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James Robison Ski House
I appreciate the work of Christian ministries around the world.

Cheating Husband And Two Kids
Once a cheater always a cheater. Leave him and apply for welfare until the children are old enough that you can go to business. I know a woman named Sharon Marshall wrecked my happy home.

I Hate My Husband
I can relate to your situation very well,although my husband claims to be a christian,pillipians 4:13 tells us that God is at work in us,and I know that God has a plan for us.He dose require for us to be holy,your reward will be in heaven not on earth.romans 12:19,20.I pray for you.

My Boyfriend Died
I am very sorry about what happened. After reading your story I appreciate my boyfriend more, because at times I take him for granted or get mad for no reason and leave. And you never know when something can happen. You are in my prayers and don't worry, God will help you get through this. He will never leave you.

Christians Observe Pagan Days
We have always celebrated Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July etc. We raised our children to know that God is the creator of all. Christmas celebrates the birth of our Lord and Easter the ressurection. We also allowed our children to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. These fantasies are no worse than the cartoons we allow our children to watch. A child imagination is a wonderful thing but, you must teach them the true reason for any holiday. by the way we do not celebrate halloween.

Moderator - Christmas is Nimrod's birthday not Christ's. Easter is his wife's fertility. Christians celebrate Passover not Easter. Why would you lie to your children about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? If I were the child, I would wonder if your God is a lie also.

Christian Music Written By Pagans
In response to the lady about Amazing Grace, I think John Newton wrote all of the verses. His mother was a strong Christian but died when John Newton was a young boy. He was on a ship during a storm when the Lord saved him and this song came to him and the original title was Faith's Review and Expectation.

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