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How To Witness To Mormons
No John, it goes right to the heart of the matter.
I do believe if their father, Joseph Smith, would have asked them to drink the koolade, on their 1847 pilgrimage to Utah - they would have.
I believe they're still taking his orders today through the BOM and all the additional books he added.

How To Witness To Mormons
Intellectuals are attracted to cults and people who've experienced traumatic events in their life.
The mind is the devil's first line of attack. If he can overcome your mind, he has you. Gentle prodding seldom pulls someone out of a cult. "Cultivated" members are usually isolated from others, with little outside influence. They stick to each other.

How To Witness To Mormons
John, that would be nice in a perfect world.
But it doesn't work that way with a cult and cult members.
Heaven's Gate followed a comet and died on their bunkbeds with a purple shroud and running shoes on. Their false prophet loved them right into their deaths.
No, we need to tell them the truth with the Love of Jesus Christ. Not the Jesus Christ they follow. They have the name but are of a different spirit.

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