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Is Harold Camping Correct
An important question is whether Campings hermanutics are correct.I believed he was correct in 1994. Afterward,I was truly upset with myself for preaching that the world would end and I returned to my former church and stopped listening to family radio for many years.I fell into more and more sin.I have started listening to him again and have come understand the power of God in Salvation.I do not believe I am saved right now but am praying that God would give me understanding to truly love his word and his commandments. After all, why do we call him Lord and do not the things that he says? Do we love the world or the Bible? That is my struggle. Can any relate?

Lakeland Florida Revival
the lakeland revival is sure nough a revival. those there could not possibly know the scriptures. God is not the author of confusion and those being slain in the spirit are in confusion. I emplore all to compare his preaching to the written word of God. It does not line up with scripture.a revival of demonic spirits

Was Jesus's Body From Mary
as in all paternaty issues the infant inherits the blood traits from its Jesus case his blood was untainted by sin and since the life is in the blood even unaffected by any possibility of sinfullness from mary.The egg was only the phyisical or flesh medium provided by mary.And being knitted together in the womb by god a perfect man resulted .one endowed with the attributes of God and Man.

I Don't Believe In Catholic Ways
Catholic dogma has hurt this church,and all churches.The catholic church is lost and without a rudder. It will falter and sink. They preach falsehoods and are not in touch with reality. Their past is froth with deceit, anger, hatred, death and destruction. How can they be leaders of men???

Was Mary A Virgin
bethroded meant engaged in marys day. there was a contract between joseph and marys' families for them to be married. joseph was going to break the contract when he found out mary was pregnant however he was told mary was pregnant by the holy spirit and then he married her. after jesus was born they did have sexual relations and mary had other children by joseph.

Can You Remarry Your Spouse
deutoronomy twenty four talks about divorcing if a man finds out his wife was not a virgin when he married her. according to jesus who is the absolute authority adultery is not a reason for divorce. the only reason for annulment of a marriage is if there was fraud involved in the marriage which also relates to deutoronomy 24. so the answer to the question is whether he was saved or not his wife is still his wife. getting back together with her is the right thing to do.

Can Christians Drink A Little Wine
Proverbs 20:1 Wine is a mocker,and strong drink is raging:and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.Rayma,N.C.

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