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Examine Religious Experience
I'll bet those who reject Jesus Christ is God made Flesh also reject redemption through His Blood.---kathr4453

You know Kathryn better than I, so can you tell me how she comes to this conclusion?

Examine Religious Experience
I'll bet those who reject Jesus Christ is God made Flesh also reject redemption through His Blood.---kathr4453

You know Kathryn better than I, so can you tell me how she comes to this conclusion?

Examine Religious Experience
Okay, Thank you, thats one of the verses I wanted to see.
It does say Father, But Jesus definitely acknowledges someone greater than himself in heaven, while he was here on Earth. Why?

They must have asked themselves this question, and I was wondering who they believe he was talking to.

Examine Religious Experience
Can someone tell us, how Jesus can be God the Father and also sit at the right hand of God? Tell us who Jesus prayed to, who he called Father in his prayers?

If we can see scripture that gives us the answers to these questions, perhaps we can be convinced to see it your way.

Examine Religious Experience
Psalm 110:1, Matthew 22:44, and Mark 12:36:
The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.---StrongAxe

Perfect verse StrongAxe.
God says,...Until I make thine enemies thy footstool, Jesus will sit at right hand of God.
Has God done this yet?

If Jesus and God are one figuratively, why would Jesus sit at the right hand of God?? When we pray, Do we pray to God...or to Jesus?
We pray to God, in the name of his Son, Jesus.

Examine Religious Experience
This is a good discussion to have with you, for we are not emotionally attached to it. This whole Trinity matter is confusing to me and Im not really sure which side of the fence people see me on.

I believe Jesus to be the Son of God, the heir to the throne of God the Father. He is God, because he has all the Power and Authority of God, but he is the Son of God, he is not God the Father.

Is this the JW view?

Examine Religious Experience
There are also others who believe that Jesus is the Son of God, but is not God himself.---StrongAxe

Thank you for your explanation and your maturity. I have read and been involved in some of these discussions, but have never understood peoples fever over the subject.

Jesus is God...Jesus is Michael...Jesus is the Son of God, but he is not God the Father. I can not see, In any of theses choices, where someone would deny the Deity of Christ, or that he is the Son of God. Nor do I see any of these beliefs as a game changer when it comes to salvation.
Do you?

Examine Religious Experience
Though I am not as involved in CN as some are, I have never read where anyone has denied Christ as the Son of God. Could you explain what they, or I have said, which causes you to make these accusations?

Every scripture you have posted doesnt prove anything, if we dont know what someone said which makes you think they deny Christ.

Examine Religious Experience
Yes he has for years tried to get me to deny Christ. It will NEVER HAPPEN. ---kathr4453

Is it remotely possible to have a substantive discussion with you, without you thwarting the discussion by telling a lie?

As far as the deity of Christ, If you are referring to the Trinity, you can believe whatever you want. Personally, I dont remember what you believe. I know the other David on CN likes to argue on the matter, but I dont. And I dont believe his argument is designed, to get anyone to deny Christ.

Examine Religious Experience
I'm shocked that many are so ignorant of this truth.---kathr4453 on 3/22/20

You are hardly in a position to declare someone ignorant. For years I have desperately tried to show you, your doctrine is opposed to the teachings in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And you are ignorant of why it is so important, to run from such teachings.

How do we know a teaching is from the Anti-Christ?
The prefix Anti-, means opposed to, opposite of. So A teaching which opposes the teachings of Jesus Christ, are clearly the teachings which come from the Anti-Christ.

You doctrine clearly fits this definition. So folks, like you, need to learn what Jesus taught, so you can identify these teachings.

Examine Religious Experience

Very few folks understand, why we must be Born Again, and this is the real problem we have in the Church.

Why must a man be Born Again?
Its because we are born with hearts, hearts that are unable to love, as Jesus loved us. This is why we must be Born Again, born with new hearts, hearts that can love God, a enemy, or a neighbor. (Romans 2:5)(Romans 2:29)

How does God heal our hearts?
Through keeping his commandments.(Romans 2:6-7)

The Moral laws are good, and should be kept, but they are not the Laws which change our hearts. Good Works...Acts of Love towards those who are in need of love, these are the Laws that change the heart. (Romans 6:17)

Examine Religious Experience
I am merely showing you the limitations of your Bible knowledge. Anything written in the bible, which goes against your doctrine, you see as false,...even though the teaching came from the Son of God.

If I make you feel foolish, its because the foolishness of a false doctrine can easily seen when held up to the word of God.

More foolishness?
You made the claim on 3/19/20, Those who are the righteousness of Christ, having OBEYED Romans 6 are not under the Law., when God says in (2 Thessalonians 1:8),... He will punish those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus.

Examine Religious Experience
Those who are the righteousness of Christ, having OBEYED Romans 6 are not under the Law. ---kathr4453

<>(Romans 6:6) For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body ruled by sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin

And how does one know they are no longer slaves of sin?

From the Master teacher:
(John 8:34) Jesus replied, Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin.

Examine Religious Experience
I guess the real difference between what you and I believe, is in what the Bible means when it says, Jesus died for our sins.

I believe Jesus died for the forgiveness of sin, so that we can have a relationship with God the Father, and at his discretion, be born again. And those born again will not sin, because that which caused them to sin has died.

You believe, Jesus died for the forgiveness of sin which pays the penalty for the sins, of those who believe, this penalty is paid for the rest of their natural lives. You also believe, sin has died in those who have been born again, but they will continue to sin, and we make the decision to be born again.


If not, tell me where I am wrong.

Examine Religious Experience
(Romans 3:19 & 20) Now we know that whatsoever things the law saith, it saith to those who are under the law, that every mouth may be stopped and all the world may become guilty before God. 20Therefore by the deeds of the law, no flesh shall be justified in His sight, for by the law is the knowledge of sin.

And who is it that gains the Knowledge of sin?
Those who are under the Law.

How do we know we are under the Law?
We will feel guilt, before God, when we sin.

How do we put ourselves under the Law?
Repent!!!...Get somewhere alone and simply ask God to forgive you of your sins. The Guilt will be your knowledge.

Examine Religious Experience
Kathryn the Law?
The Law are the commandments given to man which come from God.

Are we under the Law in the New Testament?

Since God has not put us under the Law, if we keep his commandments, Do we not put ourselves under the Law?

What results when we someone puts themselves under the Law?

(John 14:21) He that hath My commandments and keepeth them, he it is that loveth Me, and he that loveth Me shall be loved by My Father....

(Romans 2:13) For it is not the hearers of the law who are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified.

Examine Religious Experience
I dont advocate tithing, for it was for those God put under The Law. In the New Covenant we must put ourselves under the Law. Under the New Covent we are led...not commanded to keep the Law.

God does not command us to give money, but he still wants us to be givers, only it must be as a cheerful giver. Tithing does not make for a cheerful giver, but giving to someone to whom you are led by the Holy Spirit to give,...does make one a cheerful giver.

People experience this in their lives and dont understand why, sometimes when they give it makes them cheerful, and sometimes they are not. I am sure you have have been led to give to someone in need, and then after giving, discovered an unexpected joy which followed.

Examine Religious Experience
The tithe was NOT for "the needs of others". It was not charity for the poor. It was specifically to compensate Levi.....StrongAxe

Because of the word limitations I had to condense my post.

True, the Tithe taken from the other 11 tribes was given to the Levites for their inheritance, but....the Levites also gave 10% of what they received from the other 11 tribes, to God (Numbers 18:26). This is the tithe I was talking about.

Money is a good way to test ourselves. Its easy to fool ourselves into believing we are righteous, and we love God and our neighbor more than money. But do we spend our money as a righteous person on the needy, or do we spend it on that which we covet?

Examine Religious Experience
I partially agree with the idea of being held accountable, but If everything we own belongs to God, we would be Gods slaves, not servants of his righteousness.

Money is the root of all evil.
Because Satan uses money, which comes from the world, to keep us in the world.
Basically, he Tempts us to spend money on Our Wants, instead of the Needs of Others, as God used the Tithe he was given in (Deuteronomy 14, 28 & 29).

When we spend our money on our wants, instead of those God has shown us who are in need, we can see our love of the world, is greater than our Love for God and our neighbor.

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