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He Takes Away Sin


He Is A Devout Catholic

Why waste your time and energies in some that it's obvious that they are for the defense of a religion that everyone knows (and that by the centuries)- that they are under idolatry - and not only making 'Mary' an idol - but what a spiritual blindness it is . . . even of those who have been responsible and under GOD'S JUDGMENT now and forever into sending multitudes of souls away from salvation for the promoting of this false and pagan religion that can't ever be in unity with THE LORD - for GOD AND HIS PRECEPTS they have trampled upon and keep on doing it - by voluntarily remaining in the darkness - and as from GOD'S WORD ADMONITIONS are: "Leave" and just pray for them!

Explain Hebrews 10:24-25

Enough of your abusive words - if you don't apologize from you insulting words (that as a spiritually blind soul as you are and with not True Love that comes from THE LORD JESUS CHRIST in you - it's your way to come against others that are for THE TRUTH) - you have to know that of what you said - it was not only to come against me, but if my words that I have said here comes from THE LORD (and they do) then . . . THE ONE you have offended is HIM - and in terrible GOD'S JUDGMENT you are now under HIM, and THE LORD will have HIS OWN WAY for you to recognize your evils and hopefully for the sake of your eternal soul: "For wickedness, THE LORD abhors"!

He Takes Away Sin

In Hebrews 10: 5 (the next verse it says) and the answer to 'what takes away sin' is THE LORD SACRIFICE for our sins when HE died for us:

5 "Wherefore when HE cometh into the world, HE said: Sacrifice and offerings THOU would not, but A BODY has THOU prepared ME". - said THE LORD to THE FATHER . . . and:

6. "In burn offerings and sacrifices for sin, THOU has had no pleasure".

7. "Then said I lo: I come (in the volume of The Book it is written of ME) - to do THY WILL, O GOD".

He Is A Devout Catholic
What GOD'S WORD has to say about what has been going on here for a long time and by those that even thou they have heard The Gospel - they keep rejecting it for their own false doctrines that contradict and blaspheme GOD'S WORD and it's foolish to keep on sharing with them -leave them alone!

Proverbs 17: 15, 16, 20 "He that justifies the wicked (under harlotry religions) and he that condemned the just , even they both are an abomination to THE LORD".

"Wherefore is there a price in the hand of a fool to get wisdom, seeing he has not heart to it".?


He that has a forward heart, finds no good, and he that has a perverse tongue, falls into mischief".

Explain Hebrews 10:24-25

The words that I shared about 'Love' - were my own and not coming from GOD'S WORD and my own understanding of what GOD'S LOVE is for others: Of course I do agree that when we have THE LORD in our hearts, we are going to be blessing others by those good deeds that you mention from The Scriptures - but first of all and above everything else is to bring the souls to Eternal salvation, because what would be the use, if we were doing good deeds to others and leaving them in spiritual darkness by not sharing THE ONLY WAY OF SALVATION that is through our LORD JESUS CHRIST?

He Is A Devout Catholic

Grasp your own words in this site and put them away for a true repentance and commitment unto THE LORD and HIS TRUE GOSPEL OF SALVATION -as THE LORD desires for you to become free from false doctrines that are separating you from THE LORD and for the salvation of your soul: Just go directly to THE LORD and ask HIM from a sincere heart to save you and deliver you from those things that HE doesn't approve of and that you keep on promoting even thou you say you are not a RC - you aren't the only one that have been under spiritual error - and the only thing that THE LORD expects of you is repentance and in that believing and applying HIS TRUE WORD into your life!

Husband Wife In Heaven

Do you read GOD'S WORD and if you are a Christian Believer - do you accept what THE LORD says in The Bible? - that in Heaven there's no more marriages - but HIS People are going to be like the angels - things related to the flesh will be forever gone, and everyone there will be totally free from those things pertaining our under that human living in this earth, and if we have the true understanding of that, in GOD'S SPIRIT we'll be seeing each other and under HIS MOST AND SUBLIME AGAPE LOVE in unity we all be - everyone here that in this earth received salvation through our LORD JESUS CHRIST - this is our hope for that total and eternal peace and freedom . . GOD'S BLESSINGS to you!

Explain Hebrews 10:24-25
Exhort doesn't mean judging, it means leading others into finding THE TRUTH and away from their errors - just as THE LORD exhorts us through HIS WORD and HIS OWN ADMONITIONS into a committed Christian Life . . . if we really are HIS OWN: Why do you think that Christians attend Church - if not to keep on learning and growing in spiritual maturity and wisdom?

Explain Hebrews 10:24-25
Hebrews 10: 25

"Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some, but exhorting one another and so much the more, as you see the day approaching".

In this THE LORD again it's admonishing us, that HIS CHURCH/The Body of CHRIST - those who have been redeemed by HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD and by the indwelling of GOD'S SPIRIT within their spiritual hearts - should pray, comfort and if the need be - to exhort each other away from errors for spiritual growth and maturity into greater commitment and faithfulness unto what THE LORD'S WORDS remind HIS OWN: "Be faithful unto the end" and "If you love ME, keep my Commandments". . . Amen!

He Is A Devout Catholic

You keep on using your own erroneous ways to challenge GOD'S WORD and the most serious thing about - not only coming against others that are sharing IT, but against THE LORD HIMSELF from WHOM GOD'S WORD INSPIRATION comes - you are in a very dangerous spiritual ground: Put away your religion that won't do anything to you into becoming saved - call upon THE LORD (while still time) - repent from your sins and be saved - for anyone that keeps on rebelling against THE TRUTH that is only in THE LORD and by THE LORD - he'll be separated from HIM eternally, you cannot keep on twisting or changing THE TRUTH without receiving GOD'S JUDGMENT - rebuke the deceit that is in you - for divided you cannot be before THE LORD!

What Are Lords Commandments
Samuel - Amen for what you testified: THE LORD JESUS IS GOD and HE gave The Law and by HIS WORD - not better explanation about IT, so let's remain under GOD'S LEADING and no one else's!

Matthew 5: 17, 18, 19 "Think not that I come to destroy The Law, or the Prophets, I'M not come to destroy, but to fulfill".

"For verily, I say unto you: Until heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle, shall in not way pass from The Law, until all be fulfilled".

"Whosoever shall break one of these least Commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in The Kingdom of Heaven, but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in The Kingdom of Heaven". . . Selah!

He Is A Devout Catholic
Nice of you that you mentioned the other verses in respect from GOD'S WORD - and especially for us to retain IT and apply IT in our hearts - for in that - it means that THE LORD through HIS SPIRIT has given us the conviction of the True Belief and dependence of THE ONLY WAY OF SALVATION that is only through THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and for us to live and strive of what HE said: "If you love ME, keep MY COMMANDMENTS". - Amen!

Explain Hebrews 10:24-25
Hebrews 10:24,25: "And let us consider one another, to provoke unto love and good works".

"Not forsaking the assemblies of ourselves together, as the manner of some is, but exhorting one another, and so much, the more, as you see the day approaching". . . . and what would it be the understanding if truly applied from THE LORD'S ADMONITIONS into our spiritual hearts through HIS SPIRIT?

Love: Bring and inspire the souls to repentance by sharing THE GOSPEL OF SALVATION through our LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Good works: As GOD'S SPIRIT leads - every Born Again Christian - will be striving toward obedience before THE LORD and then, good works will show in our daily living - a life committed to THE LORD!

He Is A Devout Catholic
Warnings that comes directly from GOD'S WORD and to those who so defiantly have been coming against IT and by their own confessions and under spiritual darkness and slavery they are - by those 'religions' that posses the souls and totally close their spiritual eyes to reject GOD'S TRUTH - read and tremble where you are and where you will if you keep rejecting THE LORD into repentance:

"And I solemnly declare to everyone that reads This Book: If anyone adds anything to what it's written here, GOD shall add to him the plagues described in This And if any substracts any part of These Prophecies, GOD shall take away his share in The Tree of Life and in The Holy City just described". Revelation 22: 18, 19

He Is A Devout Catholic
Those who are here to insult Christians that are sharing and they do it based in GOD'S WORD: My prayer before THE LORD (that HE knows everyone's heart and in HIM there's no deceit hidden) - that'll HE will be giving everyone according as HE only can see truth and falseness within - and for HIS CORRECTION come in accordance to every word that has been spoken here and what's behind it, not just against others but against HIS VERY WORD - that if you read it carefully it will bring great judgment to those who do it: May THE LORD be the JUDGE
now and stop 'the deceiver' behind every false, hypocritical, hatred and accusatory word here and that has been goin on for a long time . . . Selah!

What Are Lords Commandments

It's not worth my replying - but your offensive words are coming back to you and I just expected them as you always come against those whom you 'think' they don't agree with you (even thou they have the reason into doing it)!

Christian Love - your words don't show at all -- you accuse others of hypocrisy - and what about you? - since when I'm not supposed to expose THE TRUTH against those things that are sending the souls to eternal perdition? Would you come against THE LORD when HE admonish us to preach The Gospel of Salvation and to expose those things that are sending the souls to eternal perdition? - just remember this: HE IS THE ONLY PERFECT not any of us - as the Pharisees believed they were - blind/foolish ones!

He Is A Devout Catholic


If you want to defend Cluny - when he constantly is thinking new ways to come against the Evangelical denominations and into the defense of his own erroneous and worse to that, in rebellion doctrine against GOD'S WORD and in that to keep promoting things that are in rebellion against THE LORD?... well, it's your own decision - but I'm not ready to believe what he mentions about the cloth praying - it's just an excuse for him to make others believe that some form of idolatry of another, it's alright - because is not! - and he doesn't want to recognize that he is under serious spiritual error before THE LORD: My question would be: Why did he leave a Christian denomination for the one that he is and that THE LORD doesn't approve?

He Is A Devout Catholic

False sayings about The Baptist Church - for that's where I (and by THE LORD'S GRACE that forever I'll be grateful) learned about THE LORD and THE TRUTH that comes from THE BIBLE - and if one thing that I learned there - what THE LORD sees as abominable and reproves - it's idolatry: It'll be interesting to hear why did you leave an Evangelical Christian denomination for one that in which they have added the things that GOD'S admonishes against and that of praying to 'the saints' for intercession and other things that bring judgment upon the souls?

What Are Lords Commandments

"And the greatest is Love" - and why you don't show it? . . . for constantly you are offending others as with your words to David where you wrote that GOD'S LAWS cannot be in an unsaved heart and in reference to him: if David is talking about keeping The Law is because his heart is for THE LORD and not as you twist his own beliefs about keeping THE COMMANDMENTS - didn't THE LORD say it: "If you love ME, keep MY COMMANDMENTS"? - there's no excuse of your offensive words for him, just because you don't agree in one thing: "If we don't have LOVE (yes, CHRIST'S LOVE) all of our words and works are in vain- and our preaching would be worthless and shameful!

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