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Strong axe, Markv was absolutely a Calvinist , and has been thrown off many times because of his not so nice posts if you didn't agree with Calvinism. Yes it was Markv's usage of wrong words , always the exact same wrong words he used that would always give him away. Or it's really strange Calvinist's online here all seem to have had the same teacher who did not teach good English.

To say PROOF instead of PROVE, just as Markv would do, and using the wrong tense of verbs ...the same verbs, I find interesting. Maybe you didn't get as involved with MarkV as others. I know others here remember. NurseRobert would be one. Other names were Lisa, Luke, and possibly John T. Also I wasn't the only one who caught it.

Who Are You Voting For
I believe when we see Mitt, we see a man who knows right from wrong , totally squashing the Calvinist's doctrine, if you believe that Mormons are not saved. Now Calvinist's just may believe Jesus doesn't care what faith you are, all that matters is you are one of the Elect. So either the Lost can and do know right from wrong, and are not DEPRAVED dead animals , or TRUMP is totally depraved seeing he has never repented being totally oblivious of right and wrong. Cheating on your wife is a sin in need of repentance. So if anyone is depraved here it's TRUMP. Yet we have those claiming they are Christians following the depraved. Hummm.

People Reject God
No ven/ Markv , this chapter is not about salvation as you can see by the before and after verses. Paul is talking to CHRISTIANS about our walk NOW as Christians.

Ephesians 5:13 But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

14 Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.

15 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

17 Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.

Like I said, Obey Romans 12:1-2 and you too will understand the will of God.

Different Denominations Marry
Ven, I think I've made it clear who Romans 9-11 is talking about.

If you insist the Gospel is telling folks that God picks and chooses who will be saved then you are not saved, because THAT is not the Gospel. That's your wishful thinking.

You are a milk fed baby ven and cannot carry on an adult conversation. That's your problem, not mine. I know Calvinist's are anti-Semitic and what you all believe , so I'm just telling you you are wrong.

People Reject God
David, I remember being in a high chair and singing the song Jesus Loves me. It seems from that point on I wanted to know who this Jesus was that loved me. Then in the 4th Grade my Grandfather, a Minister as well, led me to the Lord out of my own desire, it wasn't forced on me. But it wasn't until I was 30 that I actually heard the REST OF THE GOSPEL,RE: total surrender, coming upon Romans 12:1-2 that I heard the a Lord say very clearly calling me by my name saying "I WANT YOUR WHOLE LIFE" I SAID YES, And upon obedience of that my life changed dramatically and has not ceased to for the last 40 years.

I understood THEN what it meant to say ABBA FATHER in reality.

Different Denominations Marry
The Mystery, part of it anyway is THE CHURCH is not Israel, and the promises to the Church are vastly different than the promises yet to be fulfilled to Israel the Nation. What Paul was showing the Gentiles in Romans 9-11 is that God's promises to Israel still stand. If they didn't, then there is no assurance Gods promises to those saved today who are not Israel will stand. Ven you harp over and over about the SOVEREIGNTY of God, yet do away with His sovereign Promises if it gets in the way of your doctrine. There is no NEW ISRAEL that did away with earthly Israel the Nation. You are not Israel in Romans 9-11. That is EARTHLY ISRAEL. when Ezekiel 36 , Isaiah 14 the WHOLE CHAPTER OF PROMISES will be fulfilled.

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I have to wonder if ven isn't MarkV back again. I find it very interesting they have the same poor grammer in common. Every time Markv came on under a different name, his exact bad grammer gave him away. Or are Calvinist's ALL poorly educated. It's a wonder isn it. Markv came from not knowing the English language well. That's fine. But just couldn't overlook the similarities. Same ol same ol arguments word for word, same scripture used. But the real giveaway was....YOU SAID TOO MANY THINGS I CANT ANSWER. That was the biggest give away. Always Markv's excuse when he got boxed in and couldn't answer a question. Hummmmm OR this is what they are taught to say when the questions require someone who isn't milk fed still.

Who Are You Voting For
KarenD, years ago I was against Mitt for those very reasons . But regardless of Mitt's faith, ( TRUMP HAS NO FAITH which I find worse) I find he is a man who knows and understands the Constitution and stands up for the rule of Law in ways I don't see any other Republicans doing. He's also not two faced. He's not afraid of Trump or his hateful criticism, showing strong leadership abilities. He's not running, but if he chose to run against Trump I would absolutely vote for Mitt over Trump without blinking an eye. If something happens between now and Nov to Trump, there's a possibility he could be drafted, though I doubt it.

I think years ago many felt the Same way about JFK being Catholic, fearful the RCC would control him. It didnt.

Who Are You Voting For
Ven, David is correct too. You need to maybe pose your question differently. What if I posted the same but said, ....A free country or one ruled by a dictator terrorist Republican? See, you loaded your question right out of the gate to be offensive. Do you also do that on purpose with your religion.....GOD PICKED ME, BUT NOT YOU...BOO HOO HOO. Discussing doctrine etc is not political, or wasn't until the Moral Majority pushed their way into politics. The Moral Majority is not Christianity. However today in America I don't think there is much difference between secular morality and Christianitor rather APOSTATE CHRISTIANITY, GENERIC CHRISTIANITY.

People Reject God
Ven posted:
Answer: "Awake , you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light" Eph. 5:14.

So now we have another doctrine, where one has to wake themselves up and arise from the dead by their own bootstraps first before Jesus Christ will give you light. YIKES.

But we see in Romans 5-6 that once Justified, Paul continues on that to be raised from the dead one first has to be baptized into His Death and then we are raised up together with Him.

So I'll bet this is another verse taken out of context. Is it possible that verse is talking to those already saved but DULL IN UNDERSTANDING. Seeing they should know they are already risen with Christ .

Different Denominations Marry
Ven, you need to WAKE UP, AND RISE FROM THE DEAD YOURSELF and Jesus will give you LIGHT.

Did Jesus give the Church LAND? Wake up ven....put on your thinking cap? Is the Church as Paul states Crucified to the world and the world to us?

Remember in Romans 11...the Gifts and purpose of God is without repentance, meaning God is not going to change His mind about His promises to earthly Israel. WAKE UP, RISE UP FROM THE DEAD VEN, set you mind on things above....

Should Churches Pay Taxes
What might be a big misunderstanding here is we are not a Theocracy. There are so many wealthy Churches in this Country. And if the Lord has called you into ministry over a small church, many of these guys have full time jobs apart from these Churches. Supporting these Pastors who live in these mansions should not be supported by the Government. Church schools who pulled out of supporting local community schools should not get tax money. Most Church schools charge a lot of money to these parents for these private church schools. It's double dipping. Public schools are tax payer funded ...private Church schools are not PUBLIC SCHOOLS FREE TO ANYONE. Anyone who takes taxpayer money needs to pay taxes. Otherwise it's SOCIALISM. HANDOUTS.

Who Are You Voting For
Too funny. This idea that we might become a socialist country if we don't keep the Republican Terrorists in is so stupid. No arguments...over this question??? Politics today causes unbelievable arguments. Actually when it comes to politics, it's actually rude to ask someone that question.

Sorry ven, but you are asking a question that ensures arguments, just by your question, and your added verbiage already accusing ....yikes. I really wish Mitt Romney was running. Such an honest person.

Different Denominations Marry
Ven, I believe ELECT is what has preeminence at a particular time. In the OT Israel iGods Elect, Chosen people for a purpose according to His will. In the NT dispensation of Grace the Church has preeminence of being called The Elect..again according to Gods plans and purpose.

Israel will ALWAYS BE GODS ELECT. and those Jews who come through the Great Tribulation will be in a superior position than the residue of men AKA the Gentiles saved during the Great Trib. The Church at that time will have been translated and GLORIFIED TOGETHER WITH CHRIST reigning and ruling with Him at that time. This is the PLAN AND PURPOSE of why we are called the elect, and being groomed now to take our position with Jesus to reign with Him at that time.

Should Churches Pay Taxes
You may not have realized this because you're singularly minded over abortion issues maybe for the purpose of distraction and blinding you to the real issues. Once the Government gets a stronghold in the Churches, seeing many have replaced the Cross for the Flag NOW is pointing towards a one world government and one world church we see is the main stronghold in end times. The Woman who rides the beast is APOSTATE CHRISTIANITY who are so steeped in politics ..the beast) that after the beast uses the Woman for its own purpose, will then throw her off after it gets into the position it wants TOTAL POWER. I do find Putins power over the Russian Orthodox, Trumps admiration for Putin,and Trump sucking up to evangelicals interesting.

Know Each Other In Heaven
Ven, I know that is the Calvinist's interpretation of Romans 9 however I don't separate Romans 9 from Chapter 10 and CONCLUDES in Chapter 11, where in fact it concludes in Chapter 11 that Gods Chosen Elect people ISRAEL, will be saved. That is where you and I will have to part in this. The foundation for ISRAEL is Chapter 9 concludes in Chapter 11. It's not about YOU or the Church, but The Promises God made to Israel.

The Church ven is NOT Israel. So if one refuses to see this, they will never see exactly what God is saying in Romans 9-11.

David, I don't see "Grace" in John 14:21 . Did you just make that up?

People Reject God
Yes darkness is the absence of light. The LIGHT of the Glorious Gospel shines LIGHT in darkness, and why we ( THE CHURCH) are the Light of the World, today, as the Body of Christ just as Israel was a LIGHT TO THE NATIONS. The LIGHT of the WORD of God is stronger than Satan. To say the opposite is to say God is not all that mighty or powerful. The WORD, who is God SPOKE LIGHT into the world...has just as much power to speak LIGHT into any darkness of lost souls. TRY IT SOMETIME. But you have to speak In the power of the Holy Spirit. Speaking Calvin's words or PInk's or McArthurs words are not GODS WORDS.

Different Denominations Marry
Ven, God is not finished with Israel.

Romans 11: 26 And so it is written, ( GOD NEVER RENEGES ON HIS PROMISES AKA HIS SOVEREIGNTY) There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob: ... Jacob here is EARTHLY ISRAEL. Isaiah 14... God never equated Jacob with the CHURCH.

27 For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins. EZEKIEL 36 is yet to be fulfilled to Israel the Nation.

28 As concerning the gospel, they are enemies for your sakes: but as touching the election, they are beloved for the father's sakes.

29 For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

Should Churches Pay Taxes
I believe in the separation of church and state. Because of this separation we see churches were exempt from taxes. But now that we insist on not separating, and that tax payer money should go to religious schools, gives the Government power over the schools, just as what was happened in England and RCC Controlled Europe why people came here. Once the Government gets control of churches and church schools, it could also start controlling its curriculum. A dangerous place for churches to let the government get a foothold in. Just look at Russia and how Putin got his foot in and now runs and controls the Russian Orthodox Churches. You may want to brush up on that. Scary .

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