issue with her walking off the plantation. Or do they? Trumps total issue with Obama and blacks. So she is saying BLACK Democrats are mad because she walked off the plantation in the first place. Which is absolutely MORONIC. Nicole loves playing the victim. It's a black on black thingy. No Black Democrats or Republicans have ever accused Stacey Abrams of walking off any plantation. And seeing Obama as President seems to show no blacks are on any plantation.

Please pay attention Haz27, and stop twisting others words to promote your hate.

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
NICOLE REP ROGERS remembers differently than you. Argue with him. You always have to take a stubborn approach ...WHY? White kids were NEVER given 40 lashes. YIKES!

QUOTE the yes, maam proposal brought back uncomfortable reminders of slavery and Jim Crow days.

If you didnt say yes, sir or no, sir, you were going to get 40 lashes, Rogers recalls. Its the wrong message to send to kids at school, especially black kids.
---kat453 on 1/13/20

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
Southern white kids do say maam and sir. It is taught from birth and once instilled don't forget when they are teens. I t lived in Houston, New Orleans and Atlana. But I was born and raised in the North until my Freshman year in HS...moving to the south and hearing this then for the first time. My parents taught us respect for our elders, always calling them by their name like MR AND MRS so and so. Saying northern children do not show respect because they say MR and MRS instead of maam and sir is ignorant and totally wrong. I know for a fact NORTHERN folks do not like being addressed maam and sir. Maybe too because it's a southern thing that came out of the slavery days. It makes sense as this IS a geographical issue, not a moral issue.

Diamond Stones Disappeared
I also believe there is what is called the power of suggestion. Just recall the time when so many said they were abducted by aniens. Is that idea too demon possession needing exorcism? If it was brought on by some false doctrine that may be the case....LYING SIGNS AND WONDERS. Actually the one DOING the lying signs and wonders need to be exorcised, not those who witness these demonic antics. Then all exorcists themselves would be demon possessed.

Yes Satan can and does even show himself to be a shiny angel of righteousness we know is also a LIE. We just need to have discernment to see it for what it is, and reject it standing on the word of God and putting on the WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD.

Are Democrats Traitors
Haz27 has been shown that umpteen times here, yet still ignore and repeats the same ol same ol nonsense. Actually it can be somewhat pinpointed when Johnsom signed the civil rights bill into law. Southern Dems made a mass exodus to the Republicam Party. It totally flew in the face of the Jim Crow mentality, George Wallage racism and Strom Thermon white supremacy mania. The Northern Dems, like JFK opposed the Southern Dems RE George Wallace racism etc. so even within the Dems we saw two entirely different politics. The racist Southern Dems called DIXIECRATS became REPUBLICANS. This is OUR history.

Are Democrats Traitors
Jerry you are so off base calling everyone not supporting Trump a leftist. How totally ignorant you are. There are many republicans who don't like Trump. The Lincoln Project are Republicans.

Blindness is so predominant with cultish behavior. And those who follow a man, any man is cultish. Trump was a democrat in the first place. He only switched when he saw he could play the religious card .( all the while he being anything but) exploiting apostate generic WOF capitolism of riches scripture clearly warns against. Just read James Jerry...or are you just another who picks and chooses what to obey and ponder, and what just doesn't suit you. Gods WORD is with us to WARN US of those like TRUMP. 2 Timothy 3:13, 2 Corinthians 6:8.

Diamond Stones Disappeared
Or possibly the beginning signs of a brain tumor. This does not have to be demonic in need of an exorcist. A co worker I knew for many years recently passed from one such brain tumor. She definitely had issues like this. Not all brain tumors do that, but it has much to do with what part of the brain is being affected.

No sarcasm was necessary here.

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
I don't believe they are testing you. If this has not been taught from birth, but something later in life, and not regional, then simply ask the boys what they think and feel about it. I never taught my children the maam and sir thingy, but they ALWAYS showed respect to adults. So it's not disrespectful not saying it. It's actually to many disrespectful saying it, depending on where you live. Maybe their friends tipped them off that it was a slavery thing in the south thingy. Just ask them.

But funny how the owners of these kinds of questions never come back on here to answer our questions.

Seashells On Top Mountains
I find it funny that scientists are so in awe that our planet is so unique, but can't figure out why, and believe there are other life bearing planets out there. So much is right in front of us, just like Romans 1-2 say, but even back then before the flood when it was more jaw dropping (that GOD created this world) ....they didn't believe it then either.

But there are Christian scientists who do believe and do show awesome facts that only God could have created this universe and made this earth a marvelous place as a gift for us to live on and take care of. My problem is Christians who think it's ok to trash this awesome gift of this life giving planet while where all still here.

Are Democrats Traitors
Trump has taken advantage of his supposed popularity while he scoffs at breaking the law and then hiding behind his own hate speech towards the left as some sort of crazy cover .....apples to oranges. He thinks if he can point to the Dems this or that people will forget how corrupt he is. It's not working as more and more RIGHT WING folks are tired of it and are seeing through it. Many who are still supporting are apostate Christians being told Trump was put there by God, and telling them if they are against Trump they are against God. It's really sad. But I've seen this with other issues ignorant Christians find themselves in bondage to like GIVE GOD ALL YOUR MONEY DEPOSITED TO MY CHURCH BANK ACCOUNT. Look at the multitude who do.

Are Democrats Traitors
Going after Bin Laden didn't end when Bush's presidency ended. You're comparing apples to oranges. YIKES. And this is the false scenario FOX is feeding those ignorant citizens so brainwashed to believe anything they are fed. So according to your ignorance, if Kim offends the USA, Trump without any advise or approval can just take him out? NO. And if we are going to play this way, then anyone on their own can take out Trump...and just say it's a continuation from WWII. Unbelievable how ignorant Jerry really is...led by his hate and emotions rather than by LAW. Yep, these guys make this world very dangerous.

THANK GOD FOR OUR CONSTITUTION AND LAWS, that protect us against dictators and the mentally unstable.

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