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Keeping Of Sunday
Also Strongaxe this is something else I see. I know prophecy will come to pass regardless. If we are living in this time where we will see such things, we will see famine. We see Trump crushing our farmers. Drought....we are already seeing the distruction of our rivers lakes and oceans that are affecting global disturbances in our atmosphere, he's weakening global economy , causing hate towards one another, he loves dictators and evil leaders...another sign of end times....his idea of thinking he's a dictator...easy for someone like him to fill those shoes who will claim they can FIX his mess. I don't think Trump is the AC, because he's a fool in the eyes of the world. He I believe is being used to make way for the AC. Just a thought.

Dormition Of Mary
When did Mary worship start?
Now it should be noted, historically, that the official worship of Mary was established in 431 A.D. 431 A.D. Prayers to Mary came around 600 A.D., a few hundred years passed before this cult developed. It really is a form, an old, old pagan form of the goddess worship: Baal and Ashtoreth, Isis and Osiris in Egypt.

Feast of the Transfiguration
Genesis says heaven is also our atmosphere where the stars etc are. But the heaven far above all heavens where God's throne is Eph 4:10 , Jesus says no man has gone. John 3:13. Philip was also translated somewhere away from where he witnessed to the Eunuch ...Paul was also taken up to the third heaven and came back, as did John in Rev. And no scripture says Elijah did not taste death. However it does say that about Enoch. Scripture is silent concerning Elijah after being swept away in a chariot. We should not add to scripture what is not there.

Two Prophets Of Revelation
Mark_Eaton, please site your sources as to the incorrect translation. Eternal G166 also everlasting is used and defined as having no end. The same word used for everlasting in many scriptures do not support your claim.

I know the JW insist too a wrong translation of John 1 saying the original said " a god" referring to THE WORD.

Do you actually own the original translation, or just taking someone's word for it who wants to rewrite scripture to measure up to their doctrines? I tried to find your source concerning Matthew 25:46 and came up empty.

Two Prophets Of Revelation
Strongaxe, the Pharisees who rejected Jesus may have said that, but the promise of the Christ started in Genesis. Genesis 3:15. ..not at Pentecost. Never heard that view before.

So you think a totally NEW religion started at Pentecost? The promise of the Spirit was prophecied all the way back in the OT. The promise of the savior again began in Genesis.

You do have some strange views. I'll have to disagree with yours on this one. Very strange views.

Salvation By Our Works
Also David you seem to follow in the very steps you accuse JS of doing. Again, only God knows the heart of JS, not you. To again presume to know another's motives is called the sin of presumptuousness. So arrogant. And your obsessions with others is disturbing.

Two Prophets Of Revelation
Matthew25: 46 And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

The very last verse here does not teach universalism. Everlasting punishment is not temporary punishment. If those who choose to redefine everlasting to something temporary, than everlasting LIFE is and must be taught it's only temporary too. And again CULTS change the definitions of scripture to fit with their cherry picked verses.

Two Prophets Of Revelation
Also there are secular CULTS like the KKK. White Supremacist, having nothing to do with religion. There are political CULTS as well. So there is clear definition of a cult. Do they brainwash? Say we are the ONLY TRUE THIS OR THAT. Tell you you are superior to others. Tell you they have a secret you can work up to finding that secret. Are they a secret society? Give you a supplement to the Bible?

With religious CULTS there is ALWAYS HERESY. But BELIEF in a heresy does not mean you are in a cult. Religious CULTS put more importance on man then on God. CULTS make up their own beliefs not in scripture. Cults have control of you. Know the signs of a CULT. They are dangerous.

Two Prophets Of Revelation
Also if you have a guru who started a NEW belief system, like Ellen White did, a false prophetess in this case, or Ron L etc or those brothers with the JW'S OT Joseph Smith etc's definitely classed as a cult by those who define the term. I guess on Paul's time they were simply called heretics
Those Calvin RCC just murdered.

Salvation By Our Works
Also David ...the power of the Cross is something you experience after you are saved, and revealed to us by the Holy Spirit as we obey. You can't make it
Happen, but it is what happens as we grow in the Grace and knowledge of Him. It's only available to those saved by Grace through faith. That mY be why you don't See that truth. Those still under the law will never know these truths in realty.

Salvation By Our Works
Ok so all the questions I've asked that David refuses to answer, hummm, what shall we make of that....lets see....does it prove you like to dress in woman's clothing? Wear lipstick? Abuse animals?

Two can play that game David. But I answered your question..I DONT FOLLOW MEN, and it appears Jimmy Swaggart is a man...correct? So is it a low IQ that doesn't understand that, or just having fun hurrassing others on line here? Or both....?

Salvation By Our Works
I can't believe how "the David's" are here making a fool of themselves ...but hay, .keep up the foolishness for others to see. No one has to even debate you....your "self impeaching" comments are all that's needed here.

Salvation By Our Works
Also David, You have again a peculiar view that without the law, one can live a lawless life. WRONG. Firstly, you have recklessly made false accusations. We don't reject the law David, we just don't use it the way you do. We use it according to scripture, not according to David.

It's your ignorant attacks here that need to stop. Romans 7... Begin with we who are Jewish have died to the law so we can be married to another...CHRIST. You love the end of Romans need to start in the beginning, and end with the last verse...WHO will deliver me from the body of this death...I THANK GOD JESUS DID...YEA...PRAISE there is therefore now NO CONDEMNATION TO THOSE IN CHRIST. So stop comdemning those in Christ David.

Salvation By Our Works
But David does make a point about Protestants, ...Presbyterian's who technically fit the description of those who opposed Catholicism re John Calvin....are Protestant's as is Donald Trump, where they believe they are Gods ELECT has never repented, doesn't see himself as a sinner... And we do see Trump perfectly described in Davis's assessment believing they are the elect, can do no wrong, or even if they did...God will fix it. The hypocricy here is David won't condemn Trump.

But I don't believe all Protestants hold to that form of doctrine. So again, David's assessment is made out of ignorance, or worse...personal attacks having respect of persons.

Do We Have Free Will
Monk, in reviewing Revelation 11, the Lord spoke to me through these verses this morning to show that they too will be accused of being hateful. So I'm assured by the Lord not to take you and Cluny or even David's remarks to heart. I guess it all depends on where you're sitting. I see your constant attacking truth the real issue here.

Hope before Rev 11 takes place you all have a WOK moment.

Is Evangelism Important
Here is where the TRUE CHURCH AKA THE BOC , EXPOSES Orthodox and RCC succession. These verses refute their cultish practices. The Lord gives EVERY CHRISTIAN a GIFT, to use WITH AUTHORITY, no matter who you are, where you live, whether you are a man or woman. Please know yours and use it WITH AUTHORITY, and don't let any bully try to stop you.

Ephesians 410 He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things.) 11 And he gave some, apostles, and some, prophets, and some, evangelists, and some, pastors and teachers,12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

Tell Them To Leave
Seeing Cluny again wasted another spot here with his senile comments of WHO CARES ....Jerry, your hate is really applauding and so bazaar. These home grown white men and teem white boys who are mass murderers in our country are and have been on the rise since TRUMP has taken the scene. His refusal to CONDEMN WHITE SUPREMACY from the get go, is endorsing it.

And all the hate towards Dems and deflecting these facts towards Dems and immigration will NEVER sanitize the FACTS. Only twisted FOX would twist these FACTS. Your just a mindless Paul-Parrott of FOX NEWS.

Do We Have Free Will
So David, just posted Romans 6:13 for you as the answer to your question, Why do many continue in sin who call themselves Christians or say they are dead...or sin died or whatever your question was. It's because part of the problem is they failed to OBEY the YIELD your members as those alive from the dead part unto God ....Romans is very clear..a detailed step by step of what OUR PART IS....SUBMIT, YIELD AND RECKON , OBEY FROM THE HEART that form of doctrine delivered to you.

If you are trying to do on your own in the flesh without being crucified with Christ and raised up TOGETHER WITH HIM can't be done David. Sin will ALWAYS BE ALIVE IN YOUR MEMBERS. You need Jesus deliverance, not self effort purification..

Do We Have Free Will
It also must be noted that the GOSPEL OF SALVATION, is not about trying to achieve sinless perfection, but praising God we have been set FREE from the power of Sin through Jesus death and resurrection, and our being set free by our identification with Jesus in death and resurrection life.

I,actually find David's sarcastic comments re "dying to sin" as blasphemy against the very truths God has established. I DIE DAILY is a daily obedience as well, he simply neglects to acknowledge. Even Nicole made a moronic comment on this verse against scripture, out of ignorance.

Your gospel is not the gospel of scripture David.

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