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When Was The First Bible Written
the Bible was made to let us know the true story of god and Jesus but mostly to thank is that god washed way are sins :) :):) :)

Why Tongues Are Not For Today
Rickey, the Bible says that tongues was a sign for the Jews. Ok, so if the tongue was a sign for the Jew then how is it any different today?

My Brother Got A Girl Pregnant
your youth pastor is wrong because in exodus 22,16 it talks about a man taking a virgin who is not his and sleeping with her it says when he does that he must pay a price to marry her

Is Moronism A Cult
Mormons and christians are not the same in the slightest. how can they be the same when they believe there is other gods besides jesus? they also consider a mere sinner JOSEPH SMITH to be the right hand man to God... he was nothing more than a thief and an adulterer. while jesus was a perfect man and a real savior

Is Cosmetic Surgery Biblical
andre5836 its ok.its no difference with weaves,ornaments and any other beutification thing,

Is Cosmetic Surgery Biblical
yes,we should always help others to look pretty well too.example.the operation smile.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Biblical
i think it should be allowed.its no different with make ups

Prove Earth Is 6,000 Years Old
people have "proved" that it is billions by way of carbon-dating, however the settings used by carbon-daters have been false, using the idea that it IS billions of years old as their preset. were they to use the preset that the earth they test is thousands, they would come p with 4,000 to 7,000.

Older Women Want Love Too
I'm 45 and I still want to be married. The problem is that the career I trained for has me working outside the USA a lot, and most American women won't consider going outside the USA anymore. I wish some of them would see how there is so much ministry that can be done by teaching English to others in the world.

Where Do You Meet A Real Man
Oh yes - the title of this blog says the poster wants to find a "real man". Sounds to me as if a high income is a prerequisite for being a "real" man. What about missionaries? What about ministers? Especially, what about the lifestyle of Our Lord? Think about this.

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