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Morris Cerullo's Ministry
Morris is a man of God.
You can tell by the fruits:-
healing, miracles, signs and wonders: proof that the Spirit of God is with him.
Who wants a so called minister who speaks flowery language or play with emotions and not perform any work at the end of the day?

Is God A Male Or Female
This question is downright ludicrous and demeaning to God.
Male and Female sexes are only for human beings.
Angels themselves don't have sexes.
God is SPIRIT! not male or female!

When Should A Women Be Submissive
Collosians 3:18 (an example)
Women should AT ALL TIMES be submissive to their husbands EXCEPT only when their husbands commit SIN, then they should put their stand for God and not follow their husbands. If women may not agree on decisions of their husbands, she should not ensue a quarrel. Instead, it is her duty to be prayerful about the matter.
Likewise, the church must always submit to the head of the church, Jesus.

Christmas Not In The Bible
Many celebrations/traditions have been inculcated into Christianity over time, such as Christmas, Easter, Good Friday etc.
And these things spread because people liked the idea.
In actuality,these celebrations have nothing to do with Christianity.

When Did Lucifer Fall
Lucifer aka Satan(after the fall) fell because of his pride.
Lucifer was initially a beautiful ark angel God created. The reason he fell was because he did not render all glory and praises unto God. Whenever people praised him, he allowed it to get into his head. Eventually, pride overtook the good of him, and he felt that he was greater than God, this was the seed of rebellion. Obviously Lucifer lost and was cast down to earth.

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