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Decline Of Christian Morals
its very hard to find people with even just good morals today.and most people don't care what you have to say to them.they jut keep on the way they are.the world is getting very hard,i have even heard a so called peachers wife take the Lords name in vain.

Having Thoughts For A Pastor
you need to run away fast......a also ask God to forgive you if you haven't.You don't even have to tell him you can't help. That would leave an opening for him to protest and if you are weak,you may not do as you are supposed to.

Are There Female Angels
I believe that God will let you see an angle as a woman if you feel safer that way.I also believe that an angel can take what ever form that God will allow.I have read many accounts of people seeing angels and they have been seen as women,men,even animals.

Avoid Made In China Products
I too do not like to buy things from china but I don't think your feelings are wrong.You are right about the way you feel. but it is real hard to find things made in the USA.And they can cost you quite a bit more.

Love To Submit To My Husband
NO,do not call your husband Lord,Lord is to be kept for the LOrd God only.

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