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What Is A Christian
A christian is one who knows Christ Jesus. One who knows He came from the Father to earth to die for us. One who believes that Christ Jesus rose on the third day and now sits on the right hand of God interceding for us. If you believe this to be true, then you are a christian brother or sister. There are many obligations a christian has, but to be a christian you simply have to believe in Christ.

Is The Pope The Real Deal
The pope can say it, but can't do it. Now, the pope, you, I, anyone can say to someone your sins are forgiven ONLY and Only if and when we ourselves know we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and have repented of our sins to follow Him. When someone does that, I can have the privilege of telling that new believer that his/her sins have been forgiven because they have accepted Jesus' message. I hope this made sense to you. God bless you in knowledge, love, faith, and wisdom.

Is The Pope The Real Deal
Hi Caring. I want tell you that I appreciate your passion for the truth. So many people nowadays hardly know the bible like you do. In as much as you already know, you may benefit to also know that Jesus paid for our sins and only He can forgive us our sins. I noticed you quoted John 20:23 I read and studied the verse. Here is the intrepretation. Jesus was giving the disciples their Holy Spirit-powered and guided mission--to preach the Good News about Jesus so people's sins might be forgiven. (Continued)

Is The Pope The Real Deal
Notice the word MIGHT. Jesus can't force Himself to forgive someone who doesn't want to be forgiven. If He could He would force forgiveness on everyone in a heartbeat because the truth is that He loves us a tremendous amount that He wants all people to accept Him. The pope, on the other hand, can force himself to say to people "your sins are forgiven." but the truth is that he does not have the authority to forgive any type of sin. (Continued)

Is Moronism A Cult
Dave----I make these delicious brownies, except I add one thing to the poop. Do you still want it? Surely a little bit couldn't hurt the mix could it? What do you think all of the stuff the Mormons have added to your doctrine have done to you?

Cheating Husband And Two Kids
This is more sirious than a dating Marriage Quiz. You must find local council,turn to a Church and ask for gidance, posibly from a woman also, that's after you've prayed and understand that with God all things are posible, but "His" way. Many people hurt in adultry devorcess for a long time. .know that what ever was said to you, God loves you and with Him "there is allways a way where ther seem to be no way"

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