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Revolutionary Communist Party
Haz27: THANK YOU for doing your own research. People who don't live in the South are surprised to find out as a Black/Hispanic Women I am not suppressed.

And they are shocked to find out that it was the Democrats were the party of Slave Owner and the Republicans was the Party to FREE the Slaves. Esp people who don't live in United States.

An Algerian man told me he was expecting to see separate lines for Blacks and White people when he came to Columbus Mississippi in 1992.

Indian Priest in Alabama after watching the Media for a year he couldn't see the abuse himself in real time. So he had to ask me if I or my brothers were being harassed by the Police?

I told him no and to believe his eyes and not the lying TV.

I Like A 16 Year Old Girl
Kathr, now I know you do NOT have FRIENDS in PR!

Those FEW gas stations in San Juan had large generators.

People had to WAIT HOURS for gas.


Doctors, Nurses and Truck drivers COULDN'T report to work because of the conditions and flooded waters.

But you want me to BELIEVE ALL McDonalds employees REPORTED TO DUTY?

How stupid do you think I am?

You need to think before making ridiculous statements.

If you want me to believe you please tell me something I can SWALLOW.

Even StrongAxe isnt arguing the food stamps issue. Because he has common sense.


Everyone can get food not just thoses on food stamps!

End Of World September 2017
StrongAxe: The flag is NOT THE MILITARY.//

And the Alabama flag doesn't belong to the Alabama National Guard?

The Military doesn't just defend 25 States. It defends all of USA. What other symbol do you think represents the USA? Only the Flag.

How come the Iranians knows this but you don't?

You said they are protesting police brutality. Now it's the whole Government?

As I said, whole Government's Flag is the American Flag!

BTW, they started complaining in 2016 after 8 years of a Black President and 2 Black Attorney Generals.

Kaepernick STARTED it all and said HIMSELF it was because of police brutality due to racial inequality. Wikipedia even quotes him.

Trump WASN'T President in 2016!

Finish It Here HIV Positive
//Nicole, Aservant believes that God inflicts people with horrible sickness and diseases using the LAW of cursing given to earthly Israel alone, stated in Leviticus,

Christians are not under the LAW of cursings.---kathr4453on 1/28/17

I don't think aservant means what you and StrongAxe think.

Since Jesus said He didn't come to abolish the law, but fulfill it seems to be the confusion.

aservant may be looking at David's son (Solomon's brother) death because of his sin.

But I still believe the prayer on my behalf was a typo.

No matter, God understands accepted the prayer and I am grateful

I know I will NOT be held responsible for a singe sin of my father.

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