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Salvation By Our Works
Well Thanks David, but not only have I entered through the gate, narrow as it was, but i'm also IN CHRIST , so you don't have to worry about me. I know who and what I believe, and what church I go to now has NOTHING to do with it. My faith is not in a church, pastor or denomonation, but in Christ alone. And it's not your JOB to create doubt when one already had assurance. Paul warns us that those like you are actually the enemy of the Cross....dogs, the concussion etc...the pharisees. So thanks, but NO THANKS. Your hitting on the wrong person here. I'm not interested in your doctrine.

Netflix The Family
There is no scripture saying anyone is a spiritual Jew. There are many spiritual Gentiles ....scripture says those IN CHRIST are neither Jew or Gentile, but a NEW CREATURE.

THIS PART again those who think they are spiritual Jews think they still keep the law. They have to believe they are spiritual Jews to believe they are under the Law. However Abraham and ISAAC were not Jews. Jacob and his earthly descendent were Jews. The WHOLE POINT of Abraham is showing its not being a Jew that counts or being under the Law.

Two Prophets Of Revelation
Strongaxe, Christianity God started the moment He created Adam and Eve, and continued it after covering Adam and Eve, and when Abel offered the first blood sacrifice putting his faith in the promised Redeemer.

When asking.."when did we do this to you" seeing they never personally did it to Jesus ...why do you think that's an odd question? Jesus said what you do to others is doing unto me. I believe this is a concept taught through out scripture of Christians aka the Sheep. IVe never seen that chapter as a universal salvation because of being nice to others. Does it have other supporting scripture that being nice to others brings one to LIFE out of death? Jesus said I AM THE RESURRECTION. I AM THE WAY TRUTH AND LIFE.

Salvation By Our Works
..........Spurgeon renounced the doctrine and yet the Baptist church, still parades around his G-R-E-A-T name.

---David on 8/22/19

I find it interesting that David seems to know what goes on in every Baptist Church, and also is so totally absorbed in JS. I've been in several Baptist Churches through out my life and NEVER once heard CS name even mentioned. Never saw that parade. Actually the Calvinist Baptist's have now disowned him because he wasn't Calvin enough. And David fails to see not all Baptist's are the same. There are many different KINDS of Baptist churches...yes, some even keeping Saturday Sabbath.

Did David LIE? If not, please direct me to any information CS renounced his doctrine..WHATEVER THAT MEANS.

Keeping Of Sunday
And the reason Jerry you won't find any COMMAND is because Christianity is a personal relationship with the Lord...not Jews under the Law...which was an organized religion UNTIL FAITH CAME. We've been set free from all that. We are FREE TO CHOOSE any day we want to worship....and even choose EVERY DAY IF WE SO PLEASE.

I'm free to choose any Church I want, free to choose what I wear, what I eat....

Romans 14:5 One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.

Netflix The Family
I totally agree with Strongaxe here. Galatians is the perfect book to go to on this subject. Paul goes into depth that the law is NOT of faith. And we live by FAITH. That the Covenant God made with Abraham still stands today OVER the law given to Israel 430 years did not annul the covenant given to Abraham concerning the salvation of GENTILES. And that Gentiles were NEVER under the Law, and the Law was only a schoolmaster UNTIL FAITH CAME.

Jerry and the SDA reject ALL of the NT, and that is why many consider SDA a CULT who put Ellen White's teacings OVER scripture.

Two Prophets Of Revelation
Also Strongaxe..MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE shows the sheep are already believers who hear Jesus voice. Goats or non believers do not hear His voice. So there is no such thing as a sheep who doesn't believe first in Jesus Christ. He obeys what he hears. He follows the shepherd because he KNOWS THE SHEPHERD. ****Psalms 23**** He does not hear the voice of strangers. So the Sheep do not follow the strange voice of a false teacher. Or false doctrine.

He leads His sheep in the paths of Righteousness. FOR HIS NAME SAKE. goats will eat anything. Goats are not sheep. Sheep are not goats.

So no, Matthew 25 is not teaching universalism by any stretch of the imagination.

Keeping Of Sunday
When we enter HIS REST we are SET aside aka separate And sanctified aka holy. Worship in Spirit And truth. And IN HIM we are holy as He is Holy. If only the SDA understood what riches we have IN CHRIST. No one in the OT were IN CHRIST. It was an outward external law that pointed to Christ Himself. He fulfilled that law IN HIM. Everything we need and do is now IN CHRIST.

Salvation By Our Works
I can't seem to find anywhere that CS denounced his belief in the Cross. He may however have denounced his Calvin beliefs, as I don't hold to those beliefs myself. My understanding is even Calvin denounced his doctrine of the 5-6 point Of Calvinism . Funny, when you are on your death bed and teach NO ONE KNOWS BUT GOD WHO THE ELECT ARE....and then face that doctrine wondering if you are or aren't one of the could be unnerving. I however have complete assurance of my salvation. I simply believe in the promises of God, and again I KNOW that I am saved. Even John in 1 st John says YOU CAN KNOW YOU HAVE ETERNAL LIFE.

Salvation By Our Works
David, I don't know how JS teaches. All I know is how Paul teaches with the help of the Holy Spirit. I just showed you others did do teach Christ Crucified. I do believe Galatians 2:20-21 Romans 6, Philippians3 just for starters is very clear teaching and does not need any middle man to reinterpret.

Two Prophets Of Revelation
Strongaxe, To be a cult you fall under certain guidelines. One being the denial of the Deity if Christ. Those who claim Jesus is Michael . Another is denying the ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER IS THROUGH HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST. That would be Universalism. Mother Theresa was a universalist.....BE THE BEST HINDU YOU CAN BE...BE THE BEST MUSLIM YOU CAN BE ETC.

Also, Following a man or Guru, like Jim Jones, that group in Waco, those who tried to catch a Comet, Scientology, etc etc...are CULTS, not Christian or denominations.

Heresy is different. That drills down to certain teachings within mainstream " if you don't obey Saturday sabbath you are sinning" ...ALTHOUGH there are some who put SDA as a cult.

Salvation By Our Works
The verses below are very revealing how others respond. To the Jews , it was a stumbling Romans 10 clearly show. Many today who are not even Jews have fallen on the same stumbling block. The stumbling block is THE CROSS...CHRIST CRUCIFIED. Paul not stumbling gave his personal testimony in Philippians 3...

To the Greeks aka Gentiles, Foolishness. And again David seems to fit into both categories as he himself 1) thinks he's a Jew, 2) continually shows he thinks CHRIST CRUCIFIED is foolishness. 3) And continually argues with me concerning the Cross. But Paul says clearly the preaching of the Cross to those who reject it are the ones perishing. I happen to believe Paul here. I KNOW ITS THE POWER OF GOD.

Salvation By Our Works
So David, is your issue with Paul?

1Cor 1:23 For we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness,

1 Corinthians 2:2 For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.

Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

Galatians 3:1 O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?

Salvation By Our Works
That's interesting David. So I take it you don't believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ AKA Christ Crucified. I've gathered that since you only believe in Christ before the Cross. I guess you've never heard of Charles Spurgeon? Just to name one. But I will concur that since Osteen and the such have taken over the airways of TV, ( seeing that may be your only contact with the outside world) sad.... You will only hear the Gospel of Christ Crucified in grounded Gospel preaching churches. It also appears your church does not preach Christ Crucified. Paul said God forbid I preach anything but Christ Crucified.

Two Prophets Of Revelation
And hopefully JS1234 does not see name calling in my post. Identifying CULTS is not name calling. Standing on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets is not name calling.

Two Prophets Of Revelation
Let's be clear that the early fathers aka the church fathers are NOT The Prophets and Apostles God built His truth on. Those men are listed in scripture. Everyone else after that are no different than you and I.....those who follow the Foundation the Apostles and Prophets of scripture, OR those who don't and started their own cults based on cherry picking scripture along with mixing scripture with Gnosticism and other false doctrines the Prophets and Apostles have warned us about.

So it appears JS1234 has made it clear through many of his posts he is another who follows man and NOT the Word of God. With that in mind, no scripture built on the Apostles and Prophets ever preached Universalism.

Dormition Of Mary
Just the fact that the Feast of DORMITION of Mary is NOT Celebrated in any other religion but Orthodox or the RCC should be a clue not all believe in this Mariology Catholic Orthodox dogma doctrine.

Many of us believe Mary is no different than all the Saints both big and small, aka CHRISTIANS who have passed , are asleep IN THE LORD. We believe those who have passed away have no contact with the living and vice versa, according to the Lord statements in Luke. We believe those who do, are practicing witchcraft as did Saul in the OT and was severely punished for it. We also believe that never changed with the New Testament/Covenant.
And WE believe no one will be bodily resurrected until the FIRST RESURRECTION, which is future.

Salvation By Our Works
Ok now maybe we can get back to the blog question.

The only Grace I see in scripture is not given by men, but comes from God alone. No one is JUSTIFIED by any WORKS. And Justification is something God alone does. We are justified by our faith in what Christ has done. Justification is also not a process. Now GROWING in the Grace and knowledge of Jesus is a process, but GROWING UP INTO the fullness ans stature of Christ Ephesians 4, again cannot be attained by any works of the flesh or works of the law.

Salvation By Our Works
I answered your question David, I'm not a follower of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. I don't know what he teaches, so I can't be a follower of him. What makes you think anyone is his follower? I've never stated his name here once....good or bad. Again, sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a 4th grader. Grow up David. When you mature ...let us know. We may enjoy debating with you then. BUT until then , as long as you applying your own twisted whatever to it ...NO. Your weird ....and annoying.

But this is for sure what you are saying is that YOU follow man. And because YOU DO, your thinking is everyone else must too. WRONG! Your thinking is STRANGE.

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