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Don't Like Wifes Religion
That's no reason to divorce your wife. You're entitled to be sick and tired of her and her relgion but think about it. How would you like it, if God was to say the same about you. You wouldn't like it one bit. Marriage is not easy but giving up is always easier. I'm not going to judge you but I do care enough to ask for you to have God lead you to what to do.The choice is yours and that what makes God an awesome God because he gives us choices. So instead of complaining, ask God what is HIS Will for you and your family. But if you're not willing to follow God's will than I still wish you and your family, Peace, Comfort, Understanding, and May God continue to bless you and yours regardless what you decide.

Will God Restore My Marriage
You can ask God for anything but according to God's Word, It's called adultry and the 1st husband is not suppose to take us back once we divorce them or they divorce us. Now if you are divorcing the first husband because he committed adultry and you didn't legally get remarried than Pray on and become a Stander for your marriage but confess your sins to God for your part on adultry. Truly ask for forgivness and wait on GOD. Having faith and leaving it in God's hand plays a huge part on your behalf. But if you remarried this 2nd person. God forgives regardless but there's no promise that He condones it. Only if you know you can't become celibate, than marriage is always best with God.

Was Jesus Christ Sinless
YES, HE was:)

Obedience Gets You To Heaven
Obeying God's commandments and loving everyone and showing your love towards everyone will get you to heaven. Doing always God's will and not our own. Trusting in Him and not worrying about anything.

Mother Is A Confirmed Atheist
No amount of scriputures is going to make her a believer. Just continue to love her and pray for her. Never force God on anyone. God gives all of us choices in life and He doesn't force Himself on us and we shouldn't do it to others. I know you love and care a great deal what happens to your mother and I admire you for that but your best bet is to stay prayerful and give her to God. God can do all things on His own Timing. May God continue to bring peace to you and yours.

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