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Should Women Lower Their Standards
If a drop dead gorgeous lady wants to lower her standard and date me, hey, let me know!!!!
All kidding aside. I think if a person settles and not totally happy,it will cause problems later. They would be involved in a relationship for the wrong reason.
If a person goes so far to get married always thinking they settled it could lead to an affair even divorce when "the right" person comes along.

Can You Remarry Your Spouse
Personally, Im not sure a person in their right mind would want to

Date Many Women At One Time
If dating one woman at a time goes against your principles then by all means be true to yourself and follow your heart. I think its okay to date more than one but be up front about it. Im talking about dinner or movie,etc like friends. If your idea of dating includes cuddling then stick to one.

How To Forgive My Husbands Affair
I can relate to your hurt. I was married 23 yrs and my now x did the same and left taking the kids too. It almost killed me. I had to make a choice. The choice was to lay this matter at the foot of the cross and choose to be better instead of bitter. Bitterness, will cause you more pain and grow old fast even affect your health.
God is faithful and it will take some work on your part but you can find the peace you seek. Choose to be happy and get out and experience new things, You can do it!!!!

Can We Pray For The Dead
I went to catholic school most of my school years. I have heard about pergatory many times. I attend a nondenominational church now. Pergatory, is no where in the scripture. Maybe this life is pergatory, who knows. Anyway, if this is teaching that has no scriptural basis it may cause one to question the doctrine. Whats with the two year waiting list? We do have access to God personally through prayer. Seek truth.

No Fault Divorce Helped Families
Hi Madison
Glad you found us here. Im wondering if no fault divorce has been a good thing, I am not an idiot and not unaware of what "the law" says, believe me. I have done everything mans laws have required. I know that you have recieved your share of the assets and deserve them, but what do you think could be done to make it more attactive for couples to work on making a marriage work and families stronger?

Click Here For The Cruise Blog
I worked on a naval supply ship for three years having a year and half deployed. It was awesome being at sea. I know thats alot different that a cruise ship but have always dreamed of taking a cruise and I will. For the best ride try to get a cabin at midship. There are alot of different theme trips. dont forget the camera and have a blast.

No Fault Divorce Helped Families
Hi all thanks for the replys to this blog. Some good stuff here. I agree that the couple should try to reconcile and that God is able to heal the marriage. However when one spouse decides to walk out and have an affair and will not try to reconcile and files for divorce. Do you think that they should be able to walk away with half the assets? Any ideas how to make it less attractive for a person to cut and run?

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