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Keeping Of Sunday
Mark 2:27 The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath."

Do not confuse the method with the message. The Jews have their worship on Saturday, which is fine, Protestants have their Day of Worship on Sunday, which is also fine. The method is you can worship God anytime you want. The message is to Worship God. To say it has to be a certain day is legalistic. It was practical to have Sunday worship in the early church because most of the new converts were Jewish and did not want to be in competition with the Jewish worship. (Many of the new coverts had family & friends who were Jewish & the new coverts would have causes more damage than good by having their day of Worship on Saturday.

Explain Matthew 28:20
The name, "Christian" means, "Little Christ". Christ is in us through the presence of the Holy Spirit, IF you are a Christian. This means He is always with us. (The operative word is "In" He is not some ghost floating around somewhere

Baptize Our Babies
CLUNY: Based on the way you asked your question, you don't really want an answer, you just want to argue. Since that's not my purpose, I'll give you a very simple reply, "Study your Bible"! (In the process, read John 3:16 in depth.)

Denominational Church Missing
ROBERT: You are correct to state that only a King James Bible with a black cover should be used is in error - it just goes to show you how far away some churches have been deterred from was is important. Using the Bible as an example is just one situation I've seen - I could almost write book on what I've witnessed in my 81 years of how the 'church' has drifted away from what God intended.

Denominational Church Missing
One of the reasons we don't do as Christ instructed the "church" is we have put up so many misinturpretation we focus on what's not important. For example,as a missionary I've spoken in church's that if you don't use a King James, Black covered Bible, you are committing a sin. Others try to say only a certain day of the week is the valid day of worship, etc. The sad part is in ALL cases they don't know what the Bible really states. Even worse, they get upset if they are shown what the Bible states in these areas and that's keeps them doing what Christ said the 'church' should do. He just wants us to tell others that He is the only means to salvation, disciple them and live as He lived, which is living so that God glorified.

Grace Through Faith
GRACE- God's Riches At Christ Expense, is one way to answer your question. The best way is to read Matthew 5:17: it reads like this Dont assume that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill." If He fulfilled the law then we don't have to even try since Christ did it for us. All we have to do is accept Christ at His word that He fulfilled the Law that we couldn't. To say it's a requirement to at least try and keep the Law is not correct. To state that is stating that what Christ did was not enough for us to have salvation. (Read the Bible book of Galatians - it deals with this matter of law-works as it relates to grace.)

Scriptures Of The Early Church
In the first 100 hundreds of Christianity, there were at least four means used to promoted the gospel. One, the Old Testament, two, Christ Himself, three other people who had experienced salvation through Christ and fourth the letters written by The Apostle and others to the new churches or individuals,(These letters make up the present New Testament.)

Denying Christ Is Only Way
They are looking to glorify themselves, not Christ!

the Bible states that in the last days even the elect will be deceived.

There is only one way to heaven according to the Bible! (John 14:6)

Explain Matthew 23:1-3
Jesus is pointing out that the scribes are not practicing what they preach, but they do have academic knowledge of what they say so He warning His listeners that what they say is accurate, so listen to them.

President Trump
Positive change

I Hate My Husband
There's a saying that states, "I cannot change others, I can only change myself and others will change when I change" So, my question is: what can I change in me that will cause my husband to change. Your question should not be, "Why does God want me to stay in this?" but rather what does God want me to do to to make this marriage better?

Dating A Married Woman
If she cheated on her husband with you, what makes you think she won't cheat on you?

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