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Is Euthanasia Biblical
Kathr said, "I said you were right. Do you want my first born too?"

It would be a good start!

Seriously, it is not something he wants to take on at the moment.

Works Of The Law
Looking at the NT and OT, and trying to judge one by another can be difficult.

Dormition Of Mary
Kathr, is it that stroke you claim you had that makes you so nasty to other people?

Salvation By Our Works
Kathr4453 said, (in a now closed blog) " So David, just posted Romans 6:13 for you as the answer to your question, Why do many continue in sin who call themselves Christians or say they are dead...or sin died or whatever your question was. It's because part of the problem is they failed to OBEY the YIELD your members as those alive from the dead part unto God ....Romans is very clear..a detailed step by step of what OUR PART IS....SUBMIT, YIELD AND RECKON , OBEY FROM THE HEART that form of doctrine delivered to you."

Kathr, why are you so worried about WORKS? I thought you lived by faith?

Feast of the Transfiguration
I said, "Sorry, Kathr, but you are wrong! Use your Lexicon and/or STRONGS to look up Esau and Elijah. Their bodies also reside in heaven."

I made a mistake. It does happen from time to time. I meant to say Enoch, and not Esau. Both Enoch and Elijah have gone to God, and reside, body and soul, in heaven. If this is not Death and Resurrection, then what is?

Two Prophets Of Revelation
Kathr, your question speaks of your own ignorance of Scripture. God sent Enoch and Elijah to rebuke the world, and that rarely involves the rebuked answering in love.

But for you to know and understand, I love you, and I pray for you every day.

May God bless you richly!

Do We Have Free Will
Kathr said, "CLUNY is a senile mean old man who has nothing to do except sit in dirty depends and think he's contributing to CN with his nasty remarks, and had NEVER applied his own GIFT (see Ephesians 4 ) ....thinking I guess nasty insults is a Gift of the Spirit."

I'm sorry you feel this way, Kathr, but it seems as if the only one walking in the spirit of nastiness and evil is YOU!

And for your information, Cluny is a wonderfully sweet man with who happens to be 70. He is not suffering from senile dementia (although some of your rants point to you having such a problem), and he does not sit around in dirty Depends.

Salvation By Our Works
Kathr4453 said, "But let me commend you in your sentence structure and perfect spelling. But even with that, just like a STRONGS or Lexicon, it does not have any magical powers leading anyone to truth."

And the words issuing from your lips are pearls and gems?

Sorry, but your spirit of nastiness seems to override your professions of truth and love.


Feast of the Transfiguration

Sorry, Kathr, but you are wrong! Use your Lexicon and/or STRONGS to look up Esau and Elijah. Their bodies also reside in heaven.

Feast of the Transfiguration
This is my favorite feast!

Loved Ones Are In Hell
Nicole Lacey said, "(not quenched means to me that it will never go out)"

Nicole, maybe the Father has worked it out so that hell is so far away that (maybe) you can see the smoke rising from a long way off, but you are not bothered by it.

Pope Of The Sabbath
Jerry, God created a SEVEN day rest, and not a SEVENTY day rest.

I was correcting your use of words. Which would you rather have, seven gold coins, or seventy bright shiny pennies.


Pope Of The Sabbath
mike said, " why don't you research it cluny. even when you are given historical & biblical truth you are too arrogant to accept it. oh i forgot your denomination is preventing the holy spirit to show you the truth"

Mike, let's pay attention. Attacking Cluny is NOT a Christian and loving way to address your love toward him. He worships God alone. Santa, Bugs Bunny, and the others are just smoke to accuse without being accurate or exact. Rather, they are attempts to confuse and obfuscate. Who is the author of confusion?

THAT is who you are listening to. Try hearing God!

Pope Of The Sabbath
Jerry 6593 said, "Sunday was first officially enforced by the edict of Constantine in 321 AD. Note that this was well before the schism with the Eastern Orthodox in 1054 AD, so that's where you guys got your Sunday.
Glory to Jesus Christ, Creator of the Seventy-day Sabbath."

Jerry, First of all, since when is Jesus the creator of a seventy day Sabbath?

That would mean that you are only commanded to worship 0.742857142857143 weeks?

Or did you mean Seventh day Sabbath?

Constantine did not change Saturday to Sunday.

Explain Matthew 6:1-2
Kathr4453 said, \\Cluny, Gnosticism is not having knowledge of God. \\

Wrong again, kathr.

Gnosticism is believing that "divine" knowledge is given to each one of us, individually. There is always a "special" knowledge that you have to receive from an initiate.

The more that you dig, the more questions you have, while you lose all sense of God's grace.

Agnosticism is not caring whether God exists or not.

How To Protect Family
Nicole Lacey said, "I will give it to you again.

'EWTN Live - Protestant Theology - Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. with David Anders - 06-23-2010' "

Right you are that Fr. Mitch said that. But "Roman" was used earlier than the 1400's.

The Arabs had been using "Rum" (pronounced rhoom) for 500 years before, to distinguish from the "Lateen" which come from the Western Catholic Church.

But if YOU, PERSONALLY don't wish to be called "Roman Catholic," then I will cease, and just address you as Catholic.

How To Protect Family
Nicole said, "StrongAxe, you never went to an American public school. Comparative Religion isn't offered in public schools K-12."


While it is true that Comparative Religion is not taught as a requirement in High School, it was taught in the Roman Catholic high school where I went. But it was comparative, not indoctrination.

In junior high I did go to a public school, and there I was taught about Islam. But even there it was listening to one man tell HIS experience, and NOT indoctrination. I know the difference. I was taught by the ROMAN Catholic nuns, and they indoctrinated me, I know.

Trump Protect Religious Freedom
mike said, "Trump said that he will give churches their voices back & signs executive order protecting religious freedom. Isnt that union of church & state which is unconstitutional? Is it a start of a revival?"

No, Mike. Freedom of religion means that Congress will make no law as to the type of religion that is "acceptable."

In other words, you cannot be discriminated against because you are Evangelical Protestant, or Baptist, or Catholic or Buddhist

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