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Stop Arresting Criminals
David, no one here but Melody agrees with your version of Grace. Although I believe in free will, I believe even Calvinist's believe we are saved by Grace through Faith, it is a Gift of God, NOT OF WORKS lest any man should boast.


I Know you hate this definition of Grace. You HATE the doctrine of the CROSS, and it appears Melody does as well.

You are disagreeing with GOD not me.

The Second resurrection you both plan to attend,???? THE CHURCH will be a witness against you. You have TRAMPLED the Spirit of GRACE...Hebrews 10.

I warn you both IN LOVE....

Stop Arresting Criminals
We just reject your version of Grace for the one Jesus taught.
---David on 4/15/19

David, other than Melody supporting your False Gospel...her showing how two faced she is stating on other threads we are redeemed by His Blood, redeemed is a ONCE and for all PURCHASE ....not some monthly coupon club and then MAYBE in the end, if we've kept the law, will be given eternal life. ...there is no WE.

God has more compassion on you David because you don't know better. melody however will be judged more harshly, as scripture states to those who know the truth but compromise the truth in favor of WHAT MELODY? Because he likes you? And you like him?

Where I Was Saved
David you also seem to be throwing out chum...going on some fishing expedition by making up things that happened to others and trying to apply to me. So and so did this or that..bla bla bla. Not once did I ever say I was saved at a Billy Graham Crusade. Your overactive imagination is humorous.

Many think they are saved by keeping the law....wrong too.

David just accept the fact that YOU are not the Holy Grail of absolute TRUTH, and no one needs to go through YOUR INSPECTION to see if they are saved.


Stop Arresting Criminals
And DONT FORGET, only by the Holy Spirit can we say JESUS IS LORD....AKA LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. 1 Corinthians 12:3

The end of Revelation is addressing those who will enter the 1000 year reign. The CHURCH ENTERS through Jesus Christ..His Bride, BODY.

Now we also see in Matthew conditions as well to cutting off hands and poking out eyes if they offend. Matthew 18:9

The NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST who is created in righteousness and Holiness will not need to cut or poke.

But if you all want to say this is YOUR David also does....then YOU WILL HAVE TO DO SOMETHING to save yourself.

He Takes Away Sin
Melody, now that we all you can be generous to those who speak half truths, you can show that same generosity to Monk and Cluny. After all they do believe Jesus is God unlike David. I find that far more important that quibbling about the law . Christians who have the indwelling Holy SPIRIT with CHRIST IN US IS A NO BRAINER THAT WE DON'T BREAK THE RIGHTEOUS LAWS OF GOD as Romans 6-8 have stated, that David rejects.

Baptism Gone Wrong
Maggie,Are you new to this church? Had no Idea how they baptized? And your son was not a part of the Baptismal disscussion? Was it on his own confession of faith, or is this a CULT where water baptism naked is your belief of salvation? And what about others being baptized before your son? NONE? or just no naked baptisms? How and WHY was it exactly your son was kept in the dark, not only by his own parents but by the pastor? Did the Pastor say not to tell him? I would think a 16 year old would be included in the discussion prior, not only explaining the meaning of baptism, but what was expected of him. To be kept in the dark SHOWS IT WAS wrong. If you all believe there is nothing wrong with it....why the secrecy?Ephesians 5:12 and JUDE 4*

What Are Lords Commandments
David, please expound and give us all your actions of how you hate your mother and father and children and brothers and sisters, Grandpatents etc.

Do you obey this HATE. It's easy to pull up verses, harder to PROVE you obey them. Tell us all exactly how you obey them. Do you spit on your family, starve them do you show your hatred for them.

We all need to learn from you how we too can obey and hate everyone since you've exalted yourself as being so much better that anyone else in your perfect obedience. And how do you know it's not your SINFUL FLESH doing the hating which would take no effort at all.

If you can't give examples of your hate....then you are a phony Bologna who is just all talk.

What Are Lords Commandments
Mike, I so glad you know the law can never earn salvation. This is what I have been going round and round about with David. Maybe you haven't been keeping up with the conversation.

We are saved by Grace through faith, it is a gift from God, NOT OF WORKS, lest any man should boast.

This is what David has a problem with.

What Are Lords Commandments
And finally David, THIS PLACE, above In Christ in heavenly places IN CHRIST is where the butterfly lives, the NEW CREATURE that morfed from that earthly caterpillar who once lived under the earthly elements of this world the law.

That total transformation comes ONLY through being crucified with Christ, and raised up,a NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST, Romans 6, being conformed to HIS IMAGE through the struggles and fellowship of HIS SUFFERINGS...Phil 3 ascending and overcoming tnrough powers and principalities of the evil one to grasp hold of the victorious life IN CHRIST, Ephesians 1, can only be realized THROUGH FAITH IN HIS PROMISES, 2 Peter 1.

That's the real butterfly David...all right in scripture.

What Are Lords Commandments
Hebrews 5:14 But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

Our SENSES...WHICH IS OUR emotions as well as our ability to learning what is of God and what Satan can so masterfully imitate..IS A PAINFUL PROCESS.

Strong meat is the word of God..... NOT Baby talk, milk, mush mush etc as the opposite, showing they have not been EXERCISED YET.

Paul was given a thorn in the flesh too after being and shown things in Paradise, to keep him humble, and it lasted his whole life. God revealed the Gospel according to the MYSTERY to Paul at that time. It wasn't just some joy ride to brag about.

Finish It Here February 2019
Conclusion... I wouldn't trade what I have for some experience of being made to think I was taken to paradise. No one can prove such a thing....Paul never detailed his experience there, so David can't PROVE he went there. Being struck down, ..again, strange experiences, not the norm. Things Satan can imitate. Did David see GOD the Father in Paradise? ...he never claimed he did. Did God show him things unlawful to utter? Was he in the body or out of the body? Even Paul said he didn't know for sure. But that experience Paul had with The Lord, as John in Revelation too had one, is not something we all are SUPPOSED TO HAVE, and if we don't , being told we are not saved. SERIOUSLY?

So please address David on your concerns.

Finish It Here February 2019
God and I see you ......
---David on 3/3/19

Here's the tell tale sign of something I can't even begin to express......

Does David think He is one of the Trinity? It would appear so, since no one , not even Paul made such claims to judge the heart soul and personal relationship of another.

This says it all as far as I'm concerned.....full of PRIDE! ARROGANCE! judging another man's servant...SIN, as Paul forbade such judgement. Yet David says he's sinless. He picks and chooses what he wants to be sin or not. measuring people using himself the yardstick.

Excuse me while I go gag myself David.

Finish It Here February 2019
David, i believe you are more than a hair away from the truth. The form of doctrine we obey from the heart is the doctrine of the CROSS. Galatians 2:20-21, the central most of the doctrine of the cross. Philippians 3 Colossians 2-3, Romans 6-8....just to name a few.

I also believe I am complete in Him.

Finish It Here February 2019
And sadly, even showing the same scripture OVER AND OVER has no effect on those who can't think and read for themselves. Scripture also,says those who walked with you and walked away WERE NOT SAVED TO BEGIN WITH. It does not say they lost their salvation. You cannot lose what you never owned.

And scripture deals with sin after you are saved ONLY ONE WAY.....ROMANS 6-8. But even showing that again and again does not register to the UNSAVED. It can't register to the UNSAVED, because you have to be saved FIRST before those scriptures become REAL and EVIDENT. And the evidence of those truths cause YOU to proclaim this truth as well. Where is YOUR PROCLAMATION ?????? I see none.

Finish It Here February 2019
Acts 26:18 to open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.

David, this is also one of my favorite verses, as I remember the day the Lord showed me this. THE JUSTIFIED AKA THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH. It's been that way from the very beginning. See Hebrews 11.

This is what I BELIEVE David.

Grace Through Faith

And you can keep on giving The Scriptures your own meaning but to no avail! -
---Melody on 1/28/19

Exactly what David keeps saying to those he disagrees with....hummm

I believe Melody and David are the same person.

Grace Through Faith
What verse says the grace of God saved Noah and his family? Who is making up verses not in scripture? What do we call those who make up religions and beliefs based on rewriting and defining scripture.

Hebrews 11:7 say no such thing. No OT says the Grace of God saved Noah. Just as Rehab and family were SAVED, also stated in Hebrews and James and Joshua show her faith in God saved her and her family.

Please REREAD Hebrews 11:6.

Why Confess Your Sins
Cluny, I'll do whatever it takes to get you to read my posts. I do it solely to get under your skin though. I also see you help break up the silliness some here post. I think I'll implement this tactic more often when I get snagged by some here in rediculous conversations having nothing to do with scripture. I'll just post some misspelled words, and WALLA....Cluny comes to the rescue changing the subject.. BRILLIANT.

Have a Nice Day Cluny.

Do Beliefs Equal Salvation
David, you are not making any sense with your posts. You jump from here to there contradicting yourself over and over. First you WISH your experience on another as what ??. A Warning? What are you warning about.....not to fear death? Our Born Again experience is enough to confirm that, as every believer has experienced without claiming they were carried off to paradise. Yet you don't believe in OSAS. So much for your experience if you lose your salvation and one day WILL face a horrible death.
Then you say paradise is death, then say it's the presence of the Lord. The Lord is NOT DEAD. The unsaved are NOT in the presence of the Lord in the first place. Paradise aka the 3rd heaven is a part of HEAVEN where the unsaved do not go.

Where Did Jesus Come From
There really isnt any evidence to show an absolute truth on this topic. So anything we say is subjective, which keeps a conversation from becoming an argument.
---David on 12/12/18

David, there are many scriptures to show evidence of truth on this topic. Not that one wants an argument, but only to allow the Word of God to keep one on the correct course of truth. Study to,show yourself approved rightly dividing the Word of Truth David. All truth has supporting scriptures in 2-3's. Scripture teaches scripture as the Holy Spirit our teacher will show to those who earnestly want the truth without prejudice , willing to have a teachable spirit , believing BY FAITH all the Lord reveals to a sincere heart.

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