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Jesus Action Rewards
David, Romans 2:5-10 speaks about God rendering to man according to his deeds, not his beliefs.

Kathr, believes 'works' means ONLY one thing. It has 2 meanings.

Your 7 yrs old child can't NOT get a toy from a store without buying it. He doesn't work for a living to pay for the toy.

So you give him $10 to buy the toy. But instead of paying for the toy with the money you gave him, he decides to spend the money on candy and steals the toy.

Either way he didn't work for the toy. But the way he obtains the toy matters. Likewise, we can not work to get into Heaven. But we can not steal our way into Heaven either.

We MUST enter Heaven by the work Jesus performed on the cross freely given to us. His Way not our way.

Predestined For Hell
JS1234, Please cite the obvious. Jesus warns Judas multiple times and tells him that woe to the man who betrays the Son of Man. Matt 26:24.

Judas even ask Jesus if he was the man. But it doesn't mean Judas couldn't stop himself.

Judas still had a chance after he betrayed Jesus, but refused Jesus' Mercy. He lost hope.

But maybe you are speaking about another Passage?

//But it is not clear about those who do not become Christians.//

I know God is Mercy and wouldn't condemn anyone for lack of knowledge. There are many Muslim women in Countries where they can't even step out of their homes. Plus, some Countries where preaching of the Gospel is not allowed.

I believe they fit in this category Luke 12:48

How To Protect Family
Samuel: The Vatican where the Pope rules the Roman Catholic church.//

You mean he rules over Catholics in Rome. A difference.

//I use the Roman Catholic since it eliminates confusion.//

You say it to be spiteful. No one thinks Protestant with Catholic.

//In Scholarly terms catholic means universal.//

History as well. First 1000 yrs if you were Christian you were Catholic.

// the Pope going to move back to France anytime soon and leave Rome?//

The Pope was EXILED to France. Meaning it isn't his original home. Jerusalem was.

Pope Francis isn't in Rome. He is the Bishop of Rome, but lives in Vatican city. My Bishop lived in Atlanta when I lived in Thomasville GA. Still was my Bishop

How To Protect Family
JS1234: You yourself are permitted to attend a Byzantine Catholic mass and receive communion there.//

Yes, I knew, but what you just said ISN'T what Cluny said.

Cluny made up a religion/Church.

***Nicole, did you know that Roman Catholics of the Byzantine tradition..---Cluny on 7/13/19

Who are these 'Roman Catholics'? Imaginary people in Cluny's head.

BTW, it wouldn't make sense anyway.

Byzantines call themselves 'Byzantine Catholics'

As I would call myself 'Latin Rite Catholic.

It is as if Cluny said Alabamians Americans in Texas tradition....???

Both groups are Americans, but in separate States.

They don't have to use passports to enter each other states.

Jesus Action Rewards
JS1234: There is nothing in Genesis 4 about Abel offering a blood sacrifice. Blood is not mentioned, and neither is fire.//

I am curious, are you saying Abel didn't kill one of his flock?

Genesis 4:4 And Abel also brought an offeringfat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock.

How did he procure the fat?

Now you are correct that it doesn't state Abel give God blood from the animal.

But the fire portion I am not sure about. When they did sacrifices they burned it up and the smoke rising to heaven was the way they were sending it to God.

1 Kings 18:30-38

But, I would like to know what is your opinion of their sacrifices?

How To Protect Family
Cluny, Rome is a city in Italy and Her capital.

Or did you not know this?

JS1234, Cluny and the rest believe people can change anyone's name just as long they can get enough people to sign petitions or vote on it.

It matters not the person's REAL name. It matters not to them.

I am 47 yrs old. When I was young, we used the most popular brand name for every similar products produced by another company.

Xerox for every copying machines and method. Such as we would say 'Please xeroxs this for me.'

Kleenex for every tissue brands.

'Please hand me a Kleenex.'

Or Kodak for camera, RCA for televisions.

Now Xerox, Kleenex, Kodak, and RCA were PLEASED, but NOT Cannon, Puffs, Olympus or Sony.

Jesus Action Rewards
Kathr: BY FAITH ABEL offered a blood sacrifice ..showing OBEDIENCE OF FAITH in the promised redeemer, announced in Genesis 3:15//


That doesn't make sense.

It only makes sense if you agree with Faith WITHOUT works is dead.

If Abel had the OBEDIENCE OF FAITH in the promised redeemer as you put it, WHY did he offer a blood sacrifice?

Also Abel or the rest of the family DIDN'T know what God was talking about in Gen 3:15.

//Cain rejected what was required of God//

Most like he was selfish and didn't want to give God his best. He was saving it for himself.

Next he killed Abel thinking if God couldn't be displeased with his offerings since God couldn't compare them another's offerings.

Baptism In The Epistles
Kathr: Before Jesus incarnation was God,
the WORD and the Holy Ghost.
Also we see in 1 John 1 they testify they handled THE WORD OF LIFE, as in the Person of Jesus Christ , And Revelation says AND HIS NAME IS CALLED THE WORD OF GOD, as in THE PERSON.//

Did you know that the most heresies said from the pulpit is said on Trinity Sunday than on other Sundays?

When it comes to explaining Jesus being God before His Incarnation and after, all you have to say:

"Theotokos", or "God-Bearer

That explains everything in one word.

How To Protect Family
JS1234: the Byzantine Catholics are in communion with Rome.//

Don't let Cluny confuse you. He is doing it purposely.

Rome doesn't run a Church. Rome is the capital of Italy.

If you are talking about the Catholic Church, She presides in Her own Country Vatican City.

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world.

That's why when Pope Benedict XVI came to United States he arrived via Andrews Andrews Air Force Base to meet President Bush.

People were mad saying Bush was favoring a religion over other religions.

Our Officials had to REMIND people that ALL HEADS of States (Countries) arrive into America through Andrews air force base.

People FORGOT that Vatican City is an actual Country.

Jesus With Taxes
StrongAxe: It funds research grants to pay private companies to do it.//


That's the Government doing research.

We give stipulations on HOW, WHY and HOW LONG the grant will support the research.

In other words, the research could not function WITHOUT the grant.

As the Pell Grant. I wouldn't have gone to college without the Government's support.

Thus, I had to follow their RULES if I wanted to use the grants. Including which schools.

//..."wasted government money" is choking on gnats.//

It is a chicken bone. It costs over 3 millions over a decade.--ThoughtCo

Do you know how many houses it could provide for the many homeless people that would last over 50 years?

Famous Quotations Started
StrongAxe: Google doesn't measure truth. All it does is index web sites. You should look at many sources and make up your own mind to determine which are credible or not.//

Yes, I agree. That's why I am asking people on CN.

I got the 'It will cost you an arm and a leg' from someone else and his answer wasn't in Google.

I also want all kinds of answers from wise people on CN. Including you. :D

How To Protect Family
Cluny: Nicole, did you know that Roman Catholics of the Byzantine tradition do NOT believe in Filioque and don't really accept Vatican I?//

Mostly likely because Vatican I was started by the Catholic Church.

That's like telling me the Southern Baptists doesn't accept Vatican I.

So, I am not surprised.

Jesus With Taxes
StrongAxe: Gov are not the best ones to do research. No accountable for the money used. More important matters for research than shrimps on treadmills.

Tell me what tool the Gov developed?

Private research made advancement on Leukemia NOT Gov.

NASA is very useful. Why did Obama ended NASA? Trump restarted NASA and developed the Spaceforce NOT Obama.

It was you complaining about Corporate not paying taxes not me.

***Amazon paid zero federal tax on over a billion in income, and many other companies are similar. Do you think that's fair?--StrongAxe 7/3/19

I was pointing out to you that Obama could have stopped if he wish.

Democrats controlled Congress in 2006 and in 2008 COMPLETE control of the Gov.

Jesus Action Rewards
Where in the Bible states Cain believed he gave God his best? It doesn't. In fact, God was trying to encourage him to do better.

Gen 4:7 If you DO what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door, it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.

Making stuff up that ISN'T in the Bible.

Are you all suggesting God didn't know state of Cain's heart?

What part of Matthew 7:21 you all can't understand?

V21...will enter the kingdom of heaven, but ONLY the one who DOES the WILL of my Father who is in heaven.

God demands ACTIONS, not just Words.

In other words Jesus is saying he talks the talk but he doesn't walk the walk in Matthew 7:21

Famous Quotations Started
Samuel, good ones.

Sure StrongAxe, but even Google makes mistakes, or has another version.

Square meals came from George Washington for his men in battle.

He demand enough food that filled up a square box.

I am sure everyone knows this one:

'Don't make me the scapegoat' came from the Bible:

'a goat sent into the wilderness after the Jewish chief priest had symbolically laid the sins of the people upon it (Lev. 16)'-- Online Dictionary

Spanking Teenage Boys
True JS1234, I feared my Dad because of the spankings. But he stopped the spankings when I was 10 yr olds.

He told us that by 10 he could reason with us and changed our punishments with unique methods.

One time he made my brother and I count the little tiles in the bathrooms.

He praised us when were clever enough to count the length and width then multiplied.

But, we took the time to count the 2nd identical bathroom. He told us we only needed to double the first bathroom to calculate the total small tiles.

My dad was strict, but let us know the world is hard and wouldn't love us as him and my mom.

As an adult my fear turned to love and respect. My parents were not perfect, but I learned a lot from them.

Famous Quotations Started
Cluny, could you tell us how those phases came about?

I heard that 'it cost you an arm and a leg' was from that most Painters couldn't draw digits well.

Only good one were capable so it cost more. Most paintings had only busts of people.

They said George Washington's whole body painting cost a lot.

Jesus Action Rewards
Kathr: ..God often referred to one's "works" as EVIL WORKS, and being rewarded for their evil, called WORKS//

Cite them.

The word 'Works' are MOSTLY used for good, and LACK of works for evil.

Read Matt 6 esp. V4. Those are GOOD works. Esp. V2. How can giving to the needy be EVIL?. Even V6 uses RIGHTEOUSNESS as works.

//Luke 6:23//

REALLY? Did you not read V24-26? The word 'WOE' not 'reward'

//John 7:7//

V3 in ch 7 uses the same word 'works' for Jesus.

Works are actions. You are also punished for DOING BAD THINGS.

//2 Timothy 4:14...the Lord reward him according to his works//

Get a better translation. Only KJV uses that word. All others do not. Most say 'repay'.

Jesus With Taxes
StrongeAxe: Our tax dollars: 24% on SS. 26% on Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, and ACA..9% on safety nets like food stamps.//

All of them are safety nets.

Totaling 59%

//Science/medical research is 2%, e.g. "shrimp on treadmills". Other slices are smaller.//

Government shouldn't be in Science/medical research (except NASA)

//G. W. Bush was president in 2004. Obama didn't take over until 2009.//

And when he did take OVER he STILL didn't make Amazon pay taxes. WHY?

How To Protect Family
Monk: Right you are that Fr. Mitch said that. But "Roman" was used earlier than the 1400's.//

He gave 2 statements.

"We (Catholic) don't call ourselves 'Roman'.

Then, he said who started that word.

Now, you can disagree with who started the name, but that isn't the point.

The point is that it isn't our name and the Vatican never declared it as our name.

//But if YOU, PERSONALLY don't wish to be called "Roman Catholic," then I will cease, and just address you as Catholic.//

Thank you very much.

I never thought it would be so hard, nor asking much to ask other Christians to call another Faith by their REAL name without adjectives.

Thus, the state of our days.

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