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Was Hitler Left Or Right
David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950) is a prominent American white supremacist, white nationalist politician, white separatist, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier, convicted felon, and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Failed as a democrat, succeeded as a Republican, won seat in Congress as a Republican 1988. Ran as a Republican in 1992 for President.

There are a few more in our government openly white supremisists , antisemitic, who are REPUBLICANS. Trump has changed his political party over 5 times is now REPUBLICAN and has followed this same formula as Ford, Duke, etc.

Our Dems and Rep may not be the same as yours. Originally HERE, the Southern Dems are now the REPUBLICAN Party.

Canada Hate Bill For Speech
The other sheep not in this fold is not saying there is another way to heaven.

When God said, I will have Mercy on whom I will have Mercy, He was talking about Israel the Nation....not salvation of individuals arbitrarily.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
Haz27, Ford was a registered Republican. May have tried to run as a democrat , but was a registered Republican. Also note Ford was against Unions, which Hitler liked and followed that idea, is a right wing thingy...not a lefty thingy.

So to just totally slam the left here as it being exclusively left I can't support. I see it as an idiology that is co-mingled in left and right politics. Also Ford profited off WWII, and financially backed Hitlers war, as did a few other Capitalists in the USA. STANDARD Oil, IBM,.... Which Roosevelt openly in a speech rebuked, that I totally agree. OK. I'll own it then if standing against tyrant murders and antisemites and the morally depraved makes me a lefty. I'll wear that badge with honor.

Canada Hate Bill For Speech
Also remember Jesus said that while still on earth. No one can come to the Father...AKA SALVATION ETERNAL LIFE, ,except THROUGH His Son. There are not MANY WAYS that lead to Salvation.

God's Grace On Noah
The One and Only gospel. He gave us Jesus who is full of grace and truth. So when Paul refers to the gospel of grace in Acts 20, he means exactly the same thing as when he and others refer to the gospel of Christ or the gospel of God or the gospel of his Son or the gospel of peace in other places.

The Completeness of the Gospel of Grace Galatians 6:11-18.

3 Reasons Why the Gospel of Grace is the True Gospel. It is the truth that Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, died for our sins and came back from the dead. It is well defined in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 and Romans 10, and Ephesians 2. And Romans 5. And.......Galatians 2:20-21. Those saved by THIS GOSPEL OF GRACE have no problem understanding the GRACE of God.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
That's my point Haz27, both Dems and Republicans have Hitler admirers. A little FACT you fail to acknowledge. That was my original posting....that there are Fascist's on both sides of the aisle.

God's Grace On Noah
I believe in the NT GRACE means Gods Riches At CHRISTS Expense.

It's found not in Gods Eyes but at the Cross. Noah a JUST MAN looked forward to the Cross, is the reason he was said to be JUST in the first place.

Now Calvin's definition is arbitrary selection AKA : on the whim of God for no reason. Having your name picked out of a hat....lucky heavenly lotto. Even in the OT, no such thing exists, as we see Hebrews 11 clearly define from Abel on there is no such doctrine as on a whim. They obeyed THE LAW OF FAITH. HEBREWS 11 is clearly about FAITH.

David, I will state my beliefs again. You don't need to respond.

God's Grace On Noah
Like I said, all those thing originated with Paganism.

Just stating the facts Cluny.
It's actually the 2nd commandment you all seem to ignore or erase. It was put there for a reason, separating Israel from the rest of the world.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
Cluny, are you saying Marxism and Fascism are exactly the same? What was your point. I must have missed it. I didn't see Ford being accused of Marxism. I compared Ford and Hitlers Fascism. In Hitlers early writings, Hitler didn't support Marxism. Ford didn't either. But we do know hundreds of thousands of Henry Fords vile propaganda garbage tracts were all over Germany in the 20''s and 30's. And AGAIN Henry Ford was a REPUBLICAN, and even tried to run for President on the Republican ticket.

So it appears EITHER Republicans CAN be fascists ...OR all a fascist has to do IN AMERICA is pretend to be a Republican. We are seeing this today.

Canada Hate Bill For Speech
Well we now have the verse, blessed are those who don't see but believe, stated AFTER Jesus resurrection, and is still in effect today seeing today no one can physically see Jesus Christ.

It's Gods will ...God is not WILLING that any man parish, but we see how man CAN PARISH, and that is by MANS OWN WILL...seeing we have FREE WILL.

In other words Strongaxe, that verse is refuting the false doctrine of Calvinism.

Many have seen, and believed, also not seen and believed and have fulfilled Gods will. On the day of Pentecost over 3000 in one day fulfilled Gods will. Fulfill here does not mean universal salvation.

God's Grace On Noah
Well I am glad you have finally come to that realization. Grace is not given arbitrarily, as you once believed. You now admit, Noah found Grace for the reasons you mentioned above.
---David on 5/21/19

David, I've never changed my belief on that. Maybe you just never understood what I believed. I don't believe in Calvinism....yet it appears you do. So I'm confused. God saves those who put their faith in Jesus Christ. Abel did along with all those who LIVED BY FAITH in the coming redeemer. These were called THE JUST. I've stated Hebrews 11 hundreds of times here.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
Haz27, facts are facts. Karl Marx was born a few years before Henry Ford, who may have influenced many of Henry Fords ideas. Therefore it appears it's not a RIGHT OR LEFT issue at all, but a philosophy that can be promoted by either right or left. HERE IN THE USA! Henry Ford, who influenced Hitler in MANY WAYS, as Hitler openly admired Henry Ford and his writings, was a REPUBLICAN.

Deal with it Haz27. You don't know everything.

God's Grace On Noah
Well Cluny, maybe that's why IKONS etc were forbidden in Israel, so that people didn't confuse Israel with the world. And seeing you claim the same imagery as the world but put a different definition to it is Clever, but still confusing. It Just doesn't fly.

Yea, it's like saying , " yea I wear the swastika on all my clothing and jewelry and tattoos , BUT I gave it a new meaning". Really doesn't fly!

Christian To Be President
mike, the idea didnt really take hold until the 70s when the Moral Majority came into existance. Then Peter Marshall wrote a book called The Light and the Glory Promoted by Dr James Kennedy pushing the idea that America was Gods NEW Promise Land and America was Gods NEW Chosen people. Go read the book. 1st. God NEVER made a Covenant with a Gentile Nation taking it away from scripture to back up. BUT the churches want to push this idea, leaning on your scriptural ignorance ...and many have bought into this falsehood. BUT because of this falsehood its given power to the Church to pick a person they think is of GOD....some stating Trump is the modern day King Cyrus. SO SO SO WRONG. NO PROPHECY to support such nonsense.

IRS Tax Exempt Satanic Temple
Cluny, I was answering Strongaxe. Never said the Puritans came over during Elizabeth's time. I just stated we are long past BOTH THOSE ERA'S.

God's Grace On Noah
Cluny, I just looked it up again. Symbols the Orthodox use is listed online. The SUN symbol is said to represent the SUN of Righteousness. Also you all have that "seeing eye" candles, incense, and more. All these things ALSO were used by pagan religions. The All Seeing Eye came from Masonic symbolism. It is what it is. Pictures don't lie.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
I agree RichardC. All we need to do is look in our own back yard. Henry antisemitic it wasn't funny. Surrounded himself with Fascist sympathizers, ran for President on the REPUBLICAN TICKET, was again a Republican. Fascism IS an Authoritan Nationalistic RIGHT WING form of government. Hitler admired Henry Ford and loved his openly twisted hatred of the Jews. Totally should study this man and the affect he had on Hitler ....and attitudes still in effect.


IRS Tax Exempt Satanic Temple
We're long past Queen Elizabeth and why the Puritans came to America. NOW we live in a more dangerous time witnessing the formation of a one world church, ecumenical movement we were warned about for years. In the 90' s where we had the "Evangelicals and Catholics TOGETHER 1994" ... Then Ravi Zacharias championed the Christian and MORMONS Together..Sept 11, 2004........ALL TOTALLY AGAINST SCRIPTURE. BEWARE! More dangerous than any tax exempt thingy. Jesus NEVER said to compromise our faith with CULTS for the sake of unity. Paul Peter etc warned against as well.

Ecumenical Movement:
n a movement aimed to promote understanding and cooperation among Christian churches, aimed ultimately at universal Christian unity

God's Grace On Noah
Mike, I understand what you are talking about. I've had this discussion with Cluny the sun god. Yes it is displayed on the Orthodox paraphernalia as I referenced some sites with pictures for Cluny to look at. Mike, he simply denies it and says you are seeing things.

However to be fare, the Calvinist's Churches have that BIG ONE EYE THINGY painted on many ceilings of their churches....also a cult symbol, going way back...or possibly a Mason symbol..who knows. Many are simply ignorant of the meaning of these symbols or if they are still a deep part of their religious beliefs or not anymore. Many have just ignorantly followed a tradition for years and never questioned it.

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