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Tech Giants Extreme Censorship
joseph wrote: "Steven what make you think the 10 commandments were "given to all mankind"? What is the statement based on?"

My statement is based upon the Word of God.

God chose the Israelites to bring his word to the world. They failed in their task thinking it was only for them.

Be like the Bereans and search the scriptures yourself. By searching the scriptures yourself, you will learn a whole lot more than if I just handed you verses on a silver platter. Ninty-nine percent of the christians would not dig deeper in God's word or even consult with the Holy Spirit. They would just read the verses and leave it at that.

Canada Hate Bill For Speech
The Consitution is the only thing that is keeping communism from taking over. That's why they are tearing it apart little by little especially concerning the first and second amendments.

Our founding fathers wrote and spoke about how the Constitution allows anyone to do whatever they want, but it is the bible that keeps them from doing anything they want. And since America, and the world, has turned their backs on God there will be a great falling away from the faith in the end days.

The hate laws may sound good and dandy, but it has an ulterior motive - to silence God's word.

Tech Giants Extreme Censorship
Cluny, Strongaxe,

You two, and others on this site, need to learn how to use "judging" properly.

If I caught you stealing I would judge you negatively (only if I have never stole anything before), but If I caught you giving food to the homeless I would judge you positively (righteously). How can you correct someone if you cannot judge that person? How can a parent discipline or reward a child if the parent cannot judge the actions of that child?

Finish It Here May 2019
strongaxe wrote: "The term "Seventh Day Adventist" carries much baggage..,"

All worldly denominations "carries much baggage" that does not apply to Jesus for each denomination carries man-made rituals, man-made traditions, man's idea of living, and man-made interpretations of the bible. ALL worldly denominations spend more than 85% of their income/donations on maintaining their hard assets, paper assets, and legal papers.

Gods true Church has no earthly wealth, no huge bureaucracy, no billions tied up in hard assets, real estate, insurance, investments, and bank accounts and no money to maintain these assets. God's true church is not made by man's hands including "church" buildings.

Failed System Of Socialism
In the past ten years no one died from the measles disease, but 213 people died from the measles vaccines. Go to the CDC website and open your eyes to the ingredients of vaccines. You'll also read about the side affects of vaccines and pharmaceutical medicines. The MMR vaccine causes autism in children because one of the ingredients was aluminum which accumulated in the child's brain. They replaced the aluminum with mercury two years ago for children under 12 years of age.

Instead of listening to MSM to get your information, do your own research. I suggest starting your research on the naturalnews website. The website has a search field in the upper right hand corner. Just type in the vaccine, pharmaceutical, or ailment.

Fire At The Notre Dame
StrongAxe wrote: "...that one person in a thousand dying from measles is acceptable. What kind of logic is that?"

As I wrote in another blog within the past ten years no one died from the measles disease, but 213 died from the measles vaccine.

The MMR vaccine causes autism in children. The medical scientists found that the aluminum in the vaccine was accumulating in the child's brain. They replaced the aluminum with mercury two years ago for children under 12 years of age.

Please, for your sake, do some research. The CDC website tells all. Another website to begin your research is naturalnews.

Failed System Of Socialism
Many of the elite, including Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Dave Foreman, Mikhail Gorbachev, and many U.S. politicians, believe that the world can sustain only five hundred million people - even the United Nations. This is even being taught at major U.S. universities. They are doing anything in their power to depopulated the world: abortion, force vaccinations, pharmaceutical drugs, global warming, sterilization, etc. Read the first of the 'new 10 commandments' on the Georgia Guidestones. When you see or read such terms as 'sustainable development' and 'reduction of fertility rates' and 'quality of life' and 'one-child policy' you'll know it's about depopulation.

Suffer In Hell Forever
Are you people still bickering about what denomination is better? 1 Corinthians 1:11-13

On another note:
I am not afraid that man can destroy my body, but I fear God for he can destroy the body and the soul.

Besides, what loving God would have people and angels tortured for the rest of eternity. Would God bring evil people into the new heavens and the new earth? How do we know that the fall of man will not happen again in the new world to come?

Fire At The Notre Dame
StrongAxe wrote: "Mere accusations are not enough. There must be EVIDENCE."

Not in today's world. Mere accusations is enough to ruin a person.

While were at it, since, it seems, you are a liberal, what about the baby picture shown on NBC that were photoshopped having the measles. All it did was to create mass hysteria concerning the number one health crisis, the measles outbreak, and have everyone submit to forced vaccinations.

Fire At The Notre Dame
jerry6593 wrote: "Christ is a Seventh-day Adventist."

Christ doesn't belong to any worldly, man-made denomination.

Failed System Of Socialism
joseph on 5/2/19 wrote: "...And you base this on what, exactly?"

Open your eyes and see what is happening in the U.S. Liberalism, socialism, etc by any other name is still communism. Communism has been infiltrating our government since the 1930s. It's divide and conquer since the 1960s and exponentially since 2008. How many genders do we need? Our founding fathers wrote and spoke about how the Contitution allows people to do whatever they want, but it is the bible that keeps them from doing anything they want.

Read the Communist Manifesto and compare it to what is happening in the U.S. Even the muslims are using it as their playbook.

Fire At The Notre Dame
Monk_Brendan wrote: "If you are thinking "MONEY," you are wrong."

Why do you suppose I was thinking of money? You,like most others on these blogs, make false accusations. I'm well aware that it's the "love" of money.

But I was not thinking of money that is the root cause of all problems. It's Satan. It seems many people need to blame something or someone for these problems. Do you think mass shootings have anything to do with money? Or the burning of churches? Or people doing atrocious things to other people? Or the confusion of a person's gender?

People must be aware of Satan's schemes.

Fire At The Notre Dame
You so-called christians on this site need to take your heads out of the sands and look at what is happening in the world. Don't depend on your mainstream media to brainwash you into what is happening. Questions you should ask are:

What is the root cause of all the problems?

What does the bible say about the end days?

Why is Satan causing worldwide chaos in frequency and destruction?

Fire At The Notre Dame
The muslims are using the Communist Manifesto, which Hitler brought to the clerics in the 1930s, to take over countries. They destroy certain icons to do their work. They destroyed the financial center of the world - the Twin Towers - hoping to financially ruin the United States. They destroyed Notre Dame, a major icon of the christian world.

But most of you are missing the main root cause - Satan. Things have exponentially gotten worse over the past few years because Satan knows he has only a short time left before Jesus returns.

Suffer In Hell Forever
Many of you who bicker about whose "church" is better are so heavily burdened by your denomination's dogma, traditions and rituals that you, having a very narrow mindset based upon your denomination, makes it very difficult to connect to the Holy Spirit. It must be very scary for you and others to lose your denominational identity, your false sense of comfort.

Cluny, Strongaxe, instead of repeatedly attacking mike that he's wrong, why not "enlighten" him who your worldly denominational leaders are?

cluny, as for your tag at the end of your posts read Matthew 7:21-23.

Failed System Of Socialism
Social security is not like welfare, we pay into it. It's our money to begin with.

And another thing, just because you retire that doesn't mean you become a couch potato. I suggest to everyone I know to plan your retirement doing something whether it's a hobby, part time work or volunteer. I'm reaching 70 years and still active. I still do a lot of tutoring, been doing it for over forty years, roller skate for ten hours a week, Ice skate three days a week for three hours a day, go out dancing, hang out with friends, meet new people wherever I go.

Since I don't have a family to take care of me in my old age, I rely on my social security checks. I lead a very simple lifestyle.

Stop Arresting Criminals
Grace is NOT the good news, the gospel.

The Gospel, the good news, is the soon to come Kingdom of God. Nothing more, nothing less. Jesus and the apostles taught us how to get there from where we are today and that is through the ultimate commandment - Love, as in the verb form. Love, true love from the heart, is your ticket to heaven. Sure, God has mercy, grace, upon his creation giving us a chance to populate his kingdom.

So saying the gospel is anything other than the coming of the Kingdom of God is false teaching.

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