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Jesus Action Rewards

Where do you get this stuff??? I have NEVER said that! Why do you keep making stuff up?

Vegeratianism was part of the Adamic convenant. It was NOT part of the Noahic covanent, nor the Abrahamic covenant, nor the Mosaic covenant, nor Jesus' covenant. It will also be practiced in heaven after this earth passes away, but THAT covenant isn't in place yet.

Once again, the Fourth Commandment does indeed show love to God. It is His Seal.

No. It is God's gift to mankind. LOVE is God's Soul.

Mark 2:27
And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath.

How To Protect Family

You ignore everything I have been saying on this long and drawn out gnat-choking debate:
1) *I* did NOT add that name. *I* was TAUGHT it as a child by PRIESTS AND NUNS.
2) *I* did NOT claim it was the Church's real name. I said the Church says it's inaccurate, but does NOT consider it offensive.

Really? The 'Your Mama' response?'

1) I don't think I ever said "Mama" on these blogs ever (and if I did, Google can't find it).
2) If you mean my "'sup" comment, I was giving an example of something friends might say to each other, that would be offensive if said by strangers - NOT something *I* personally would say.

Pressley is wrong, but she has less power than Trump.

Jesus Action Rewards

Vegetarians aren't REQUIRED to eat vegetables or ONLY vegetables. They don't take your Vegan Card if you fast (i.e. not eat vegetables) or take vitamins (eat a non-vegetable).

Don't you understand that before Noah's flood EVERYONE was a vegetarian, and in the new earth EVERYONE will be vegetarian again?

Why are you SO OBSESSED with laws that don't apply to us, but to people FOUR CONVENANTS before? Being retro is ironic for a group calling itself "Adventist".

When Jesus was asked about the most important laws, he said "Love God and your neighbor, which cover 9 of the 10 commandments. Curious he didn't mention the tenth. I guess he didn't consider it as important.

Pope Of The Sabbath
Justin Martyr was a Christian teacher, just as you are pretending to be, by lecturing Cluny (and the rest of us) on proper Christian behavior. If it's wrong to listen to Justin Martyr because he's not God, wouldn't it therefore be just as wrong to listen to YOU because YOU'RE not God either?

You shouldn't dish out medicine to others and chortle in glee that it tastes bitter, if you're not willing to drink it yourself. You know, that whole "Do unto others as you would have them do unto thee" thing. Maybe you've heard of it.

Christian Symbolism Matrix

There are a few people on these blogs who are very avid Sabbatarians (e.g. Seventh Day Adventists and similar - it's pretty easy to figure out who they are) who say we should only worship on the Sabbath, and worshiping on Sunday is totally wrong - and who are constantly judging everyone here on what day they worship, despite Paul's specific commandments not to do so.

Unless you wish to get involved in that particular quagmire of a debate, it's probably better to just ignore them.

By the way, I love your comments here. Your total lack of rancor is a refreshing change. When I joined these blogs a bit over 10 years ago, I was warned they were the "piranha blogs", and I have sadly found this hasn't changed.

Loved Ones Are In Hell

You wrote: Barb, please cite Scriptures claiming Hell isn't eternal.

Revelation 20:14
And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

Presumably this means that both hell and death would eventually be destroyed, and no longer exist. In particular, hell CANNOT be "the lake of fire" if it's cast into the lake of fire.

Also, the Greek word for Eternal is Aionios - which means "until the end of the eon" or "end of the age", not "forever" as we think in English. I'm sure Cluny would be better able to explain the nuances.

Pope Of The Sabbath

You wrote: really monk? cluny has a smart mouth so I am giving a taste of his own medicine. the golden rule says Don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you. why don't YOU tell that to cluny. he is the one who mocks the COMMANDMENTS OF GOD.

1) You have yet to say what commandment he "mocks". You have not answered any of my questions in that regard.
2) When someone goes low, you are not supposed to go low. You are supposed to go high. If someone else flings mud, if you then start slinging mud too, the only thing that happens is that you get covered with mud. When you are attacked, Jesus said "turn the other cheek", not "attack in kind".

How To Protect Family

PRECISELY! And *YOU* don't get to determine their name either, and *YOU* only get to determine if *YOU* say the correct name or not. You don't get to dictate what name *OTHERS* use.

*I* am not racist but Trump is.

Just this week, Trump told four non-white AMERICAN congresswomen (1 immigrant, 3 BORN HERE) to go back to their "corrupt countries". I guess he meant MAGA America? (This violates laws of hospitality (Ex 22:21,23:9, Lv 19:33-34,24:22, Num 15:15-16, Dt 10:19, "love your neighbor" and even "love your enemy")

The Justice Department sued Trump Management Company - they instructed employees to tell African Americans there were no vacancies, even though there were.

How To Protect Family

It doesn't matter. *I* get to make that determination, not *YOU*. If a friend of mine decides to call me that, and *I* object to it, you can share that sentiment, but if *I* don't object to it, *YOU* do not have the right to be offended on my behalf, because nobody has insulted *YOU*.

Thus, if the Catholic Church considers the word "Roman" to be inaccurate but not offensive, *YOU* do not have the right to take offense on its behalf.

"Papist" is an accurate adjective that describes people who follow a (the) Pope.

You and the priest make TWO who take offense, compared to countless multitudes who do not.

Jesus Action Rewards

You must have missed by previous message, that dealt with this exact thing.

Genesis 1:29 PERMITS eating of plants. It does not COMMAND eating of plants, nor FORBID eating of everything else. After the flood, Noah was also PERMITTED to eat clean animals, and after Peter's vision before visiting Cornelius, he was told to eat of all kinds of unclean meats - and to not declare unclean what God has called clean.

What I just can't understand is Christians who live under the new covenant, yet insist on being yoked with the chains of the old one (that Jesus specifically came to break), and not only that, also the restrictions that were there long before Moses and even Noah. Nowhere are WE ever told to continue to do that.

Pope Of The Sabbath

Are you only allowed to keep one thing? If you keep a wife, does that mean you can't keep the sabbath too? Your whole argument is ridiculous.

Also, Exodus 2:8-11 talks about WORK, not WORSHIP.


I HAVE done my own research, and found NOTHING in either testament that COMMANDS worship on the Sabbath, or that FORBIDS worship on any other day.

If you have specific scriptures that say these things, please enlighten us.

In a debate, whenever one asserts something exists, the burden of proof is on him to provide facts supporting that claim, so everybody else can easily verify those facts and the validity of the claim - and not tell everybody to look for it themselves.

Jesus Action Rewards

You wrote: Genesis 1:29.

That verse PERMITS eating of plants. It does not REQUIRE eating of plants, nor does if FORBID eating of other things. Besides, Adam and Eve were under one convenant before the Fall, and another after the Fall, and Noah and his children under yet a different one after the Flood, and Abraham under a different one, and Moses and the Jews under a different one, and Christians under yet another. The rules under each covenant are different than under the previous ones, and one cannot interpret commands given under earlier covenants to be applicable under the current one.

Christian Symbolism Matrix

I know of NO Christians who "worship the sun". That premise is ridiculous. If you choose to worship on Saturday, am I supposed to infer from this that you worship Saturn? That is equally ridiculous.

Paul told us that some people treat some days as more holy than others, and other people treat all days as equally holy - let each be persuaded in his own mind. Why do YOU disobey him and NOT let each to be persuaded in his own mind?

Paul also told us not to allow anyone to judge us with respect to the sabbaths, so we are COMMANDED TO IGNORE YOU when you judge us this way.

Pope Of The Sabbath

What makes you think Cluny gives glory to Pope, Sun, Ishtar, Bugs Bunny, "Santy Claus", etc.? He never said he gives glory to ANY OF THESE THINGS. Why do yo make assumptions about people, then condemn and ridicule them based solely on the faulty creations of your own mind? You are not interested in truth, only in accusation and condemnation, and guess who the Bible calls The Accuser? Think about whom you are actually serving when you do this.

As Cluny said REPEATEDLY, he is NOT CATHOLIC, so he is not under the Pope.

What commandment, exactly does he reject? There is no commandment to WORSHIP on the sabbath, or to NOT WORSHIP on other days.

Loved Ones Are In Hell

You wrote: Glory to the constantine pope, SUN god, ishtar, bugs bunny. ---Cluny on 4/14/19

Cluny NEVER said ANY OF THOSE THINGS. Why do you keep making up lies about people? You seem so obsessed with the commandment "Remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy" that you are willing to totally ignore the commandment "Thou shalt no bear false witness".

How To Protect Family

You wrote: Want does the Holy See states? The opposite.

The Vatican does NOT say "Roman Catholic" is insulting or demeaning.

that's like saying you will NOT call me the N word because it offends me, but I can't tell you what to call other Black people. Since they call each other the N word.

Not the same, as black people, IN GENERAL, take offense at being called that by others. Catholics, IN GENERAL, and the Church IN PARTICULAR, do NOT take offense at being called "Roman Catholic".

That's exactly right. If I have a close black friend, and HE allows me to ask HIM "Hey! Sup, ma n***a?" without offense, it's not your business to take offense on his behalf.

How To Protect Family

No. The Pope rules over ALL Catholics (as you use the term) everywhere, not just in Rome.

As has been pointed out, there are several different "Catholic" churches that may be in communion with the Vatican, but are not under its jurisdiction. How does one refer to them? If one only uses the word "Catholic" alone, the term is ambiguous and confusing.

When I was growing up, everyone in church used the term "Roman Catholic", but I never even heard "Latin Rite Catholic" until many decades later.

(Also, since you expressed objection, I never referred to YOU as Roman Catholic).

Spanking Teenage Boys
It really depends on WHY parents spank their children. If it's to instil discipline, it can be a good thing. If it's to instil fear, or just vent anger, it's a bad thing. For discipline, it's sometimes the only thing young children can understand, but once it becomes possible to reason with the child, there are much better ways (e.g. shaming, denial of privileges) so spanking becomes obsolete.

Jesus With Taxes

The government doesn't do research. It funds research grants to pay private companies to do it.

Check out NPR article on "shrimp on treadmills". The money went to several projects on several different species. They wanted to see how shrimp responded to changes in water quality (i.e. the same water we and everybody else drink), which makes it relevant. The first treadmill was free, and the second cost $1000, so singling this out as "wasted government money" is choking on gnats.

Obama could have stopped if he wish.

And BUSH could have NOT STARTED it if he wished. He WAS president and he HAD veto power. This is why the buck stops in the Oval Office, not in the Capitol.

Famous Quotations Started

Google doesn't measure truth. All it does is index web sites. You should look at many sources and make up your own mind to determine which are credible or not. This is one reason I like Wikipedia, because on of their primary rules is that they are forbidden to source their own information. They are required to only quote information from other sources, which they include in the footnotes - so DON'T trust Wikipedia - just follow the articles they reference.

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