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Explain 2 Peter 1:10
Mark ... You say "Kathr, there you go again, insulting an accusing me for no good reason"

I can't see that Kathr has made any accusation about you, nor has she insulted you (at least not on this blog)

All she has done is to criticise your doctrine, and it is legitimate to do that in any discussion.

And Greg seems to ahve quite different writing style.

There are of course other groups of contibutors here, whose writing style is very similar to each others. A pity that some here deem it necessary to create multile personalities.

Characteristics Of God
Catherine ... when you open a blog, you will see all the answers ther, with the answerers names. The scroll up to the top, and you will see the original question, and the questioners name.

Youar question appears just like this:

What are the characteristics of God?

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---catherine on 5/8/10

Obedience To Your Religion
I don't undewrstand the question.

Communism demands obedience, and people obey it.

Jim Jones required obedience, and nearly 1000 died either by poisoning themselves, or being poisoned by their fellow followers of Jones.

Khmer Rouge demanded obedience and Pol Pot slaughtered millions.

I don't think those were valid religions

The Complain And Whine Blog
"Those who reject the reveal word of God who oppose me, turn to sin by attacking me as a person, with remarks, bad comments, sarcasims, and sacrifice the Word of God by twisting the real Truth, into a lie, just to try to hurt me.MarkV"

Mark, no-one tries to hurt you. In fact, we try to save you from yourself. At least that is why I warn you that false witness is a sin.

"Some come to support my views of the Word by giving their own explanations and later they too, become objects of their hate"

Mark ... I have never seen any evidence that anyone here gets anywhere near hating you.

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