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Trump Protect Religious Freedom
NurseRobert: Why aren't you speaking out about the Trumpcamps?//

It's Obamacare. Remember McCain?

Trump stopped the pleasure of NOT paying the Gov for NOT having health insurance.

Leave it to Democrats for crazy taxes.

//They are nothing but concentration camps.//

I never saw so many people run not walk to break into a country and volunteering giving themselves and their children into these so called 'concentration camps' where they eat, get clothes, shoes, free medical care (but America citizens have to PAY for these same medical treatments) Anywho, pay games, arts and crafts, basketball, soccer, better education than their home country.

Don't insult those who died in REAL concentration camp.

Jesus With Taxes
JS1234, but Jesus DIDN'T and never told anyone to pay Caesar.

In fact He wasn't happy when they wanted Him and Peter to pay the Temple tax. He said so and told Peter to go fishing.

How To Protect Family
StrongAxe: (And I'm not talking about Comparative Religion classes, which are generallly voluntary,//

Voluntary? NO ONE can volunteering decide a course in public school?

//and provide an abstract perspective on all religions,//

HELLO, that's is the point. Even on CN people teach other people's Faith wrongly and claim it is the truth. (i.e. Catholics worship Mary)

//E.g. Saying "Islam teaches that Muhammed was a prophet" is abstract, while saying "Muhammed was a prophet" is indoctrination.)//

What about you all claiming 'Roman' is the official name of the Catholic Church? Which IS INDOCTRINATION!

That's WHY NO FAITH is taught!

Only the history surrounding a faith is taught.

Trump Protect Religious Freedom
NurseRobert, people KNOW about Trump's foul mouth. People DON'T except to read foul language on a CN. GOT IT?

1/3 of the Black population were killed since 1973. I care about ALL babies.

That is the SAME reasoning Democrats gave when they were told to RELEASE the Slaves.

"They CLAIMED Black people couldn't take CARE OF THEMSELVES if they are free."

Based on that EVIL LOGIC we had to be enslaved.

Now you all have gotten more EVIL.

Because you CLAIM Black Babies who die of starvation. You need to killed to prevent them from starving to death.


We were capable of living FREE.

Can you NOT assume we CAN'T TAKE care of our babies?

That's racist speech!

Christian Symbolism Matrix
StrongAxe: When moderators are on vacation, the system eats all posts and never posts them.//

NOT TRUE. I wrote them BEFORE vacation several times. They released other posts after the ones I claim they didn't release.

Plus, they released posts I wrote during their vacation.

//Evangelicals and Catholics can have long memories too.//

Maybe you do, BUT NOT ME!

Democrats always ASSUME other people are committing the same crimes as themselves!

I don't watch fiction filth movies.

My point of correcting you was that Jesus didn't ALLOW thieves and prostitutes to continues their past sins.

You have forgotten Jesus' Words of "Do not sin anymore."

IRS Tax Exempt Satanic Temple
StrongAxe: Statutory rape laws prevent relations with girls who THINK they want it, but aren't mature enough decide. Parents make decisions for children for a good reason. Do YOU think 11 year old girls should be ALLOWED to decide to have sex?//

That's RICH coming from a Democrat. A 11 yr old shouldn't be allowed to decide to have an abortion either but Democrats don't believe that they should WITHOUT parents consent.

The RICH part is that instead of trying to find the Rapist they insult the girl by telling her to kill her baby.

What part of Trump's words 'they LET me' do you don't understand?

Al Franken was touching the women's breasts while she was sleeping.

One with permission, the other without permission.

Trump Protect Religious Freedom
Mike: trump said 'i will give evangelicals MORE power' they will not lose their tax exempt status when they speak up their mind.//

Why not?

Black Churches never lose their tax exemption taken away.

So Black people are allowed to speak politics in their Churches, but not White people?

Why can't Democrats play by the same rules as Republicans

Trump Protect Religious Freedom
Kathr: Trumps unchristlike persona...and FILTHY MOUTH. It's right in your faces, and you still refuse to see it.//

We see and hear it loud and clear.

Not seeing or hearing the babies being aborted is the problem.

I rather hear a Pro life filthy mouth promising to appoint pro life Justices than a soft spoken pro choice Lady promising to appoint pro choice Justices

Besides that is the crazies statement to make.

Would you rather have a person curse at you but let you live, or speak softly and kill you???

Oh I forgot, it doesn't matter. Because you are hearing the filthy language and won't get killed.

So, you don't CARE about the babies living or not as long as you don't have to hear rough words.

Christian Symbolism Matrix
Sorry StrongAxe, the Moderator refused to post my response to you.

If you read your statement it could have been taken the way I took it because of the double spacing.

But I believe your words that you didn't mean it that way.

Nevertheless, Jesus knew she repented because He can read the heart and knew she was sorry.

//He had thieves and prostitutes among his followers.//

No, He had Ex-thieves and Ex-prostitutes as His followers.

You make it seem as they work at night and follow Jesus during the day.

They repented as Jesus said and followed Him.

That has ALWAYS been His demand BEFORE following Him.

Matthew 4:17

Finish It Here June 2019
StrongAxe, I don't think you know what 'disemboweled' or 'disembowelment' means.

It's removing all the bowels from the mid to lower abdomen.

Hosea states their stomachs were ripped open.

//either because of a specific judgment of God made at that time, or as a consequence of natural law God instituted in the beginning. So which is it?//


It was a consequence of man's sins.

If I keep warning you not to touch the hot stove because it will burn you.

But you wish, want and choose to touch the hot stove.

Is it my fault that you got burned because I had the power to make the stove not burn you?

If I did that, how will you ever learn not to touch hot stuff?

Alabama Abortion Law
StrongAxe, please read the whole chapter of 13th of Hosea.

God is telling Sameria what will happen to them. He DIDN'T order Israel to rip out babies from Samaria's wombs.

As you wrote. That's isn't nice.

//God commanded Israelite troops to "rip up" pregnant women.---StrongAxe on 6/13/19

//the Flood, which, except for 8 adults, killed all men, women (including pregnant ones), and children.//

Again, God allowed people and babies to die by the flood. He didn't kill them out right as you are WILLING to allow mothers to kill their own babies.

Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean you are right and God is wrong.

Because you THINK babies won't eat you deemed it OKAY to KILL THEM.

Christian Symbolism Matrix
StrongAxe, I know exactly what your meant about Church Ladies and Pharisees. I remember the 'Church Lady' on SNL

Ironically, you seem not to realize that you became the 'Church Lady' against me. While looking down at 'Church Ladies'

//By no means am I saying that most ladies in church are like that, but the few who are give the rest a bad name.//

Yes, and I am one of them to you.

You gave me 2 options to pick my own character.

Pharisee or Ladies of the Church.

//Others look only at the evil in things and other people. They find fault even in saints. These were the Pharisees of Jesus' day, and the "Church Ladies" of today.

Which are you?--StrongAxe 6/13/19

I am neither. Matt 7:1

Alabama Abortion Law
StrongAxe, babies are not implanting because WE are disobeying God and killing the babies.

I can't lay a trap with sharp spears and blame God when someone falls on them spears can I? NO

//I said nothing about Herod.//

You said God didn't care. **God didn't care about innocent unborn---StrongAxe on 6/13/19

We call the babies who died for Jesus the 'Holy Innocents. Remember? It seems you were not paying attention when you practiced your Catholic Faith?

//BY LAW, the baby pays the price for the mother's adultery and lying.//


So according to StrongAxe's Rules, it's okay for babies to die for their father's raping their mother.

But nooooo, how dare God think He is greater than StrongAxe!

Christian Symbolism Matrix
StrongAxe, your thought process is wrong. Convicted Prisoner states they were found guilty by our justice system. A right. If you mean how they are treated AFTERWARDS is another thing.

Just because a convicted Rapist finished his sentence it doesn't mean I HAVE to let down my guard.

That's what happens when you commit crimes and it stays on your records. That's how the Government warns society.

Rapists are not Killers.

Remember the BTK Strangler, Dennis Lynn Rader? He picked that name for himself - "BTK" (for "Bind, Torture, Kill").

*Rader was a member of Christ Lutheran Church and had been elected president of the church council.He was also a Cub Scout leader.- Wikipedia

Christian Symbolism Matrix
StrongAxe: They can see the good even in convicted killers, and bring them to redemption.//

What? That doesn't make any sense!

According to your logic, all I have to do is 'see the good' in convicted killers in order to make them repent.

That's not how it works!

After a Killer repents we should see the good in them.

Hellooo, St. Paul?

//Others look only at the evil in things and other people. They find fault even in saints. These were the Pharisees of Jesus' day, and the "Church Ladies" of today.

Which are you?//

Me? Seems you just described yourself.

Nicodemus was a Pharisee. I don't know about your Church, but my Church Ladies are non judgemental.

Matthew 7:1

Alabama Abortion Law
StrongAxe: so God causes more abortions than all other abortions and live births combined.//

I don't know why you are so MAD at God?

Abortion is a deliberate action. Intentionally seeking to kill a baby.

Miscarriages ISN'T abortion.

//God didn't care about innocent unborn whose mothers were suspected of adultery.//

Again, I have to explain your own logic to you.

So, because God didn't STOP Herod from killing boys 2 and under means He didn't care?

//Mom had to drink bitter water that would make her abort.//

No, a wife miscarry if she is LYING. She is claiming she didn't commit adultery.

God is promising the husband he can believe his wife when nothing happens to her.

Trump Protect Religious Freedom
Can someone tell me when did voting for Trump became a sin?

Alabama Abortion Law
StrongAxe: Who cares about unfertilized eggs? I'm talking about FERTILIZED eggs.//

//no eggs released, no eggs fertilized.//

No, MOST if NOT ALL BCP contains backup plans for fertilization eggs. Because many women on the old BCP where still getting pregnant

BTW, the time the body is confused of being pregnant or not is after an abortion.

//eggs released normally, and fertilized normally - 50% STILL fail to implant.//

Eggs NEVER try to implant itself. It dissolves.

//RU486 ("morning after" pill) stops fertilized eggs from implanting,//

That's Levonorgestrel or plan B.

RU486 is an abortion pill that sheds the baby AFTER she or he has already ATTACHED to the lining of the uterus.

How To Protect Family
Indeed JS1234.

Many families have to homeschool their children.

The public schools are deliberately trying to undermine parent taught Christian values to their kids at home.

Even teaching children other Faiths at school to their children.

Telling children sexual acts are not sinful and or not sexual acts at all.

Correct Bible Interpretation
John: Paul left elders not priests and we are to listen to elders//

No, you skipped the man in between.

Titus and Timothy were Priests and became a Bishops.

Titus 1:4-5 To Titus, my true child in our common faith:..The reason I left you in Crete was that YOU would set in order what was unfinished and APPOINT elders in every town, as I DIRECTED you.

Bishops lay their hands on men making Elders Priests. Interchangeable words.

Read 1 Tim 5:17-22

Acts 13:1-3
V3 So after they had fasted and prayed, they PLACED their hands on them and sent them off.

1 Tim 4:14 Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through prophecy when the body of elders laid their hands on you.

Read 2 Tim 4:1-6

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