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God Bless President Trump

It's not just ambassadors or decorated veterans. He viciously attacks and seeks revenge against ANYONE not personally loyal to him.

His statements have been tracked and verified. Over 13000 misleading or outright false statements during his first 1000 days - over 13 lies PER DAY on average. He constantly claims he's the best at everything, better than anyone else in the world.

He lies so often, he has become delusional, believing his own lies. He makes up things as he goes along, and often contradicts himself just minutes later, because he actually believes there's no objective truth, only what comes out of his mouth. I'm surprised none of his fans take the time to scrutinize his speeches and realize this.

Church On Doctrines

Trump not only violates most of the ten commandments, but boasts of it:
Adultery: cheated on all wives, boasts of passes at married women
Theft: defrauded thousands of contractors, boasts it's good busness practice
False witness: lies 13+ times a day
Murder: boasts he could kill someone and get away with it
Other gods: claims he's the best in the world at everything

Jesus said forgive your enemies, welcome the stranger, feed the hungry, comfort the sick, repent your sins.

Trump is obsessed with revenge, builds walls, deports immigrant veterans, cuts food stamps, cuts health care, was never sorry for anything.

His WH pastor said "anyone who tells you to deny yourself is from Satan".

God Bless President Trump
If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. -- Jesus of Nazareth (Matthew 16:12, Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23)

Anyone who tells you to deny yourself is from Satan. -- Paula White, 2007.

Paula thus directly implied that Jesus is Satan. One doesn't need to know anything else about her to know that she's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

God Bless President Trump
Paula White is a "prosperity gospel" preacher. She said that everyone should send her their January salary as a "tithe" to show their faith in God. Of course, WE're expected to rely on God to pay for OUR expenses, but she doesn't trust in God herself - she's expecting US to pay them.

How To Calculate 666

Just what, exactly, in that covenant went against "known Prophecy" and "God's will"? Please state which part of the covenant, and which particular prophecy (BCV).

As for conspiracy theories, other headlines from Cuttingedge:

Apostate "Christian Churches" Are Continuing The Ancient Baal Worship Practice of Celebrating his Day with Easter-Themed Egg Hunts!

Bringing Saudi Arabia Down! How Can The Illuminati Destabilize Saudi Arabia In Accordance With The 'Pentagon's New Map' Strategy (2001) ?

Slowly, Surely, The Counterfeit Old Testament Commands Known As The Kabbalistic "Noahide Laws" Is Being Prepared To Be The Ultimate Law of the Land!

How To Calculate 666

No. Conspiracy theory don't call themselves that because, like paranoid people, believe they are right. But if you look at all of their articles, it's obvious most are whacko paranoid theories, based on supposition rather than fact.

Religious conspiracy theory sites typically involve long bizarre chains of "interpreting" one scripture after another in bizarre ways that usually go against conventional wisdom, and reach bizarre and incorrect conclusions.

E.g. "prophetic" date-setting sites that predict this and that will definitely happen on some date because of esoteric scripture interpretation, or private revelations or visions from some "prophet", and are always wrong in retrospect.

God Bless President Trump
I find it totally unfathomable that Christians, especially Evangelicals actually follow Trump and practically worship him as The Chosen One. Pat Robertson recently said he saw a vision of Trump "at the right hand of the Lord".

What Trump believes, says, and does goes diametrically against almost everything Jesus taught, and he violates most of the Ten Commandments, and not only does that, but boasts about doing it. I actually provided lists of both of these in my previous message, but the moderators decided not to release it.

How To Calculate 666

Many people have been living in the area known as Palestine for hundreds of years. Most are Muslim Arabs, but also many Christian Arabs. One family in my church years ago were Lebanese Arab Christians. Lebanon is in the NW part of Palestine. The Gaza Strip is in the SW part of Palestine.

To reduce religious strife, the Lebanese constitution requires equal representation between Muslims and Arabs, and by convention, the president is always a Maronite Christian, the Prime Minister is always a Sunni Muslim, and the Speaker is always a Shia Muslim.

I also didn't say "it was a conspiracy theory". I said it was on a conspiracy theory WEBSITE, which makes its claims uncertain, and requiring corroboration.

How To Calculate 666

Your long quote without attribution: "On 15th February..."


Why would John write instructions in Greek to perform a calculation in Hebrew, to Christians, most of whom didn't speak Hebrew?

Also, gematria have many problems. One can play all kinds of shell games with names by including or omitting first name, last name, middle name(s), initials, articles, titles, etc. to get the numbers to add up to almost anything you want. In the Old Testament alone there are 7 different spellings of Nebuchadnezzar, all adding up to different numbers. Which is the right one?

We should look for Antichrist qualities. Matching number is just the icing on the cake.

How To Calculate 666

I spoke to your quote, which said nothing about Arafat being Egyptian. I also didn't say he wasn't a tarrorist. It claims he and the Pope "signed a covenant against the G-d and people of Israel". What evidence is there that it's "against God"? Many presume to speak on God's behalf. The Bible has strict warnings about that. The article is also obviously a Jewish source, because Christians aren't afraid to say "God".

One thing about conspiracy theory sites is that they frequently throw out many disjointed factoids without actual solid bases in facts. They often read like incoherent ramblings of a disorganized mind, and their appearance often also gives that impression.

How To Calculate 666
When posting controversial quotes, you should say where they are from, so we can access their provenance and relevance. I googled the phrase you posted. It appears only on these sites, none of which are notable:

2006 scribd, hosting a book called "Bye Bye Gaza", by Barry Chamish (which is probably the original source)

7/12/2013 idrapundit, quoting Barry Chamish, quoting nonexistent page below.

9/10/2014 cuttingedge, a conspiracy site, quoting their article from 2/5/2000, quoting templeofthefaithful (page no longer exists).

9/12/2014 worldmessenger, another conspiracy site, quoting above 2/5/2000 cuttingedge article.

dailychristiannews, another conspiracy site from Finland (links to a Google search)

How To Calculate 666

Palestinian Arabs are not related to the Philistines of biblical times. They are Arabs who have been living in Palestine for many hundreds of years, and consider it their home. They have roots that go back to the Arab conquest in the 7th century, which go back 1400 years.

Most Americans are of European descent, and have been living on this continent for 500 years or less, yet they consider this their home.

When you say "there is no such thing as Arab Palestinians", you would thus be even more correct in saying "there is no such thing as Americans", as they're mostly from Europe, and the few that are native to here never used the term America, as that's from the name of one lucky European sailor.

How To Calculate 666
Also, remember that the Antichrist will conclude a peace treaty with Israel, which will last for 3 and a half years - before he turns around and betrays them. So whenever you see some politician buttering up Israel, it MIGHT be because he's honestly interested in God's People, or it MIGHT because he's only planning to use them for his own ends, and plans to turn on them in the end.

To find out for sure, it's good to look at how that politician deals with everyone else in his life - whether he makes true friends and allies, or merely pawns to use and discard.

Churches To Illegal Immigrants

Nobody here was talking about that either. What I said was when Christians receive conflicting imperatives from the state and from God, which should they obey?

If God commands you to take care of strangers, but the state tells you to turn them into the government, what do you do? Turning illegals over to ICE is the exact same moral quandry as German citizens turning Jews over to the Nazi Government. The only difference is how badly they're treated when they get turned over.

We don't have the right to demand that our country or other people obey the laws of God (despite what some Dominionists want). However, we DO have the choice to obey country or to obey God when their rules oppose each other.

Churches To Illegal Immigrants

"legal" and "right" are ideally the same, but sadly, frequently not. Hitler was voted in. Much of what he and thugs did was legal, because they passed laws to make them legal. Destroying and seizing Jewish property and "resettling" Jews was legal.

U.S. Japanese internment was legal. CITIZENS were rounded up, put into concentration camps, and their property seized, just not murdered like in Germany. It was challenged all the way to the Supreme Court, who said it was OK. Under McCarthy, persecution of people suspected of communism, without a trial, was legal.

Rome forcing people to burn incense to Caesar was legal. The Beast forcing his Mark on everyone will be legal.

Churches To Illegal Immigrants

How about "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, but RENDER UNTO GOD WHAT IS GOD's"? When Caesar's law conflicts with God's law, Christians are obliged to obey God's law.

In Rome, all Romans were required to burn incense to honor Caesar, because Caesar had declared himself to be a god. Early Christians saw this as idolatry, and refused to do so - and as a result, were thrown into the arena to be devoured by lions. They were willing to die, rather than to compomise their faith. Sadly, most Christians today have less conviction.

Germans lied and hid Jews - should they have told the truth instead and gotten them killed?

Churches To Illegal Immigrants

It's not "breaking the law being on the agenda". It's not allowing the Law of Caesar to interfere with the Law of Christ.

Many churches subordinated the Law of God to the Law of the State to be "politically correct" (in the strictest sense), and such churches are invariably viewed with contempt through the lens of history, e.g. "official" churches in the Soviet Union and China, and churches in Germany that went along with the Nazi agenda.

As for "presuming upon others to pay the cost", sanctuary churches pay the cost, not others.

Many "Christians" spend oodles of money to send missionaries to people in other countries, but balk when those people come here.

Churches To Illegal Immigrants

You seem much more concerned about whether American Christians are obeying U.S. law than whether they are obeying the Law of Christ.

Churches To Illegal Immigrants

Scripture tells us how to treat people, not citizens. It doesn't make charity contingent on showing identity papers. Xenia, the Greek custom of hospitality, is about how one treats strangers. OT says there is one law for Israel and strangers, and strangers must be treated like sons. Jesus was sent to Israel, but we should be grateful because despite being strangers, we are grafted onto the vine of Christ.

Matthew 25 doesn't say, "I was hungry, and you checked my papers. I was naked, and you made me sleep on a concrete floor. I was sick, and you denied me medical care so I would spread my sickness to others" - all of which the current administration is doing to illegals.

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