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Catholic Bible History
TS/MikeM., you wrote

"What I note, again and again, is that bloggers here absolutly NOT deal with the subject itself, but attack the person(ad hominum) change the subject(non-sequitor) or bail. Luther once guaged the hate of so many against him as that what he was saying must have validity to it. "The more they run and are angered in Rome, the more I know I am on to the truth."-Luthe
---MikeM on 8/24/06"

Catholic Bible History
TS/MikeM., you wrote

"Liara are you and Rebarb his clanging kin?
---TS on 5/23/07"
speaking of Lorra and Ruben.

"Did you finish high school? Try some classes in basic geology, archeology, orogeny, 101; then we can talk."

Will Kate Batts be waiting for you on the other side, MikeM.?

Why Tongues Are Not For Today
Your point doesn't stand a snowball's chance, MikeM. You kick against the goads.
"It is hard for you to kick against the goads," means Paul had guilt and was violating his conscience in persecuting believers in Christ. Paul wrote later that in spite of his blaspheming, violence, and persecution of the church he was shown mercy because he was acting in ignorance and unbelief (I Tim 1:13). Kicking the goads referred to the futility of his persecuting the church."
You enjoy it, MikeM.

Is The Soul Immortal
TS, mormons don't believe in hell or eternal torment, so that would fit your theology, MikeM.

Catholic Bible History
TS alias SLCguy, Mike.M., yeah it's you.
You have the nastiest mouth, only one other mouth simpatico with yours.

Catholic Bible History
TS/SLCguy, MikeM. is mormon, but everyone thinks you're SDA, that's how simpatico all cultish beliefs are.

How Big Is The Remnant Church
lee, TS is MikeM., SLCguy, alien mormon.
That might help you with his replies.

Catholic Bible History
Clanging cymbol, are MikeM.'s kin?
The more I think about it, the way you twist words to call names - it must be you.
SLC Guy - are you TS. You're in agreement with another clanging cymbol here, TS you gotta be MikeM.

Catholic Bible History
If TS is in agreement with you, you should examine your heart. It means something is very wrong.

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