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Date Of Christmas Decorations
I put my Christmas decorations around the 18th, but I don't turn on the lights until after midnight Mass.

Then I wait until the Baptism of our Lord (a week after the Epiphany).

Churches To Illegal Immigrants
Kathr: The woman at the well said nothing about a prophet, but THE CHRIST. AKA THE MESSIAH.//

The woman SAID Jesus was a Prophet.

John 4:19
Sir, the woman said, I can see that YOU ARE A PROPHET.

Plus, she still DOESN'T think Jesus is the Messiah.

John 4:25
The woman said, I know that Messiah (called Christ) is coming. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.

So, Jesus tells her directly that HE IS THE MESSIAH!

John 4:26
Then Jesus declared, I, the one speaking to you I AM HE.

But even AFTER Jesus tells her she still ISN'T fully convinced Jesus is the Messiah.

John 4:29
Come, see a MAN who told me everything I ever did. COULD this be the Messiah?

Church On Doctrines
Kathr: All John the Baptist needed to hear was the same ( useless words) Jesus spoke here to the woman at the well.//

How dare you tell Jesus want He needed to say or NOT to say.

Again stop jumping around a admit you need to believe that Jesus ROSE on the 3rd day and Ascended to His Father.

The BIGGEST MIRACLE you and I have to BELIEVE.
If you don't believe in the Resurrection you are putting Jesus at the same level as Muhammed, Buddha and other leaders of different faith.

Christianity is the only Faith that believes Jesus died and rose again on the 3 day as He said would happen.

Just acknowledge that and move on.

You are misleading many people who are considering to become a Christian.

Churches To Illegal Immigrants
Kathr, you are wrong. John 4:18-19, Only makes her believe Jesus a Prophet not the Messiah. Even after Jesus tells her out right she still has doubt needing the town's confirmation V25-39 Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. COULD this be the Messiah?. Regardless. The miracle was the catalysis.

Even His Disciples didn't believe Him until He changed the water into wine. John 2:11

Please note the V11 where it states the 1st SIGNS through which He REVEALED His Glory.

In other words Jesus used signs/miracles to prove He is God.

As for the Resurrection, please read 1 Cor 1:14. And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is USELESS and SO is your faith.

The Resurrection Miracle makes us Christians.

Churches To Illegal Immigrants
Kathr: I see those verses in Isaiah as spiritual.//


How or when do you decide something written in the OT are spiritual rather than prophetic?

I am not trying to be smart. I am curious.

Such when the Isaiah said Mary will give birth as a virgin? Isaiah 7:14

Same Prophet speaking about Jesus and His Miracles

//Not "EVERYONE" needed to see a Miracle to believe.//

Not according to Jesus.

John 10:38

And no verse says EVERYONE needed to see a miracle to believe.//


The Resurrection is the BIGGEST miracle in history that must be believed that Jesus is Lord.

If you don't believe in the MIRACLE of the Resurrection what's the point?

Church On Doctrines
Kathr, Jesus is God and can read minds. He knew John the Scriptures.

John read the scroll of Isaiah.

I didn't add to Scriptures. I listened to my Priest explaining the Scriptures.

Isaiah spoke about the Messiah and how one will know Him when He arrives. So John asked if Jesus was the One. Jesus answered him.

Isaiah 29:18 In that day the deaf will hear the words of the scroll, and out of gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind will see.

Isaiah 35:5-6 Then will the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped...and the mute tongue shout for joy.

If you asked me if it is raining outside and I said "look at my wet clothes"

That answered your question better than words.

Church On Doctrines
Kathr: John needing reaffirmation ....only needed a yes....not the miracles.//

Jesus doesn't waste His time with useless words.

I guess I needed to display Luke 7:23 as well.

Luke 7:23 "Blessed is anyone who does not stumble on account of me.

Kathr, it's okay to say 'I was wrong.' It gets easier and easier.

I have said many times I was wrong when someone proves I was wrong.

The Bible is clear. Jesus used miracles to ease John the Baptist's mind that He was the Messiah.

BTW, that's why 2 of his Disciples left him to follow Jesus.

Churches To Illegal Immigrants
Kathr: her LIBERAL LEFT WING CATHOLIC CHURCH , she worships and idolizes beyond measure are also guilty,//

Matthew 7:1 Just because you think we do doesn't make it true.

I can think you get drunk every night. Doesn't it mean you do? Wishful thinking isn't reality.

//therefore should not be throwing stones at others who do the same. It's called hypocricy.//


It was me who proved you were being a hypocrite.

Not only with a Protestant Church, but with Democrats Cities and States.

BTW, no one and I mean no one thinks the Catholic Church is a Leftist Church.

Try again.

StrongAxe, I will answer you next.

Church On Doctrines
Kathr: Nicole, here are some that knew Jesus was the Messiah before going into his ministry

King Herod.....wanted him dead
The Three Wise Men
John the Baptist
ELizabeth , Jechariah JTB Father.//

That's was in the Gospel years after Jesus' death.

Even John the Baptist didn't know Jesus was the Messiah. Luke 7:18-19

How did Jesus PROVE He was the Messiah?


Luke 7:22
Go back and report to John what you have seen and heard: The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy[a] are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor

Churches To Illegal Immigrants
Strongaxe, my point was that I ALSO responded to a statement like you.

Kathr, only fusses certain people and not others.

Kathr: So again, WHY are the Catholic Churches giving sanctuary to illegal Catholics?//

Strongaxe, she is doing it again. Picking on those she doesn't care. As if Protestants are not giving sanctuary to Illegals.

'The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America just became the countrys first sanctuary church body' - CNN Wire

Kathr, Lutheran are NOT Catholics

Forget about Churches, WHY are Democrats held States and Cities are giving sanctuary to Illegals?

Interpret The Bible
No where in the 66 Book Bible or our 73 Book Bible.

Churches To Illegal Immigrants
Kathr: Why is Nicole off topic here? This is about illegal immigration..---kathr4453 11/2/19

Ask your Buddy first!

Trump breaks most of 10C and BOASTS on it (see kat543's message).---StrongAxe 10/29/19

Cluny google it. AOC and Squad also hate rich Democrats.

StrongAxe, 1 = 1st Commandment, 2 = 2nd Commandment in my last post.

Democrats beliefs of the ENDS justifies the MEANS comes from satan.

God disapproves this method!

Obedience to God Justifies the MEANS.

Breaking the 4th C to bring down pregnancy is a mortal sin.

Rare is stupid! Killing a few babies justifies killing a lot of babies?

What? We are Canaanites that believe we have to sacrifice our babies to keep baal happy?

Churches To Illegal Immigrants
Democrats breaking the 1st numberated 10 Commandments

1. Satanic spirit cooking.

2. Not only taking His Name in Vain, but KICK God off their platform.

3. Democrats in Church when cameras are presents after public complaints Obamas at 3 Easter Services

4. Democrats teach kids they can have abortions or BCP without parent's consent.

5. Democrats abortion idol.

6. Katie Hill, Ilhan Omar, Bill and etc

7. Remember the Clintons last days in the White House?

8. Hello? Adam Schiff

9. FBI Love birds and all the Fallen Democrats in
ME2 era

10. Democrats mad at rich people just because they are rich.

Tithe To A Family Member
You are obligated to help your family esp. your parents.

Jesus didn't want excuses for not supporting your family. Jesus had very harsh Words for that kind of thinking.

(Of course it is different if you know your parents are wasting your money on gambling, alcohol, cigarettes, shopping, vacation trips or the like.)

Matthew 15:4-7a

For God said: Honor your father and mother and Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death. But you say that if anyone says to his father or mother, The help you would have received from me has been given to God, he need not honor his father or mother with it. Thus you nullify the word of God for the sake of your tradition. You hypocrites!

I Married A Hindu
Yes, I will pray for you.

Cluny is right. His isn't being smart about the demons in your home.

I would get a Priest (Catholic/ Orthodox) to bless your home.

Have plenty of Holy Water around.

You should pray and sacrifices daily.

Small sacrifices for your husband.

God Bless.

Church On Doctrines
//Etc etc. and many many in Israel did believe Jesus was the Son of God before He did any miracles.---kathr4453 on 10/25/19//

Please name them?

Specifically Jesus as the Messiah.

Even John had to ask AFTER the miracles Luke 7:18-23

Even His Disciples needed a miracle to believe in Him

John 2:11 What Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs through which He revealed His glory, and His disciples believed in Him.

Sister Or By First Name
Cluny, you are so funny.

You complained when we go off topic.

Now you are asking us to stop discussing the original topic.

Maybe, you just say what is real on your mind.

'Nicole and Kathr, Knock it off!'

Carmen might like that better than stopping her blog completely.

Seven Spiritual Works Of Mercy
Kathr: God KNEW there were not any but Lot, his wife and 4 , (not 1) escaped, except Lots wife looked back.//

I mistakenly said 1 man, but actually there were 3 men as I wrote in my last post.

So, actually 6 people could have been saved.

The son-in-laws. Remember, the Angels asked Lots if anyone else belonged to his family.

Genesis 19:12-13

//For someone to say without any FACTS that if Abraham had said (one person) that God would have not destroyed S & G and surrounding cities//


God changes His mind all the time.

Jonah 3:10 When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways, He RELENTED and did not bring on them the destruction He had threatened.

Sister Or By First Name
Is everything RICH to Nicole's? Seems like it! A big eye roll here!//

Well you seems to like the word as well.

//***I hope that is RICH enough for you. I can add more RICHNESS if you'd like...just say the word.

So your being disingenuous here is more than rich.
---kathr4453 on 10/13/19

***So RICH, as in totally laughable...---kathr4453 on 10/14/19

//Neither do you know as much as anyone else here...and you need to be quiet since yours is also speculation.//

I am not budding into the Pastor's marriage like you.

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