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Take COVID-19 Vaccination Today

Would you take the Covid-19 vaccination if it was mandatory? Why or why not?

No. Flu vaccines are historically ineffective. Injected people still get the flu. The vaccines contain dangerous toxins. I have the right to say what is injected into my body.

There is a more dangerous pandemic than COVID19, and several people on this website have it. It's called Trump Derangement Syndrome.

President Trump Twitter Facts

I have just one question:

Who fact checks the fact checker?

James Robison Ski House

ax: on the surface, it seems a bit hypocritical of you to decry folks hijacking a blog subject to discuss another, when you are discussing Calvinism on a James R. ski resort blog.

Kat: See above, re your incessant blather about Trump's religious beliefs. How about Obama's Muslim beliefs?

Leftist Hatred Tearing USA

ax: Do YOU really believe that black lives matter more than all others. That's not what the Bible teaches. Trump did not start or foment these riots. That is just another of the 145,000 lies that Democrats tell. This is nothing short of armed insurrection, and should be put down with force of arms, just as the Confederacy was. It was planned and executed by leftists such as Obama, Clinton and Soros. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the fruits of your socialist ideology.

Leftist Hatred Tearing USA

ven: While I strongly disagree with your stance on predestination, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of Democrat Communist Anarchists as non-Christian. In fact, today's Democrat bears no resemblance whatever to the character of Christ.

These idiots claim to be rioting over the unnecessary death of a black criminal, when they have murdered at least 17 people (some black) by their criminal actions. No thinking person can sanction such behavior.

Leftist Hatred Tearing USA

This anti-cop BLM hoax is just one more in the arsenal of communist weapons being used to GET TRUMP! Our country has been subjected to the:

Russia Muller Hoax

Ukraine Phone Call Hoax

Impeachment Hoax

COVID-19 Hoax

and now this. You people never quit - no matter how many times you are PROVED wrong. You lost the election. Get over it!

Leftist Hatred Tearing USA

How do you leftists always manage to end up on the wrong side?

You favor hateful anarchy and violence over peace and prosperity.

George Floyd's death was indeed a senseless tragedy. But the murder, mayhem, violence and destruction of property spawned in his name is an outrageous affront to all peace-loving Americans. Even George's family decry this reaction and call for law and order.

This is the legacy of the Democrat party. Do you really think that all America loves being attacked by this domestic enemy?

Leftist Hatred Tearing USA

I hope you guys are enjoying this. You wanted socialism. Here it is. Anarchy in the streets. Massive destruction of property, injury and even deaths. Over what? One bad cop? He's been arrested and charged with murder. He and the victim knew each other - had night jobs as guards at the same bar. What does stealing a big screen TV have to do a man being murdered?

But the police in these Democrat-run cities stand down and let the anarchists have their way. Yet if anyone is caught outdoor without a mask or too close together, they are right there to arrest them - unless they are rioting, of course.

Bill Gates Required Microchip

Nurse Bobby: "Tell us, Jerry, what did you do with your socialist check Trump sent you?"

I haven't gotten one yet. Did you get one? Are you grateful to our wonderful President for it? I'd bet not.

God bless Donald Trump!

Bill Gates Required Microchip

I hope you socialists are enjoying this taste of socialism which employs government overreach to keep you from church and results in empty shelves at the grocery store. What will it take to open your eyes?

Bill Gates Required Microchip

You commies are so easy to trigger!

Bill Gates Required Microchip

Nicole: I'm so glad you're back. It's hard to hold the line against these leftist traitors, and I appreciate your help. The axster apparently gets his info from Fake News, and Chatty Katty gets hers by channeling some strange spirit or other (Who can know?).

We know that these leftists are insane due to Trump Derangement Syndrome, but I recently read that 82% of Democrats would refuse life-saving hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID19 because Trump recommended it. Now that's INSANITY!

What Is Your Truth

David: "I Dont agree with Saturday sabbath"

Then you don't agree with the Bible, or Jesus and the Apostles. Sunday sacredness came well after the apostolic period.

Isa 8:20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to THIS WORD, it is because there is NO LIGHT in them.

Covid-19 Life Impact

Nicole: "So the CCP can try to contain an uncontrollable outbreak, but Trump can't?"

These lefties love the CCP because they are closet commies. They hate Trump because of the constant fake news drumbeat. They don't care that we were attacked by a communist bioweapon, they only know their insane hatred for our legally elected president.

Bill Gates Required Microchip

Katty: Once again you prove yourself the CN queen of obnoxiousness. You claim to be able to know other's hearts, when only God does. You are not God! You seem to follow after your father, the accuser of the brethren.

Samuel made the same mistake of judging that I had left the Church. I responded to his FALSE assertion, and you had to stick your uninvited nose in to spew your anti-Trump hatred.

Why do you hate true American Christians so?

God bless Donald Trump!

Bill Gates Required Microchip

Sammy: "Jerry Apparently you have left the Seventh day Adventist church."

Where did you get that? If you were objective, you would realize that it is YOU who has turned against our Sola Scriptura protestant foundation to embrace the political philosophies of atheism, infanticide, sexual perversion, lying and covetousness found in your beloved leftist Democrat Party.

These leftist enemies within our country do their best to support our enemies (Iran, China, etc.), and undermine our duly elected government.

Shame on you for leaving the religion of Christ to embrace the "Beast that emerges from the bottomless pit." (Most here won't understand this, but you should if you're still a SDA.)

Bill Gates Required Microchip

Gates is a Communist just like his father. Of course he wants us to be implanted with a chip so he can track us. All leftists love more and more government control, and will use any excuse - even a pandemic disease - to get it.

Thank God for Donald Trump. We'd all be dead if the Hildebeast had been elected.

Coronavirus And Christians

Rats! I thought the insulting blog clogger was off duty. And I was so looking forward to your vacation.

"Spanish Flu actually began here in the USA"

That's one theory, but you'd have a hard time proving it.

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