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Correct Bible Interpretation
JS1234 - the bible predicted that there will be one world religion under the RCC. the RCC came out of pagan Rome & it split into 2 the orthodox & RCC. the orthodox continued to practice RCC traditions like sunday worship. so that means cluny is still worshipping the pope or constantine.

like cluny would say - glory to the pope & SUN is risen.

Correct Bible Interpretation
jerry - the great controversy has a chapter titled scriptures as a safeguard so ellen white points to scriptures not to her own writings or opinion.

cluny obeys the pope & he has the audacity to say 'what about EW opinions.
she quoted Isaiah 8:20 - to the law & testimony: if they speak NOT according to this word, there is NO light in them.

SUN-day is the pope's day not Christ.

cluny is glorifying the pope & his SUN god has risen. that is the only light cluny have - SUN-light

Correct Bible Interpretation
strongaxe - there is nO worship in Romans 14.5 your favorite verse. that means you are adding what is NOT in rm 14.5. God made the 7th day holy but since you twist rm 14.5 man cannot make 1st day 3rd 5th day holy. how can sinful man make any day holy. your next defense is 'ye not judge you' or col 2.16

Correct Bible Interpretation
strongaxe - so you are cherrypicking what to obey or not to obey according to your conscience with regards to romans 14:5 - paul worshipped the creator on the sabbath in ACTS 13:14, 27, 42, 44.

as i said before the serpent in the garden said 'YOU WILL be like God' defining what is good & evil. strongaxe & cluny both are defining what is good & evil bec. they are persuaded in their minds that they are God.

Trump Protect Religious Freedom
nicole - name one concentration camp

there is one here in CLINT detention facility where kids are treated like POW.

trump's immigration policy

Correct Bible Interpretation
strongaxe - you know that romans 14:6 says is to fast or not to fast eat herbs to give thanks. they why are you using it as twisted lie that we can worship any day. you are the one who said that 7th day sabbath is a gnat. so who is judging who. this is God's commandments not my words. SIN is the transgression of God's commandments. oh goodness when the truth is presented you are being judged. i have heard that before. col 2:16 when i talk about God's HOLY day i am called a cult called a legalist. that's judging

Trump Protect Religious Freedom
trump said 'i will give evangelicals MORE power' they will not lose their tax exempt status when they speak up their mind. no wonder graham, copeland, jeffress, white, baker, etc said that trump is a changed man & he is a christian. paula white even said 'if you are against trump you are against God.' jim baker said that there will be civil war if he is impeach. see how these televangelist use fear, shame, guilt so you will obey their false teachings including more money

Correct Bible Interpretation
strongaxe - your favorite verse is Romans 14:5-you cherry pick so it will fit your false teachings. there is a verse after that. romans 14:5-6 says you can fast any day mon thurs, fri. not about worshipping any day in your mind. 2nd your col 2:16 - talks about the believers who observe the 7th day sabbath & feast of the lord (not unholy 1st day sunday or easter or christmas). they are being judged bec. the pagans practiced asceticism. again you are a false teacher bec. you are misleading believers away from the truth. deut 13:5 false teachers turn away from God.

Trump Protect Religious Freedom
yeah right before becoming president trump was pro-choice. then all of a sudden he became pro-life, became a christian, started to carry his bible & doing what evangelicals tell him to do. God did not put him there, putin did. putin admitted that he wanted trump to win. all these evangelist who says God put trump in white house wants money & power.

Correct Bible Interpretation
instead of obeying the Commandments of God, cluny & strongaxe chose to obey edict of constantine.

even cardinal Gibbons admit that the catholic church changed 7th day to 1st day bec. they are above the bible.

Correct Bible Interpretation
And you have not answered my question about what day we are FORBIDDEN to worship.

did God COMMAND you to worship 1st day 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th? NO. what is 1st day according to constantine? on the venerable day of the SUN. constantine is pointing to his SUN god ordering the whole world to REST. that is NOT God commanding but man. you cannot answer did God ever sanctify the 1st 2nd 3rd etc? you don't want to answer that bec. you are a liar. so I answered your question. romans 1:25 - worshipping the CREATION or CREATURE not the CREATOR.

Christian Symbolism Matrix
like your SUN god?

Trump Protect Religious Freedom

evangelicals believe that God put trump in the white house. paula white said that when you fight trump you are fight God.

one washington post reads: as trump picks kavanaugh for the supreme court, evangelicals rejoice: i will vote for him again.

trump does not care about evangelicals or christ but getting votes while evangelicals like copeland, robertson, graham, jeffress, white want power & money

Correct Bible Interpretation
cluny - revelation 14:7 says
7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him, for the hour of his judgment is come: & worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

where does it say in the bible to worship the one who resurrected on the 1st day.

7th day points to a Creator not the created, Rest, & sanctified by God. not one verse says to worship God on the 1st day when the bible says that it is a work day.

obviously, many will twist the 1st day in the bible that the apostles worship & disobeyed God.

Correct Bible Interpretation
don't you cluny justify to worship on the 1st day SUN day when the bible / when God sanctified the 7th day sabbath. there is not personal interpretation but it is GOD's commandment.

Trump Protect Religious Freedom
monk - that is what televangelists like copeland, jeffress, franklin, robertson says. when there is a democratic president & they tell those not to force prayer in schools televangelist will rave & complain that they are being persecuted separation of church & state is NOT in the constitution. these are even broadcast in FAUX news. today's false teacher even hold bible study in the white house. i am just exposing today's false teachers regarding this issue.

Trump Protect Religious Freedom
why does christianet rephrase & change important questions. this is a deception. My original question is

Trump said that he will give churches their voices back & signs executive order protecting religious freedom. Isnt that union of church & state which is unconstitutional? Is it a start of a revival?

why is it that separation of church & state is forbidden in this website? christianet want union of church & state like the roman catholic church does.

Christian To Be President
strongaxe - i am not monopolizing the conversation. it is a simple question why would evangelicals get angry at the state or civil authorities for 'interfering' that prayer in schools is unconstitutional but when trump was running for president, jeffres, falwell jr say to vote for trump because he is a changed man & a christian. that the CHURCH meddling with the state? these are current events that is happening today. that is not monopolizing but hypocrisy on the part of evangelicals.

Christian To Be President
cluny - i understand that but why did rodney brown & pat robertson say that separation of church & state is NOT in the constitution. it is NOT the statement NOT in the constitution but evengelicals say separation of church & state is NOT in the constitution.

Christian To Be President
my original question is:

Why are evangelicals like browne, Robertson, & others believe that separation of church & state is NOT in the constitution when these religious leaders are influencing the state or the president.

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