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Western Eastern Religions
Kathyr Strong Ax Both good points.

I just watched a History series named the Gilded age. When business and the Robber barons ran the Government. At times workers were murdered to help keep the super rich wealthy.

The Government working for the good of all is not Socialism. It is the job to work for all. Not just the rich. Which is the way it is starting to happen again. Like in the Gilded age.

Trump likes the words of Scrooge. Let them die and decrease the surplus population.

Where I Was Saved
Jesus died for me on a hill on good Friday.

I was saved in a trailer at college when I got down on my knees and asked Jesus into my heart. 45 years ago.

How To Speak In Tongues
I have read the Bible, The Koran and the Book of Mormon. Along with Doctrine and Covenants.

Only the Bible leads to the truth. Only Jesus saves.

Stop Arresting Criminals
Strong Ax you are starting to sound like a Seventh day Adventist. Which I am happy to be one.

There are many moral laws in the Bible. The Ten are their basis. They are to be followed for love leads to doing right.

But we are no longer in the country of Israel and we are in the New Covenant. So yes there are laws to be kept. But not all of the Old Testament is part of the New Covenant.

GOD bless and keep you and yours.

Jesus Attend Your Church
I am glad they worked fast.

Monk. Jesus went to Church every Saturday. I think he would still do that now. But he could also show up on a Sunday.

But if he say one of those up front begging for a new Jet. The Sermon would be over very fast. Since Jesus would let them know. Caring for the poor does not mean stealing their money.

Church To Be Restored
Not all at once. But when the leaders started working on being rich and lived in sin. The church was falling. But then when the leaders decided they can make what they think greater than the words of GOD. They were truly fallen.

Just like the Pharisees who put their human traditions above the words of GOD. Then they also started murdering those who tried to correct them. All this showed they were not following Jesus.

Western Eastern Religions
True Strong Ax. Good points.

There is Easter or Orthodox Christians. They are no threat to our civilization.

The only real threat is the conspiracy people who seem to be taking over the world with the fake truths. LIke the world is flat and there is not Global Warming.

He Takes Away Sin
I agree Unconfessed sins are unforgiven. Why?

1John 1:9

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

When we hurt other persons. We say we are sorry. So why are we to not apologize to GOD?

Baptism Gone Wrong
Why in the world would you be baptize nude. You can go to a different church. Where we wear our clothes or a robe.

Explain Hebrews 10:24-25
We can and we should be doing all to help and encourage others.

Awhile back I read that many people find it encouraging when people smile and ask how are you? Or just acknowledge they are there. We should all do that and give words of encouragement to others.

He Is A Devout Catholic
I think you should talk to him nicely. Ask him why is he Roman Catholic. Talk, Don't attack but talk and listen.

He Takes Away Sin
The sacrifices were temporary. They were pointing to Jesus the fulfillment which brings salvation.

He Is A Devout Catholic
Many Baptist have various different doctrines.

I would have a problem with this. But It is my daughter who has to make the decision. But while I believe he could be a Christian. I am opposed to his doctrine.

What Are Lords Commandments
This difference is part of different understandings of Scripture. For instance to me the Ten Commandments are part of the laws of Christ.

But those who think they are for Jews only. Call them the laws of Moses.

But it is GOD who gave the laws. So since Jesus is GOD. He gave the ten and others. So they are the laws of Christ. He also repeated some. Matthew 5.

Suffer From Depression
The Bible has many promises of help to us. When I read and listen to those promises they help me when things are bad. They encourage me.

Yes addictions are a personal problem. But it is best to deal with them with help from GOD and others. Fighting by yourself is not good.

Proverbs speak of when two walk together one can help the other.

Easter Sunrise Service Pagan
Many Pagan practices have become Christian.

The practice itself is not bad. But who you are worshiping is the important point.

Our whole world has many Pagan practices handed down to us. What we need to practice is love and kindness to all.

Finish It Here February 2019
I disagree. Justification is not a one time event. That is the doctrine named once saved always saved. From Calvinism where once GOD choose you to be saved. You have no power to choose.

When I was saved Jesus made me righteous that is justification by Grace alone. But he didn't forgive all of my future sins. Each time I sin. I turn to GOD and he justifies me again. Till the day I die this will happen. Also each day Sanctification is going on. As I die to self and live in love the Holy Spirit is changing me.

But those who choose to be lost and live in sin. Will not be saved if they left Jesus and choose to follow the Devil.

Are You Truly Saved
Good points Melody.

Mike a Christian is guided by two main principals. Love God above everything. Two love everyone.

When we fail we seek forgiveness GOD picks us up and dusts us off and helps us. We are children of GOD.

When you love others you will follow Romans 13.

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