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Spank 14 Year Old Niece
You should definitely spank her bare bottom while she is over your knee. I would use a wooden backed hair brush on her naughty bare behind until she is crying and kicking her feet and her bum is completely red. Then 30 minutes of corner time with her hand on her head in front of everyone will teach her the lesson she needs.

Wife Is Verbally Abusive
A verse in James says, "The effectual fervent prayer...availeth much." Pray for her. Pray lovingly for her to become more like our Lord Jesus. Consider devoting large blocks of time, walking in a special place, and talking to God about her need for Gal. 5:22 to fill her life. Love her with God's love intertwined with your love (Rom 5:5) and remember Luke 1:37, "Nothing is impossible with God." A soft answer turns away wrath. Tell her how wonderful she is in the things that she is wonderful at doing. For your own encouragement, get a copy of the book Hind's Feet on High Places. After you have read it, gift it to your wife. Expect God's miracle in 2011!

Can I Commit Adultry
God cares. When lonely, we need the Comforter. When I hurt, I find solace in walking and pouring my heart out to God. I pour out pain, God pours in grace, peace, hope. My friend, a relationship can lead to hurt and regret. There is a Special Man who says, "Come unto me all you who labor..I will give you rest." Bring your hurts to Jesus and draw on His grace. Father, we pray for sister's husband and for her feelings of being alone. O LORD, let your healing flow through husband's body, make him whole. O LORD, bless sister with Your grace. Surround her with ones in Christ to hold her hands and walk with her, every step of the way. Be glorified in her life and in the life of her husband, we pray in Jesus Holy Name. Amen.

Can A Woman Be A Pastor
I think it is wonderful to see women preach and teach. If we get everyone involved in preaching and teaching and evangelizing, we might hasten the return of Jesus Christ (Matt 24:14). Sincerely, Roger

Is The Catholic Rosary Biblical
the scripture is clear here about repetitive praying. God is not deft.our will should always be to see Gods will done in all our prayers. remember he wants us to pray but not a broken record. Seek Gods will.......

Head Verus Heart Knowledge
i am working on a lesson for my 13 yr. old niece who ask me the same question. Judas (Mt.26:14-16) is the best example of head knowledge i can find. He knew Jesus was a real man but didn't believe HE was GOD in the flesh. Now on the other hand there is the thief on the cross (Lk.23:39-41) who made a confession from the heart, a part of use that believes to the death. i believe there is nothing that could separate use from what we truly believe in own heart.

Who is Jessie Duplantis?
He is the real deal. He has helped me get passed some real hard times in my life and I love him for it.

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