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How To Protect Family

You wrote: Want does the Holy See states? The opposite.

The Vatican does NOT say "Roman Catholic" is insulting or demeaning.

that's like saying you will NOT call me the N word because it offends me, but I can't tell you what to call other Black people. Since they call each other the N word.

Not the same, as black people, IN GENERAL, take offense at being called that by others. Catholics, IN GENERAL, and the Church IN PARTICULAR, do NOT take offense at being called "Roman Catholic".

That's exactly right. If I have a close black friend, and HE allows me to ask HIM "Hey! Sup, ma n***a?" without offense, it's not your business to take offense on his behalf.

How To Protect Family

No. The Pope rules over ALL Catholics (as you use the term) everywhere, not just in Rome.

As has been pointed out, there are several different "Catholic" churches that may be in communion with the Vatican, but are not under its jurisdiction. How does one refer to them? If one only uses the word "Catholic" alone, the term is ambiguous and confusing.

When I was growing up, everyone in church used the term "Roman Catholic", but I never even heard "Latin Rite Catholic" until many decades later.

(Also, since you expressed objection, I never referred to YOU as Roman Catholic).

Spanking Teenage Boys
It really depends on WHY parents spank their children. If it's to instil discipline, it can be a good thing. If it's to instil fear, or just vent anger, it's a bad thing. For discipline, it's sometimes the only thing young children can understand, but once it becomes possible to reason with the child, there are much better ways (e.g. shaming, denial of privileges) so spanking becomes obsolete.

Jesus With Taxes

The government doesn't do research. It funds research grants to pay private companies to do it.

Check out NPR article on "shrimp on treadmills". The money went to several projects on several different species. They wanted to see how shrimp responded to changes in water quality (i.e. the same water we and everybody else drink), which makes it relevant. The first treadmill was free, and the second cost $1000, so singling this out as "wasted government money" is choking on gnats.

Obama could have stopped if he wish.

And BUSH could have NOT STARTED it if he wished. He WAS president and he HAD veto power. This is why the buck stops in the Oval Office, not in the Capitol.

Famous Quotations Started

Google doesn't measure truth. All it does is index web sites. You should look at many sources and make up your own mind to determine which are credible or not. This is one reason I like Wikipedia, because on of their primary rules is that they are forbidden to source their own information. They are required to only quote information from other sources, which they include in the footnotes - so DON'T trust Wikipedia - just follow the articles they reference.

How To Protect Family

You wrote: From which verse do you read your Sunday observance, particularly when the entire Bible speaks of seventh-day Sabbath observance?

First, what makes you think I observe Sunday? When have I ever said that I did?

Second, the Old Testament frequently commands observing the Sabbath, but I can't recall ANYWHERE in the New Testament where Christians are commanded to observe the Sabbath. Paul himself said we shouldn't allow anyone to argue with us about it, something which you keep ignoring.

My theology is based on what I read in the Bible, not on the peculiaries of any church.

Finish It Here June 2019

You constantly choke on the gnat of Sola Scriptura, but the question is - why? When we look at what the Bible says about how we are to be saved, it always says that we must believe in Jesus, we must trust Jesus, we must obey Jesus. It doesn't say we must believe in the Bible, we must trust the Bible, we must obey the Bible.

Jesus With Taxes

You don't understand how scientific research works? Studying simple things helps us develop tools to study more complicated things. Studying leukemia in mice helps us study leukemia in humans. Studying flight of birds enabled design of the airplane.

And why is NASA useful? Because putting men in space led to communication satellites, GPS, and maybe in the future, colonies on Mars that might save us after our flagrant disregard for nature destroys this planet.

Why criticizing Obama for not fixing a problem Bush created? Why not criticize Bush, who created it in the first place? Because Republicans blame Democrats for everything, never themselves.

Jesus Action Rewards

Matthew 7 is a good example of people doing what they think are good works - giving Jesus gifts he never asked for, and never wanted. It's like when a loving pet brings a live snake in from outside, and puts it on your pillow for you to appreciate. They think they're doing a good thing, but you think otherwise.

I can imagine many from previous centuries (and even some today) at the Final Judgment saying "Lord, we tortured and killed many heretics in your name!" or "We killed many infidels who resisted our attempts to convert to them to the Gospel!", and you can just imagine how Jesus would react to those.

Famous Quotations Started
You can try entering each phrase into a search engine (like Google), in quotation marks. There are often plenty of sites that will explain the meaning and origin of such phrases.

Finish It Here June 2019

Did I ever say God wasn't holy or I wasn't a sinner?

Why are you quoting "Christian Converts Tract 101" to me, as if I have never been exposed to Christian theology before? I have been a Christian for almost 43 years (and that is totally separate from having been raised in a Catholic environment since birth).

From your post, it seems as if you somehow think I am guilty of some particular sin of which I have not repented of. What sin would that be? What "world view" do I need to abandon?

Why did you feel the need to post the same message three times?

(Also, if John wrote "Jesus said 'X'", Jesus said it, but John wrote it.)

How To Protect Family

If Paul was talking ONLY about religious festival sabbaths, he would not have needed to mention them, because he ALREADY mentioned "holy day". "Sabbath days" includes special religious sabbaths AND ALSO normal every week sabbaths (i.e. most of them). There is nothing anywhere else in the chapter to indicate that he means only special festival sabbaths here. This is ONLY SDA reading their own theology into this verse, to use circular reasoning to prove their theology is correct.

BTW, you posted this on the wrong blog.

Oops! Yes, I had noticed that, just after I hit SEND, that I was on the wrong window.

Jesus With Taxes

You always have a choice. You could vote independent.

Our tax dollars: 24% on SS. 26% on Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, and ACA (around $1 Trillion - LESS than tax cuts Trump gave the rich). 15% on military (more than all other countries COMBINED). 9% on safety nets like food stamps.

Science/medical research is 2%, e.g. "shrimp on treadmills". Other slices are smaller. International is 1%, e.g. Iran aid. Tiny drops in the bucket.

I guess Obama's Administration believed it was fair for Amazon not to pay taxes. They hadn't paid taxes in the last 15 years.

G. W. Bush was president in 2004. Obama didn't take over until 2009.

Finish It Here June 2019

Yes. Exactly. I do not believe in Sola Scriptura, because Sola Scriptura is, itself, a logical contradiction, for the reasons I have mentioned frequently elsewher.

"Rejecting biblical sufficiency" is NOT the same as "rejecting the Bible" - a false equivalence that you keep making. That's like saying if you think a steak doesn't have 100% of your daily nutrients, you should never eat it at all, which is absurd.

If the Bible gave us everything we needed, we would have no need to pray, or go to church, or seek the counsel of others.

You still haven't told me how YOU can know John is scripture and Laodiceans is not.

How To Protect Family

I go by what Paul ACTUALLY WROTE, not what you infer about his life. How do you know "Paul kept the Sabbath"? The Bible just says he went into the synagogue and preached the gospel - that was the best time to reach his target audience. Nowhere in the Old Testament are "preaching" (or, for that manner, "worship") mentioned as activities that are required to be performed on the Sabbath.

*I* do not make Paul a hypocrite. *YOU* do. He said each observes whatever day he sees fit - that was NOT a violation of God's commandment. Only YOUR MISINTERPRETATION of Paul makes it one.

I reject your censure of me on this, as Paul said "Let no one judge you with respect to the sabbath".

Trump Protect Religious Freedom

Republicans 150 years ago were progressives, who wanted to change the system, while Democrats were conservatives, who wanted to keep the status quo. Now, based on party platforms, the labels have reversed. 150 years ago, KKK favored Democrats. Today, KKK favors Republicans.

Democrats were so progressive that they separated from the Union to keep their way of thinking.

Do you really listen to what you are saying? "keeping your way of thinking" is the very DEFINITION of "conservative".

Democrats want an underclass?! Reaganomics almost wiped out the middle class.

Christian Symbolism Matrix

You wrote: Do any of you do the good works mentioned in Matthew 25 on a regular basis?

That is an excellent question! Those who do such deeds will probably just do them naturally, and not keep track of them, while those who DO keep track of such things likely do so just so they can boast - and boasting is a bad thing.

Matthew 7:21-23: Many will say "Lord, didn't we do great works in your name?" and he will say "I never knew you".
Matthew 6:4,6,18: We should do our good works in secret
Ephesians 6:8-9: We are saved through faith. Not of works "lest anyone should boast".

Jesus With Taxes

Given how strong a Republican supporter you seem to be, it's amusing that your example of politicians lying about raising taxes was a Republican president.

If a government wants to pay for shared services (e.g. roads, schools, police) it MUST have revenues to pay for them. Schools are typically financed by tax levies voted on directly by voters (not representatives) - who fully realize their choice is to pay a few dollars for adequate schools, or have uneducated children.

44% is STILL A MINORITY. Federal tax is only one kind. There are also state, Local taxes, property, sales, etc. taxes. Amazon paid zero federal tax on over a billion in income, and many other companies are similar. Do you think that's fair?

Trump Protect Religious Freedom

Regardless of Lee's personal opinion of black people, the fact remains that he, of his own free will, chose to lead an army of a nation that supported slavery and literally started a war to do so. A nation of traitors who had originally been Americans, but chose rather to hold their American citizenship in contempt and form a separate nation, and take up arms against America, and killed many Americans in the process.

Jesus said "By their fruits you will know them". What were the fruits of the Civil War, and Lee's leadership? James talks about faith and works - how what we do gives evidence of what we believe. What evidence can we conclude from the Civil War?

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