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Who Invented Evolution
God "invented" everything. Evolution is just one of God's wondrous ways. (No opinions unless you actually read Darwin's Origins. His observations and scientific data are stunning and, in many cases, conclusive.

His opinions, leaps to conclusions - premature

Spanking Young Teenage Boy
You're kidding, right? That's pretty twisted.

If Abortions Were Illegal
Change hearts!!! Use violent words,such as MURDERER/BABYKILLER and you are pushing the lost away from the light and endangering the innocent. Not only is that rhetoric so lame,but Blood will be on your hands.

Earthly laws?? - Who cares?Get busy changing hearts - for God's sake. If minds can be changed to recycle cans and bottles, we certainly can make a world where it doesn't even enter one's mind to abort a child.As a kid,cans went out the car window.Now we (esp my kids) never put cans in the trash.Go back to pre-Rowe and I think woman will die,mainly the poor while the rich churchgoers will send their daughters to Canada. But we should surely be able to convince folks that saving lives is more important than saving cans.

People Scared Of Holy Ghost
They believe the lies of the devil more than the word of God.

How To Witness To Mormons
In D&C 27 the preface states that the section records a revelation given to J.Smith on August 1830, a portion of which was written then and the remainder the following month. In the original D&C however, only the first 5 1/2 verses, verse 14, and parts of verse 15 and 18 are to be found. If the remaining 11 verses + two halves were written the following September, why did they not show up in any copy of D&C until YEARS later?

How To Witness To Mormons
How can any men ever become Gods when the Bible says, "Before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me"? (see Isaiah 43:10).

How To Witness To Mormons
If Jesus was being married to Mary and Martha in Cana (John 2:1, 2), why was He INVITED to His own wedding? (see Journal. of Discourses. Vol. 1, page 210).
Jesus was not married in the Bible, but is according to the Mormons.

How To Witness To Mormons
If Mormonism came as a revelation from God, why are the Mormon Temple Oaths almost identical to the oaths of the Masonic Lodge? (see Temple Mormonism, by A. J. Montgomery, page 18, 20).

How To Witness To Mormons
Jesus said, "In secret have I said nothing." Why is so much of Mormonism secret? (John 18:20).

How To Witness To Mormons
If salvation as taught in the Bible is neither resurrection nor exaltation, how can Mormons hear the Bible way of salvation in a Mormon church? Why don't Mormons ever say, "I was saved on such and such a day?"

Idea Of The Pope Develop
Richie..In John 14:26, when Jesus is leaving, he promises to send the Holy Spirit, not the pope, to guide us and teach us!

Catholic Traditions Hell Bound
Canon Law 1374 denies freedom of choice to Roman Catholic parents in regards to schools, and say that they must send their children to parochial school under pain of mortal sin unless excused from doing so by the bishop (Roman Catholicism, Boettner, 358)

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