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Works Of The Law
David, your lesson for the day does not alter the verses I posted below. The Just aka JUSTIFIED shall live by FAITH. a great chapter you may want to meditate on that defines FAITH, Hebrews 11 and gives examples of Faith God sees as works if faith, also James defining, begins in Genesis with Abel and Cain.

Now you think you are doing good works by thinking you are a teacher of the word, and bring in false doctrine it's called EVIL WORKS. AND if you are doing it in your own strength yet first saved by grace through faith, it's called wood hay and stubble, and will be burned up. But we are still saved.
******1 Corinthians 3:11:15 ***** you need to meditate on these verses deeply and sincerely. I hope that answers your question.

Can Satan Be Forgiven
JS1234 believes in a restoration theology not taught in scripture. I'm reconciled through Jeuss Christ as we speak, and so is everyone who's faith is in Christ. Those not born yet who will be saved will also be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ. Those who have been born, Rejected the opportunity to be reconciled have died with that choice get no second chances. Their time to be reconciled is over. Satan and demons again, if they had the offer to be reconciled...would have BY NOW. Hasn't happened.

The OLD creation and all evil in the OLD CREATION is not going to be reconciled to God through Christ....ONLY THE NEW CREATION WITH THE NEW CREATURE. Jesus clearly said You cannot put OLD WINE in New Wine skins.

Can Satan Be Forgiven
Also John being dead in our sin is not people in a zombie like state of existance. God said to Israel in their dead in their sin state...LET US REASON TOGETHER. God YOU SAY can't reason with the dead...however GOD SAID HE COULD AND DID AND HAS FROM THE BEGINNING.

The verse is very simple and straight forward and does not need your or anyone's commentary explaining it away.

Most folks do that when a verse does not fit their false doctrine.

Works Of The Law
Also David you can substitute GOOD WORKS IN PLACE OF sin and it still would not change the verses ....Faith is not of the law...your good works or bad work theory. However don't confuse the WORKS OF FAITH with your works theory. There is no such animal as bad works of faith.

Scrambling up scripture to encourage a more intellectual dialogue is gnosticism. God's word does not need to be tossed around for your entertainment. It's not hard why are you trying to make it so and in doing so change the content...twist more like it.

Can Satan Be Forgiven
John, first you must be delusional, as I never said Israel was not Gods elect... I said they are, and their electness didn't guarantee salvation as the Nation as a whole rejected Jesus Christ. John I have issues with LIARS and underhanded ways you twist things to falsely accuse others.

You are too quick to post or shoot off your mouth first without reading THOROUGHLY what others say. I find people like that have mental issues. You fit that perfectly.

Now apologize for LYING JOHN.

Israel is Gods elect, who SINNED and God said to them IN Their sinful unregenerate unquickened state ....LET US REASON TOGETHER, though your SINS ARE....

Stop twisting scripture too. It's disgusting.

Works Of The Law
David, let me make it even simpler for you.....your version is not according to scripture. If it was you would have backed it up with scripture. And because there are umpteen verses that refute your THEORY, I reject your beliefs.

It doesn't surprise me that you would so twist scripture to fit into your false belief system.

The Bible NEVER alternates the word WORKS with SIN.

NOT EVEN "WORKS OF FAITH" fit your description.

Again David tell us YOUR DENOMINATION, so I can study their beliefs to see if you have twisted theirs as well, or if you are just someone alone, having your own private interpretation of scripture.

Can Satan Be Forgiven
Satan cannot be REDEEMED with the Blood of Jesus Christ. No angels can. Jesus came to save MAN, and is why he took on flesh and not the whatever of an angel. Read Hebrews 2 please.

JS1234 Why do you keep pushing this false idea?

Predestined For Hell
John here are important verses showing ISRAEL THE NATION, as Gods Elect...Deut 7:6, Exodus 19:4-6, Psalma 135:4, Isaiah 43:10, 44:1-2, 45:4

And loud and clear Amos 3:2. YOU ONLY HAVE I KNOWN OF ALL THE FAMILIES On earth....

Not John the Gentile. No Gentile was Gods elect. No individual Jew or Gentile....but the WHOLE NATION. They were not automatically saved because they were Gods elect.

Now we do see in Romans 11:1-8 God has not forgotten them. But He will remember them after YOU a GENTILE WILD AGAINST NATURE is grafted in. But until then MULTITUDES OF JEWS are and have been LOST over the last 2000 years. There's no universal salvation for them who rejected Christ...elect though they may be.

Dormition Of Mary
Cluny if you really want to know, you have the ability to research. Actually the day you celebrate the DORMITION of Mary is the EXACT DAY Dianna was celebrated. Go research Cluny.

I do not bare false promote false heresies.
You also bare false witness when you witness to Mary's Bodily resurrection not even being there, but carry on traditions and FABLES, we are warned against.

No one has risen from the dead before the "first resurrection " meaning all believers from Genesis to the Lords Himself shouts...not even Mary. If she had IT WOULD BE VERY IMPORTANT DOCTRINE.....but it's not important enough for God to even mention?????? Because it didn't happen Cluny.

Predestined For Hell
John those in Isaiah you say we're already elect scripture shows Israel as a whole was not automatically saved. Romans 9-11 should be clear what Paul is saying. So your idea of elect and Gods is two entirely different things. Israel Gods elect people out of all the peoples of the world were His Chosen, to be a light to the Nations.....again were under the LAW of Moses and by that were no more saved than Paul was before His own conversion.

Israel THE NATION will always be Gods ELECT.

They were in their SINS when God said let us reason together. Remember the blood of bulls and goats did not TAKE AWAY SIN.

You are not grounded in scripture John, and don't know what you are talking about.

Predestined For Hell
Everyone in the whole world has the same opportunity to be saved as our John does here. Faith comes by HEARING THE WORD OF GOD. WHERE THROUGH THE WORD OF GOD, GOD IS REASONING WITH YOU. We've already seen God say to SINNERS...let Us Reason TOGETHER. John says God lied and believes man who is Dead can't reason. Who do YOU believe...God or man? You see REAL FAITH is believing GOD. And if you BELIEVE ISAIAH you are calling John and his doctrine FALSE, with its own bogus false worldview.

Dont put your faith in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. Calvin was just a man with opinions and theories. He had no more access to truth than anyone here today. Calvin also believed in infant baptism...RED FLAG FOLKS.

Predestined For Hell
There are 7 different WORLDVIEWS: Theism, Atheism, Pantheism, Panentheism, Deism, Finite Godism, and Polytheism. People with these views have different beliefs about how they see life and the world at large.

John also has a WORLDVIEW.

So John, from the list above, which worldview are you accusing Strongaxe of having? Be very specific, or stick a sock in it. And then PROVE your accusation by personal quotes of Strongaxe's. Just to accuse one of having a WORLDVIEW shows again IGNORANCE.

Works Of The Law
Thou shall not steal, Kill, lie, or commit adultery are not works of the Law, Since You do nothing to keep these Laws. They Only become Works, if you break these Laws. David///////

David, You say all sorts of nonsense without scripture to back up.

They only become works if you break ? That's nuts.....they become SIN when broken.

James uses Rahab as works with faith. Her Works here has nothing to do with the law or any law but action proving her faith. She believed the Report, HID and a result she was told to put a scarlet thread in her window...she did...showing again FAITH in their promise not to kill her or her family. Noah built an ark an action based on what he believed God said.

Predestined For Hell
John Romans 6-8...So being raised up together with Him a new Creature is FORCED? Ok So you're saying the Lord forces the second death on you HERE, so you don't have to experience the second death later? Did you not know the second death we experience NOW is being crucified with Christ.....and then we are QUICKENED With Christ

Our first death we had no choice but the second death is a choice and Jesus Christ DOES NOT FORCE anyone TO BE CRUCIFIED TOGETHER WITH HIM.

There is no resurrection life IN CHRIST without first dying with Christ.

Now I know you have no clue what I'm talking about, so maybe ITS YOU who needs to have the Lord explain, and not Calvin.

Predestined For Hell
John I've heard all these Calvin arguments before.....not gonna legitimize these stupid questions you all ask thinking you are making a statement.

You all also claim faith is forced on one as well.

No scripture teaches such nonsense.

But by all means continue in your false belief ...if it makes YOU feel better. That's what these cults are all about...,,how YOU are the elect few, like the JWs teach, where actually JWs and Mormons Is a spinoff from Calvinism.

Predestined For Hell
Salvation is a Gift through Jesus Christ....the Gift of RIGHTEOUSNESS that comes only through Jesus Christ. He takes our sin and gives us His righteousness. Limited atonement is OT animal sacrifice.. It was only temporary. Limited until Jesus died and rose again.

Also a gift of something OFFERED, not forced on. God no more forces salvation on ALL anymore than He forces on a FEW.

The THROUGH FAITH is what is OUR RESPONSIBILITY. Hebrews 11 can't get any clearer. Cain and Abel both offered to the example show how God works. Abel's was by faith, Cain's was a works sacrifice.

If faith without works is dead, and faith is only forced on a few or all....why did James even bother writing James at all?

Works Of The Law
Read the Gospels and pull up every verse that has the word JUSTIFIED in it, you would clearly see Jesus taught justification was by FAITH and not the law.

The publican and Pharisee is a PERFECT EXAMPLE, right out of Jesus own mouth.

In the OT those who lived by faith were called THE JUST. JUST here meaning justified by faith. So the whole concept is not a NT or Paul concept. As far back as the OT says THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH. Habakkuk 2:4

"Just" Lot....was called JUST, not because he kept the law, but ....well if you don't believe me, study it yourself. Why would an Angel get his family out of "S & G"? Where does it say he was JUST because he kept the law? It doesn't !

Dormition Of Mary
Cluny, so can any ordinary person not even a Christian know that Mary isn't spoken of after Acts in the upper room? SO if someone claims the Word of God came to them apart from scripture and said this or that....that's Gnosticism..Correct? Also ALL the epistles were written after Mary died. Mary was suppose to have died 11 years after Jesus. That would be around 44ad or do. Ok now look at the dates all the epistles and Gospels were written, even as late as Revelation, and not one word about Mary or her supposed bodily resurrection .....if it were all that important it would have been recorded in scripture where anyone who could read would see, CORRECT.? Are you saying you got a PERSONAL PRIVATE MESSAGE FROM GOD CLUNY? So did Joseph Smith.

Dormition Of Mary
Cluny, why do you keep using this majority rules mentality?.

I said VERY FEW WILL FIND IT. shows I am not persuaded by numbers, but ONLY BY THE WORD OF GOD.


The Word of God does not have any one resurrected before the First resurrection except Jesus Christ. Also no scripture from Paul, Peter John James mention Mary at all. It's a doctrine you all made up.

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