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Was Hitler Left Or Right
Haz27 - Your wrong - Fascism is a form of radical right wing, authoritarian - It's far right - research it out ,

God's Grace On Noah
Heavenly lotto in OT - no such thing exist ?

Proverbs 16:33 - The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
Nazism is a form of Fascism : rejects equality and class conflict , which is a part of Marxism , Fascism is right wing

Canada Hate Bill For Speech
Jude 1:7 - Even as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication , and going after strange flesh, are set forth an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

Canada Hate Bill For Speech
2 John 1:10 - If there come any unto you, and not bring this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed.

Luke 6:26 - Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.

The Mueller Report Trump
All together : Twelve Republicans and Democrats - Including , Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelpsi and Chuck Schumer were given the permission to look at 98% of the muller report, NONE Bother to look at it.

Next : Look into If the FBI had permission to investigate George Papadopoulos, was there entrapment, attempt at a money pay off and spying involved,

Look in to payments into the Christopher Steele dossier,By FBI and Democratic national committee ( And why didn't Muller investigated it )

Steele made it clear he didn't want Trump as president,

If this was a attempt at a Soft Coup.

The Mueller Report Trump
Romans 12:2 - And be not conformed to this world: But be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God,

Failed System Of Socialism
Stongeaxe : Numbers of people working two jobs are at 4.9% down from 1990's

How much do you want to pay someone working at WalMart loading shelf's, at entry level Job ? Mangers at some Mc d's - I read can make up to 100.000 a year, Had friends that had start up company's that have done well,

Norway : is a market economy with social programs, a country of 5 million, Health care is paid by the energy sector, also the pension fund, Oil business state own - run by private sector, There rich ! They were doing well before the social programs. People from the scandinavian country's Financailly do better when they move to the U.S - Fun Fact !

Failed System Of Socialism
Strongaxe - Xenophobia : Give me A Break ! No ! It's Pitting one group against another group for Control. The West figure this out a - Long - time ago if you keep breaking down groups ,You end up with the individual, Marxist use groups to Weaponized Compassion with Virtuosi word to get Control ,Because they know most people want to help people, Some believe Blindly in this Ideology, Others just for a Power Grab, Marxist try to blur the line between Socialism and Social Programs,for there own gain. Socialism can only distribute money, Free market makes money, Then up to the people what to do with it !

Failed System Of Socialism
Strongaxe You really need to research out : Democratic Socialist of America, and what there all about, They talk about control of production, they talk about doctors being control by the state,Also look into identity politics, tribalism, It's all over the place right now, , Marxist - Proletariat vs, Bourgeois - Now class against class, not the individual,

Early Church : Your talking about a small group of people with the same morals, Not 400 million people with different views,

Bernie Sanders , Is down to 52% from 70 % - his income 2016 - 1,062,626 $ donated 10,600 $ ( The American dream is easier to reach in Venezuela than the US )

Can people with Low income be greedy ?

Failed System Of Socialism
Were has Socialism ever work ? Norway, Ireland, New Zealand etc, are market economy's with social programs, most heavily tax, Collectivism eventually leads to, death, destruction, coercion, tyranny,

Because a person is very Successful, What gives anyone the right to steal from them, ? Steve Jobs, Jeff bozos started in there garages, Hoarding money ? I though what people like this did is investment and expanding the economy,

The Question should be finding why people are failing . Not just ripping off other people because the mob thinks so ! By confiscation how can there be freedom ?

Strong Axe : More than just rent for the exodus in California and New York, What have both in common, Democrat , Progressive,

Failed System Of Socialism
StrongAxe : Once again during that point in time 50's and 60's the tax code was different, the people in that high margin rate had a lot of loop holes, real estate ,depreciation ,loan expenses, so people end up in the 40% range, that's why the economic picture was probably good , High marginal rates = low productivity growth,

So let's tax the rich more : Look what happen in France in 2016 - mass exodus

New york : Mass exodus has already started, The rich are leaving because of taxes, Gov.Cuomo : Say's this is a real as a heart attack ! 41% of people in the five boroughs say they can't live there any more, Wait till they get the bill for free Health Care !

Failed System Of Socialism
Ok A Hypothetical : We tax the rich a the 70% Leaves the rich with 30 cents on the dollar, I think the number out there on this is 72 billion, Ten years that's 720 billion, what do you want to do with the money ? How about Health care, Universal for all, Price Tag 32.6 Trillion for ten years, Better get ready for a historic tax increase,

What Democratic Socialism is, Voting in Socialism, your voting in a Ideology, I don't have something so I can steal your wallet, It's a redistribution of wealth, And were will that end first the guy with 10 mill now, Then guy with 100,000 and down ward . Social program am all for helping people, But they are way to different things,

Failed System Of Socialism
Rich paying 90% income in the fifty's and sixty's : Now that statement is all over the place these day's AOC is using it, and it is a False Statement ! The tax income was 91% in the 50's , The tax code was different back then, Even though the marginal rates was high , No One , Repeat No One pay 91% The top 1% pay at it highest point payed 42% , about what it is today, Today top rich 20% in the country pay 90% of the federal income tax.

Failed System Of Socialism
Socialism is looking for the Utopian Society :

But it will never happen in this world, and taking , Stealing and to covet people property goes against the Ten Commandments ,

Matthew 26:11 - For ye have always the poor with you, but me ye have not always

The word Inequality is use a lot these day's and needs to be address as best as possible, But it always going to be with us.

Capitalism , there is corruption and unevenness does happen, But people think Socialism going to be any different ?

People looking for equally in income , Who's going to measure it ?

Jesus Attend Your Church
Psalm 33:18 - Behold, the the eye of the Lord is on them who fear him, On those who hope for his mercy.

Where I Was Saved
Romans 3:10 - There is none righteous, no, not one

Romans 3:11 - There is none who understands: There is none who seek after God,

Romans 3:12 - They have all turned aside: They have together become unprofitable, There is none who does good, no, not one,

Western Eastern Religions
Strongaxe : There is a difference between Communism and Socialism, Neither has been fully applied - Thank God - Because one is anti God , Socialism say's there can be religion but promote secularism, who know's were that will lead, What people are toting out there is Socialism, Your using the same type of Language the Left is using for it's agenda, fire dept etc. These are necessary for a society, By the way the money for Social security is gone after the baby boomer, If you say more like Norway or Sweden, Do you want to be tax at 60% ? The Socialist democrat web site use to say in the beginning they don't plan on taking over business , But it does sound like there goal, This is all about a power grab.

Jesus Attend Your Church
1 Corinthians 13:2-4 - And though I have the Gift of prophecy , and understanding all the mysteries and all Knowledge and though I have all the faith, so that i could remove mountains ,but I have not love, I am but nothing , And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love , It profits me nothing,

( The basic concept here is bring the Gospel - You can feed the poor and clothe them and they can still be poor )

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