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Celebrating Christmas Day
David: If one claims Jesus was born on the December 25 pagan holy day cannot be giving glory to Jesus Christ.//

Hi David, Christians have been celebrating the Annunciation (Luke 1:26-39) conception of Jesus by the Holy Spirit on March 25th a long time before the Birth of Jesus.

December 25th is exactly 9 months from March 25th.

The Romans CENTURIES later picked December 25th as their pagan celebration.

It isn't any different today when Secularists replace St. Valentine Feast day with cupid. St. Patrick's Feast day and our Holiest day Easter to a stupid bunny.

Does that mean we Christians must stop celebrating our Feast Days?

Support President Trump
//He shouldn't be sending messages to "his followers". He isn't president of "his followers". He's president of the entire United States,//


He is fighting for us. Including people like you, even though you want him to LOSE in everything he does.

You can't be happy for the troops in Afghanistan when Trump visited him.

BTW, when Trump wins we ALL WIN. Thus, Rocky photo.

As for Obama, they claimed he was our father. Remember Michelle comment of Barrack made us eat our vegetables but not Trump comment?

Chris Rock claiming the Obamas were our parents?

Michelle stating that Barack was going to make us do stuff for our own good?

They saw us as children

Interpret The Bible
//A Majorities beliefs have no relevance, in the revelation of fact,....or of fiction.//

This is very true. But, in Christ's Church, She is in the Majority

//You used the Majority as your source of confirmation, of what you believe.//

I don't think that's was what Cluny was saying.

Authority not Majority.

//And I merely warn you against using this, as a way of deciding what is true or false.---David on 11/28/19

You can't, but refusing to take an Authority given from Jesus is very dangerous.

Numbers 12:2

Support False Teachers
According to Jesus, Yes.

Matthew 23:1-3.

Now the problem is that there is only one Church Jesus is telling us to follow.

Support President Trump
Richard, Excellent points!

There isn't any reason to abort a baby. Not one. The only reason abortion continues is because babies can't speak, defend itself or his/her screams are not heard.

People won't even watch the 1979 'Silent Scream'. Almost everyone who does watch the movie immediately become anti-abortion. (Including the Abortionist Doctor who killed the baby in that file.

//I saw Rocky years ago. What would I learn by watching it again?//

The Trump photo tweet! You forgot the story line.

Tell me what the storyline of Rocky is about?

Admit it, you can't!

So watch it AGAIN if your REALLY want to understand the picture. If you don't want watch it again, then don't comment on the photo.

Support President Trump
//..he tweeted a picture of his own head on Rocky's body.-StrongAxe

Please WATCH the 1st Rocky movie.

You all are so ready to HIT without looking first.

That's okay, Trump's followers UNDERSTOOD that tweeted picture.

Plus, the media thinks their audiences are soooo dumb they had to tell them that photo was edited.

//last week he was rushed to a hospital for an unscheduled visit, which might have been a heart attack.//

Presidents DO NOT go to hospitals. (unless for SCHEDULED visits to other hospitalized patients.)

The 'hospital' goes to him/her.

The WH will not allow ER's doctors/nurses care for Presidents WITHOUT vetting them FIRST which is impossible to do in a emergency situation.

Salvation In The Church
It's true, but remember there are people like Steveng don't believe in 'buildings' known as Churches.

They want to have services in their own home. Plus, they want to even CONTROL God.

Sparrows Sold For A Farthing
//An Orthodox priest did a study of the Jewish sacrifices and learned that a big part of the support of the Aaronic priests came from the sale of the hides of sacrificial animals.--Cluny on 11/24/19

I am not saying it isn't true, but there something wrong with that study.

Think about it?

We treat the Holy Eucharist as the Jewish people treat their Sacrificial Lambs.

The Passover meal is a prefigurement of Christ's death and the Holy Mass.

Would we sell our leftover Eucharist Hosts to support our Priests?

No, we wouldn't.

Support President Trump
//his actions, he doesn't seem to support marital fidelity or respect for women, either.//

Neither do you.

Are you suggesting women who are 50% of marital fidelity are forced?

Women do not have a choice in the matter?

We are inferior in the relationship thus Innocent in the matter?

Leftists state that Leftists women are strong until someone criticizes them.

Then you all claim we made them cry or 'man handled'.

Bill is the one who has very LITTLE respect for women of all kind.

From aborting more girls than boys to sexual assaults against women

God Bless President Trump
StrongAxe, ever heard of the 'tyranny of the majority'?

James Madison wrote about it in the Federalist Paper 51:..Madison had thought that the greatest safeguard against the TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY was the large number of sects and divergences of interests and opinions that divided people in ways that made it virtually impossible for coalitions to form stable majorities.

(AKA Electoral Colleges of the States)

....(The phrase often used is "permanent minorities", but "permanent" is too strong because the problem is not that one is in a permanent minority, but that one is in a minority with no likely possibility to be in the majority in the near future or within even a few generations.) by Rick Garlikov

God Bless President Trump
StrongAxe, in ALL CASES Federal, State and Private it ONLY means protected from being fired as a reprisal.

That is the reprisal of being fired.

//But with the gov, there are worse dangers.//

I was in the Gov!

What you are suggesting is that the Gov Herself (employees) will harm you.

I bet you didn't even know about the 'No Fear Act' signed by Bush in 2002

That Act is to help with OTHER reprisals against whistleblowers because they can't fire you. Which I also used because I was a whistleblower.

In other words, if a whistleblower identity could be anonymous the 'No Fear Act' wouldn't be needed.

Besides, why would someone INCLUDING me volunteer their own identity if it wasn't required?

Support President Trump
Kathr: Teaching that revenge is ok to defend yourself (Nicole) is blasphemous, Romans 12:19//

No, telling everyone on CN that I NEVER told people that revenge is okay as you claim is defending myself:

That's 'defending' myself on CN by telling everyone you lied on me.

Telling people on CN a lie about you because you lied on me would be revenegment on my part.

See the difference?

Do you know the difference between 'Revenge' and 'defense'?

Correcting your lie isn't me revenging myself.

Funny how you left off Romans 12 verse 17-18

Was it because you did evil upon me by lying and didn't want me to revenge myself?

Shame on you, but as V 17-18 said, I have FORGIVEN YOU!

Sparrows Sold For A Farthing
Kathr, Sparrows are birds. Anyway Jesus said it in the NT. He isn't taking about food prices.

Because the OT didn't list every single fowl/bird by name you can't use sparrows?

The writer is assuming you know what is a bird.

Turn it around. If the birds are not meant for sparrows as well what is a sparrow to you?

If I said bring bread for Thanksgiving, does it mean you can't bring yeast rolls?

Bread and rolls are different to you?

Please tell me where in the Bible states lambs have to be skinned?

//so you say burning WOOL was also part of the sacrifice?//

Yes. A person can not give a half offering.

Exodus 12:4 and V10

Hair is part of the sheep. It has DNA. As your hair has DNA

Church On Doctrines
StrongAxe: Stop being OBSESSED with the 13435 figure. Regardless of whether Trump lied 13000 times or 1000 times, he's still a pathological liar.//

I laughed so hard at your comment. Good one!

Do you see the irony?

You tell me to stop obsessing about the number I claim must be a LIE because there isn't any supporting citations.

I can swallow you all accusing him of lying 100, 1000 or even 3000 times. But nooooo, you all had to give a whopping 13,435 number.

Then you have the nerve to state rather it's one number or another, he is still a pathological liar.

So, because you all can't back up your lies about him lying, it makes Trump a liar?

I guess it takes liars to recognize a liar :D

God Bless President Trump
StrongAxe: The whistleblower remains anonymous for fear of reprisals. Despite the Whistleblower Protection Act,//

You don't know what you are talking about. It states the Whistleblower CAN'T be fired.

I was a Whistleblower myself with a Whistleblower Lawyer expert.

Being anonymous ISN'T in the Whistleblower Protection Act.

Now, my Lawyer did say they can't fire me for being the whistleblower, but they WILL TRY to find something else to fire me. Boy, he was right! They tried, but couldn't thanks to God.

BTW, Obama DID fire over 200 whistleblowers and even sent some of them to prison.

'Obamas Legacy: A Historic War On Whistleblowers' - Long Island Press.

NOW That's reprisals

How To Calculate 666
StrongAxe: Yes, posts must be replaced, but Jesus made the promise to Peter (i.e. a person), not to a post.//

Why would Jesus give a man authority to end upon his death?

So, according to your logic, the Church Jesus told him in the same conversation would fall apart upon Peter's death?

//Peter clearly did miracles, yet his successors did not.//

What does Authority have to do with miracles? What's the connection to you?

All the Apostles performed miracles. But Jesus ONLY gave the keys to Peter.

//It's obvious that THAT wasn't something that was passed on ad infinitum//

No, only until Jesus returns.

//How can you argue that one thing was not passed down, but another was//

I just did.

Church On Doctrines
StrongAxe: WaPo reported 13435 lies//

Seen it, ONLY hundred examples. Which 50% were wrong. 50% petty like my 'raining cats and dogs scenario I gave you.
br>Again, I want every 13,435 lies cited by REAL citations.

If you can't find it then it is a lie.

Because that is an odd number to use which means it is listed somewhere and a computer counted the lies.

Leftists think people are dumb. Maybe your constituents, but not Trump's constituents.

Please, try again

//Politifact provides detailed explanations on why each statement is a lie.//

No, they didn't.

'Each' means 13,435 explanations. You made that up.

BTW, I can't research NOTHING.

Go to the ZOO to see unicorns.

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